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August 31, 2003
Unchecked authority -Xing Bao +
Citizens invited to audit legislature -Xinhua
Cord cells equal life insurance? -China Daily
ROC to buy military equipment from U.S. -Chinapost
For Labor Day, and Your Job, Think China -James Flanigan
Shanghai official blasts yuan offshore centre plan -Wu Zhong +
Why don't these rural workers want to be "Huaxi residents"? -Sheng Dalin +
Up to Tibetans, not Beijing, if Dalai Lama returns to palace: govt-in-exile -AFP +

Blogging: Subscribe Chinese Newspapers Please!: When Tom Rawski was challenging the inaccuracy of China's GDP statistics, he put his bet on the detailed information he was reading between the lines in the large number of officially published newspapers in China...Nick Lardy is another one.

August 28, 2003
Why Article 23 is bad for China, too -Iris Tsang
Culture looking to capture leading role -Hua Hua
China adopts law to curb government power -Xinhua
Mainland tourists - HK's boon and bane -Mary Kwang
Forex enquiry to curb illegal capital inflows -China Daily
Chinese industry seeks green pastures in ASEAN -Asahi
We were forced to jump, say Chinese women -AP, AFP + + + +
Mums of students from China seek review of MOM ruling -Kelvin Wong
China's agricultural influence starts to grow within WTO -Carl Mortished
Homeowners force developers to be more above board -Raymond Zhou
Poison in home decoration supplies kills 300,000 children a year -Irene Wang
August 24, 2003
Ending China's Rural Irregularities -Xinhua
Oil flowing to thirsty China -Peter Wonacott
Oil thieves slit Xinjiang gas pipeline -Interfax
Six problems hinders economic growth -Xinhua
Keeping Up with the Cyber Joneses -Yu Shanshan
Turkestan in the Crosshairs -Rashid Dyussembaev +
The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Business in China -CBR
Hong Kong Reformers Gain in Popularity -Tyler Marshall
A Chinese Robin Hood Runs Afoul of Beijing -Joseph Kahn
It's not just work, China's now good enough to live in -Loh Hui Yin
Chinese-Americans relocate ancestors to U.S. graves -David W. Chen
Chinese government won't stop buying foreign software -Sumner Lemon
August 20, 2003
Changing Course -Peter Hessler
Rodents hit northwest China -China Daily
Nation battling new epidemic -Zhang Feng
Fighting China on U.S. Soil -Murray Hiebert + +
Higher price tapped for urban water -China Daily
Emily Lau demands China Daily apology -Klaudia Lee +
Taiwanese tilt toward pro-China parties -Robert Marquand
College Degrees Lose Their Magic in China -Peter S. Goodman
August 17, 2003
A Bitter Friendship -Melinda Liu
Firm to test AIDS gene therapy in China -Asahi
China mobilizes to tackle gender imbalance -Xinhua
Dirty-laundry list could do China a big favour -Tom Plate +
Image of college girls takes a hit with nude exhibit -China Daily +
State firms should take notice of Chinese manufacturing boom -John Torinus
August 15, 2003
Chinese Create Hybrid Embryos -Washpost
Competing hard for Chinese, too -Rob Varnon
Beijing may shelve new HK law -Ching Cheong
SIC: New Chinese treasure trove -Dennis O'Brien
More Chinese hit the bottle; few seek help -David Hsieh
E. China city plans to use seawater to flush toilets -Xinhua
Black market behind China Web stocks: Analyst -Cnetasia +
China seeks to revitalize its ailing 'rust belt' -Asia Pulse/XIC
China, Japan Wage 'Confucian Rebellion' Against America -PNS
August 13, 2003
Market watchdog in court -Xiao Liu
Measures protect suspects' rights -Liu Li
China maker unveils pricey wristphone -Cnetasia
Jiang's theory to be part of Constitution -Chua Chin Hon
...a precious delivery from China -Stephanie Dunnewind
Public security no excuse for police excesses -China Daily
China is Losing the War on Advancing Deserts -Lester R. Brown
China civil servants joining private firms on full govt pay -Xie Hong
China supports Russian proposal on N. Korea nuclear issue -Kyodo
Rusting Shenyang pins its hopes on welfare scheme -Nailene Chou Wiest
China Begins Effort to Replace Citizen IDs With Digital Cards -Andrew Batson
August 9, 2003
Where are the Chinese goods? -BS
Compensation Claim Turns to Litigation -Su Wei
China Likely to Be Wi-Fi Standard Maker -Sinocast
Villagers in drought-afflicted areas try to ease drought -Xinhua
China optimism, mother fuel Rinehart's odyssey -Steve Pennells
Labour camps face backlash over inmate's murder -Mak Mun San
Outsourcing: Make Way for China -Bruce Einhorn & Manjeet Kripalani
Japan urged to seriously handle left WWII chemical weapons -Xinhua +
China to tell U.S. to cool yuan criticism -Eric Burroughs & Gertrude Chavez
Is growth in China's energy consumption sustainable? -Interfax (via chinablawg)
August 5, 2003
The Red Scare -Jonathan Adams
Loving the Little Emperor -Evelyn Iritani
China Partners -Peter A. Kenevan & Xi Pei
AIDS Violence Flares in China -Laurie Garrett
Booming China trade rankles US -Ron Scherer
2008 Beijing Olympic Emblem Unveiled -BOCOG
Naked truths about the 12 beauties -Shanghai Star
Ogi pushes shinkansen technology in Beijing -Kyodo
Postcards From China's Industrial Caldron -Eric Eckholm
China lashes out at Pentagon missile claims on Taiwan -AFP
Now Is the Time to Visit China -Alyssa Abkowitz & Molly Feltner
China goes all out to revive industrial north-east region -Reuters +
A New Policy of Containment, for Baby Bottoms -David W. Chen

