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April 28, 2001
Program Worked Out to Better Children’s Condition -China.orgProgram Worked Out to Better Children’s Condition - Top on the agenda are measures guaranteeing the children’s rights to survival and development, their right to be under good protection, and the right to participation, as well as improving the physical and mental health of children. -China.org
April 26, 2001
"Increased Internet Attacks Against U.S. Web Sites and Mail Servers Possible in Early May". Citing recent events between the United States and the People's Republic of China, malicious hackers have escalated web page defacements over the Internet...May 1 is May Day; May 4 is Youth Day; and, May 7 is the anniversary of the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. -nipc.gov
Honker Union of China | China Eagle | Crackers Expand Private War
April 25, 2001
Breaking All Barriers
Mainland Chinese companies are under pressure to build competitive, world-class businesses. For some, it means defying tradition by seeking top managerial talent from abroad -Kathy Wilhelm
This CEO Wants to Hold Chinese Products to a Haier Standard | In China, It's the 'Year of the Manager'

If science academy exhales US$120M, international scientists will inhale China-living. From 2001 to 2005, the CAS plans to invest 1 billion yuan (US$120.96 million) into inviting the 500 overseas gifted scientists, reported the April 23 Beijing Chenbao -Chinaonline
China Bids to Attract Scientist | Better Environments to Attract Overseas Chinese Talents

April 23, 2001
Bush Won't Sell Aegis to Taiwan
President Bush rejected Taiwan's request to buy high-tech U.S. destroyers equipped with the Aegis combat radar system, but left open the possibility of future sales if China continues to pose a military threat to the island. -Ron Fournier
Arleigh Burke Class Aegis | China strongly opposes to arms sale to Taiwan

Taiwan VP calls Lee's Japan visit a breakthrough
Taiwan Vice-President Annette Lu said on Monday Japan's decision to issue former Taiwan president Lee Teng-hui a visa was a breakthrough and she called for an alliance with Japan and South Korea. -Reuters
Lee snaps at China on his way to Japan

Import Curbs Sound Alarm Bell
On the Beijing market, local people are glad to find onions and mushrooms cheaper than before, while insiders who know the reason for the price cut are growing increasingly edgy.-China.org

April 19, 2001
Asia watches as China economic juggernaut rolls on
The prospect of China's gigantic domestic market becoming an engine of growth for Asia is tantalising, but in the short term the magnetic attraction of a cheap, well-educated labour force and pending entry to the World Trade Organisation is making it hard for neighbouring countries to keep up. -Alan Wheatley

Chinese scientists paint brighter future for climate control
"[The] final goal is to use this sort of coating to create a thermally comfortable environment without consuming any fossil fuel." -ABC Online
Cool colors

Neither China Nor U.S. Is Telling All About Spy Plane
"The clandestine nature of these activities over the South China Sea encourages all parties involved, both directly and indirectly, to shield the information they have. We may never know the full story." -Thomas Crampton

April 18, 2001
Denver can thank China for haze
"We all live in someone's sewer," Schnell said, adding that the U.S. produces more pollutants from oil, gas and coal than does China and that American haze often follows the wind to Europe. -Deborah Frazier
China-Mongolia dust cloud reaches western U.S., Canada

Chinese on strike here face jail at home
Some 170 Chinese laborers working for the contractor initiated a strike action at the end of March, claiming that their employer has not paid them for the last year, giving them only NIS 50-100 a month as spending money. -Ruth Sinai

Alignment With Moscow Would Be a Poor Move by Beijing
The foundations of this alliance might include opposing U.S. political influence, hindering U.S. attempts to build missile defense systems and cooperating to erode U.S. military power throughout the Far East -Bruce A. Elleman, S.C.M.Paine and Robyn Lim

Mori, Kono at loggerheads over issuance of visa to Lee.
He then listed some of the reasons on which Kono had based his decision against issuing a visa to Lee, namely:
-- The Chinese government has strongly protested against the government for approving a middle school history textbook that it claims distorted historical facts in favor of Japan.
-- The government has just approved invoking a temporary emergency import curb on three agricultural products mainly shipped from China. -Yomiuri Shimbun

April 17, 2001
Taiwan likens China to "world dictator" in visa row
"If the Japanese government has to consider Communist China's attitude on everything before making a decision, wouldn't Communist China be a world dictator?" said Lu, who is reviled by Beijing for her bluntness and pro-independence stand. -Reuters
Yes, we have no visa application | Lee's Japan visit a political issue

Chinese consumers losing trust in Japanese products
In the wake of a lawsuit over Toshiba notebook computers, a controversy surrounding faulty Mitsubishi Pajeros, allegations by Chinese passengers of mistreatment by Japan Airlines, and recent complaints lodged against Panasonic cellphones by Chinese customers, the reputation of Japanese products among Chinese consumers is facing a steady decline -Chinaonline

April 14, 2001
Dam 'will alter climate'
"The lack of fresh and rain water in the Sea of Japan could break the protective barrier these waters provide. The breakage will most likely cause warming of the atmosphere over Japan."-Roger Highfield
ametsoc.org | probeinternational.org | china.org | chinadaily
April 13, 2001
China’s battery collector won’t be spent force
Her crusade began when she read that a single battery could contaminate 150,000 gallons of water - enough, she thought, to see one person through his or her life. -Damien McElroy

Russians fear Chinese takeover
Russian TV has reported that the Chinese are now present in "almost all structures" in the region's capital Blagoveshchensk and that Chinese companies have begun building houses in the city. -BBC

