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April 28, 2003
China's learning curve -Chen Yao
China's hot new car model: the Clone -Bloomberg +
Aquatic products exports make a splash -Zhao Huanxin

China kowtows to world and fights SARS. US invades Iraq in spite of worldwide protests. Some Are Weeping, Some Are Not.

April 21, 2003
A great leap forward for debate -Feiwen Rong +
Wanted: PhD holders to join the army -David Hsieh
China Admits SARS Outbreak Far Worse, Fires 2 Key Officials -Anthony Kuhn

"In the 1950s, the Eisenhower administration decided to "deal with" objectionable governments + in Iran, Guatemala and Vietnam"..."Saddam Hussein's government is well known for its human-rights abuses against the Kurds + and Shi'ites, and for its invasion of Kuwait. What is less well known is that this same government had also invested heavily in health, education, and social programs for two decades prior to the Persian Gulf War. While the treatment of ethnic minorities and political enemies has been abominable under Hussein, it is also the case that the well-being + of the society at large improved dramatically " + ..."Regime change + should not be confused with dictator change." ..."Don't let that happen; take your future into your own hands, "+...Don't look at Japan. + Update: U.S. Planners Surprised by Strength of Iraqi Shiites -Apr.23.

April 18, 2003
Unmasking A Crisis -Hannah Beech
Cashing in on UN contracts -Zhu Boru
Soy Milk Poisoning Covered Up -Sun Ming
Taking the dead out of hospital -Shanghai Star
Miss China pageant goes official -Chua Chin Hon
SARS wreaks havoc in Shanxi province -Miao Ye
In China's Capital, 'We're Panicking' -John Pomfret
U.S.-educated Chinese see more jobs at home -Wei Gu
Fast SARS diagnosis developed -Liu Yiqiang and Sun Dingsheng
Baby Train in China Rumbles on Despite SARS Fears -Doug Young
Special economic zone becomes special political zone -Zhang Xiantang
April 4, 2003
Clear energy embracing rural China -Xinhua
China says SARS is under control -Ed Lanfranco +
China's university towns gobbling up farmland -Xie Hong
Calm reigns on the front line of the SARS epidemic -AFP
March 30, 2003
China's first anti-war protest today -AFP +
A New Chinese Model -Russell Flannery
Countering the Counterfeiters -Xiao Rong
Thornton's China station -Richard Wachman
Chinese told to visit online cemeteries -Ananova
Chinese Renminbi: Strong Currency in Asia -Xinhua
He's China's rebel without a cause -Gady A. Epstein
China Frees One of the 'Singing Nuns' -John Pomfret
Cancer Patient Rights to Use Narcotic Drugs -Wu Nanlan
China develops artificial bone with Nano technology -Xinhua
Pro-U.S. writer battles China's censors over Iraq -Jonathan Ansfield +
Chinese coach passengers in Kyrgyzstan were killed, then burned -Interfax
Why we decided to call off the anti-war march/rally? -Li Ning & Tong Xiaoxi
March 26. 2003
Sleuths For Hire -Brook Larmer
Divorce case makes history -Guo Nei
China Demands End to Attack on Iraq -Audra Ng +
Producers fight against fake products -Jia Hepeng
Renewable energy to sustain growth -Jiang Zhuqing
China reports 31 deaths from pneumonia outbreak -AFP +
Foreign AIDS Vaccine Test Banned in China -China Daily
March 19, 2003
Line-up of China's State Council ministers -PD
Going, going, gone! This grad is yours -Xie Hong
Premier Wen makes his media debut in Beijing -China Daily
WHO Seeks China Clue on Respiratory Illness -Richard Waddington +

Yesterday was a moment of truth for the world + +: "We do have a resolution," the president snapped. Punching the air with his fist...The world has spoken, and it did in a unified voice." Preemptive strikes: US to move against three targets in Iraq before any war begins. Shock and awe: "We can't forget that war is inherently violent, that people are going to die," Myers says.

March 15, 2003
Men and Women -Su Wei
From Bronze to Riches -Xiao Rong
How Young is Underage? -Ivy Zhang
The Green Wall Of China -Evan Ratliff
China cautious over US `ghost fleet' deal -Pamela Pun +
It is fairness that counts in gender war -Zhang Zhenlian
You Can Sometimes Get What You Want -Yu Shanshan
China cracks down on outspoken newspaper -Richard McGregor
Zhejiang's economic blueprint may be model for all of China -Larry Teo
Should Prostitutes Who Use Condoms Get Softer Punishment? -Sun Ming
China pushes N. Korea-U.S. talks to prevent nuclear combat -Michael A. Lev
March 12, 2003
China's abortion clinic opens -AFP
Beijing 'bomber' releases hostages -CNN
No liberation for Chinese women -Cindy Sui
Legislation for retail sector needed -Zhu Boru
Congress expands supervision -Jiao Xiaoyang
Ford refutes criticism of Fiesta -Gong Zhengzheng
Zaobao to woo youth and zoom in on China -Steven Lee
The People’s Technocrat -William Dobson & Paul Mooney +
Workers' Plight Brings New Militancy in China -Elisabeth Rosenthal
March 8, 2003
Is Nothing Sacred? -Zhang Huan
China to step up anti-poverty drive -Xinhua +
China Prepares to Test Family Ties -John Pomfret
Opening the Door to the Opium Kingdom -Zhang Huan
Migrant workers get attention at last -Antoaneta Bezlova
Crafty Companies Exploit Pension Loopholes -Xiao Rong
China to take four steps to narrow rural-urban gap -Xinhua +
Chinese helped abduct key dissident, says fellow captive -SCMP
It's toilet door ambush season again for reporters -Chua Chin Hon
Magazine censored for heaping praise on Zhu -Nailene Chou Wiest
Did China's new leaders take part in a school bloodbath? -Jasper Becker
West China is developing at the expense of the environment -Worker's Daily
March 6, 2003
Hu's Hu -Ching-Ching Ni
Tibetans Celebrate New Year -Xinhua
The Bold Struggle for China's Belly -David Barboza
Medicines a cure-all for city's economy -Qin Chuan
Banking card use to rise rapidly in China -Huo Yongzhe
Chinese Premier Reports on Government Work -China.org +
China to Revamp Government, Eye on Economy -Scott Hillis
The new workshop of the world -James Kynge & Dan Roberts
Online Site EachNet Plays EBay's Role In China -Leslie Chang
China Trims Deficit Growth To Boost Social System -Phelim Kyne
`Greedy three' pilloried over soaring profits and prices -Olivia Chung
March 2, 2003
Gates Visit to China -Microsoft +
Who Are You Calling a Dog? -Lily Li
More Information Please -Xiao Rong
Mobilizing the Grassroots -Liu Qiongxiong
China revamps revolutionary hero for new era -AP +
Beijing Picks Its Delegates for Taiwan -William Foreman
Rolling Stones Set to Play 2 China Shows -Alexa Olesen
China's new leaders woo the people -Benjamin Kang Lim
Democratic Hopes Test China's Political Limits -Joseph Kahn
Dairy companies churn out milk products in China -Kathy Chen
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