Blogging: The Cultural Consequences of Flourishing Commerce, in the Ming Dynasty & Now (via chinaweblog)

July 31, 2003
The Sky is Falling -Hannah Beech
AVS Standard Developing -China Daily +
Drug Detox Center Sells Patients -Sun Ming
Should Euthanasia Be Legal in China? -Wu Nanlan
Who Wins If China Devalues Its Currency? -Jon D. Markman
Beijing courts issue "how-to" booklets for the litigious -Xinhua
China experiments with community service for offenders -Xinhua

"I've got a visceral reaction to these guys (Bush, Blair on TV), because they are lying to their people..."

July 27, 2003
China Calling -Peter S. Goodman
New Twists in the Road -David Murphy
Survey of Poor Migrating Children -Li Liangdu +
China shifts toward activism -Brad Glosserman
Guangzhou Closes TB-infected Dairy -China Daily
Analysis: Why China Fears the Falun Gong -Martin Sieff +
Britain's Odd Last Gift to Hong Kong: Bad Laws -Keith Bradsher
China Publicizes Program of Action for Sustainable Development -Xinhua
Vice Premier: China Pushes Forward International Cooperation -Tang Fuchun
July 21, 2003
China's foreign policy -A.G. Noorani
Migrant Children and the City -Su Wei
China's economy roars -Catherine Armitage
'Hollow Villages' in Rural Areas -Chen Chao
Earrings reveal ancient tradition -China Daily
Officials forced to appear in court -China Daily
Bootleggers Raise Stakes in China's Piracy Fight -Evelyn Iritani
Internet investors go all the way to China for latest boom -Matt Krantz
July 18, 2003
Shades of democracy -Henry C K Liu
Crisis for China's Youth -Wang Zhiyong
Seeking Truth from Hidden Video -Helen Hong
Chinese artist sues media group -Jiang Zhuqing
Direction for reform of the Trade Union... -Sun Yafei
Commercially-oriented newspapers facing challenges in the market -Ma Ning
July 8, 2003
Tung shelves bill -Fanny Fung
China's Currency Consequences -Robyn Meredith
Carmakers keep pace in China -Richard McGregor
China's challenge -Jim Mackinnon (via chinastudygroup]
Squeezing Profits From Propaganda -Susan V. Lawrence +
China, ROK to Promote Direct Talks on DPRK Nuclear Issue -Xinhua
July 3, 2003
Professor in China stood tall -Cathy Free
Letter from China: Underwater -Peter Hessler
Chinese media shun HK rally -Chua Chin Hon
Movie ratings debate hits the big screen -Xin Dingding
Control Efforts Urged as Pollution Remains Serious -Xinhua
Guangdong plans two `great metropolitan rings' -Pamela Pun +
Reform killed behind the 'bamboo curtain' -Antoaneta Bezlova
500,000 show anger at `stubborn' rulers -Paris Lord & Cannix Yau
For TV giants in China, bending rules can pay off -Charles Hutzler
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