Accord stresses seafood quality
A landmark agreement between China and South Korea on fish is expected to improve the quality of seafood swimming into each other's markets -Chinaweb

'Human rights' a winner for China
The spy plane incident is the first instance where the Beijing leadership has deployed so-called human rights diplomacy in dealing with hostile or competitive countries. -Willy Lam

April 11, 2001
US says `very sorry,' 24 crew to leave China
Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said in Beijing on April 11 that since the US Government has already said ``very sorry'' to the Chinese people, the Chinese government has, out of humanitarian considerations, decided to allow the crew members to leave China after completeing the necessary procedures. -Chinadaily
Painstaking use of 'sorry' leads to release of U.S. fliers -CNN
The letter of two sorries

China Standoff: Why the Deal Was Done
Presidents Bush and Jiang choose statesmanship over an alternative too ghastly to contemplate. For Bush, it was a test passed with considerable aplomb...But the Hainan standoff will have reminded both Beijing and Washington of the dangers that lurk in their relationship — and also of their potential to work together for their mutual benefit. -Tony Karon

April 9, 2001
U.S. Regrets - Today's Cartoon - Time.comU.S. Regrets
Today's Cartoon - Time.com
With Apologies Like This, Who Needs Insults?
Lance Morrow proposes an admission of guilt so abject that the Chinese will be worse off than when they started

Surprise! Communist Chinese Support U.S. Gun Control -Larry Pratt

April 8, 2001
Face to Face With China
The Chinese approach is impersonal, patient and aloof; the Middle Kingdom has a horror of appearing to be a supplicant. -Henry Kissinger

The New Pacific Danger Zone
China must tame its militaristic bent and embrace economic cooperation with the United States—or risk feeling America’s might -James R. Lilley

U.S. EP-3s Frequent Intruders Into Taiwan's Air Space
The Chinese-language United Daily News said the recent collision of an EP-3 aircraft and a Chinese fighter plane off the east coast of China has rekindled the memories of mid-air interceptions of U.S. spy planes by Taiwan pilots. -AFP

Chinese feel scapegoated
After reports that the government is investigating the possibility that meat illegally imported from Asia might be the source of the disease, Chinese restaurants across the country have reported a drop in business of as much as 40 percent.-Veronique Mistiaen
British official denies Chinese catering responsible for FMD | Dimsum

April 5, 2001
China Is Right
The US government has flipped its lid on this China spy plane mess. So have many commentators who are refusing to come to terms with some very obvious facts. Once you blow away the fog, you can see that if anyone should be protesting right now, it is American citizens against their own government. -Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

China Conflict: The Profit Motive
The Bush administration's great China standoff has less to do with a downed American spy plane and a missing Chinese pilot than it does with U.S. and China competing for control of the world oil routes that cross through southern Asia. -James Ridgeway

EP-3 flew over huge China spy base
The location of the base, used to intercept international satellite signals, is clearly visible on satellite photos of the area and is now believed by some officials to be one reason the Chinese have taken a hard line over the incident. -Robert Windrem
The Secret Empire

Flashbacks: China and the World
May 24, 2000- The Atlantic Monthly has reported on China for more than a century. Below is a selection of Atlantic articles from 1899 to the present... via Moreover

Person of the Week - Time.com

April 4, 2001
French Expert Lauds China's Way to Educate Aged
"The education for the aged should create a golden dusk for the aged people." -China.org

Bush: Let Them Go
Beijing wants an apology. Washington wants the 24 crew members of a surveillance plane forced to land in China -and the plane -back.-ABC

Lines In The Sand
"The Chinese side has consistently adopted a calm, restrained and responsible attitude in dealing with this incident," Tang said. "But the American side has adopted an opposite attitude and methods." - CBS

April 3, 2001
Jianjiji-8 (Fighter aircraft 8) - Jane'sChinese name: Jianjiji-8 (Fighter aircraft 8)
Westernised designation: F-8
NATO reporting name: Finback Day/night, twin-engined, attack/reconnaissance fighter.

Spy plane standoff heightens US-China tensions -Patrick Martin

Lockheed Martin EP-3E Aries II - Jane'sLockheed Martin EP-3E Aries II
Country of origin: USA.
Role: SIGnals INTelligence (SIGINT) aircraft.
Status: Operational
Plane a windfall for Chinese - Patrick J. Sloyan

April 2, 2001
US Spy Plane Bumps into Chinese Fighter -ChinadailyChina holds US spy plane crew
The US has criticised the Chinese authorities for continuing to hold the crew of a US surveillance plane which made an emergency landing after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet. -BBC
US spy plane was probing china air defenses | EP-3E Aries | US Pacific Command

Chinese Town Capitalizes on Its Colonial Past
Close to the city center is a cobblestone street lined with brick buildings that could almost have been transported whole from Moscow to this Asian seaport. -Russell Working

April 1, 2001
Coast should gird up for marine disasters
"This year will see no fewer disasters than we saw last year."... China suffered four major storm surges caused by typhoons, 28 red tides, 13 marine accidents, and five large oil spills last year, which killed 79 people and cost the country 12.1 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion). - Tang Min

State Issues Communique on Major Figures of Population
China has a population of 1,295.33 million, according to the communique on major figures of the 2000 population census issued Wednesday by the National Bureau of Statistics. - China.org
http://www.stats.gov.cn/ * defaced: the mirror page | 2000 Population Census
attrition mirror | securityfocus.com | defacement archive

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