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Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits -Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits -Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

"Once we were cults"

August 31, 2001
Global Slowdown Threatening Chinese Economy
"The most serious problem China confronts at the moment is the harsh international economic situation, the impact of which is being felt here," -China Daily

Dotcom warrior -Zou Huilin
Health care blackmail -Sunny Hu

August 30, 2001
Chinese middle class growth ideal for Singapore business opportunities. "Whether we were in Kashgar, or Urumqi, or Xian, or Tianchi, every place we went to we saw that most of the tourists are Chinese tourists and they didn't look poor to me." -Maria Siow

Economic might of overseas Chinese does not necessarily translate into political power. With an estimated wealth of more than $1.5 trillion, this group constitutes what could arguably be the third largest economy in the world, following the United States and Japan, respectively. -Phar Kim Beng
Analysis: South-East Asia's Chinese -Mangai Balasegaram

Where Zhu Rongji's Reforms Fall Short -Mark Clifford
U.S. May Help Chinese Evade Net Censorship -Jennifer Lee
Knitting firm accused of using child labour -Pan Haixia
Fake bike wars prove costly for manufacturers -Julia Han
Follow in Tracks of Gagging News Media Reports -Li Heng
Much Exaggeration of the Economic Challenge From China -Philip Bowring

August 28, 2001
What If the Media's Absent?
Since last July, we've seen serious accidents taking place one after another in Guangxi, Shaanxi, Shanghai and Jiangsu. News about the accidents spread fast by way of television, newspaper and the website. Especially the case of the Nandan mine flooding, it was only due to the great efforts by journalists that the "Iron Curtain" of the fact was torn apart. -Du Minghua
Running in place -Sophie Beach

What Dies Beneath -Hannah Beech _chinacoal news
Viewers switch on to moving tales of anti-graft heroes -Julie Han
Racism in China goes beyond ethnic lines -Jeremy Page
China slams Burma over drug trade -Sa-nguan Khumrungroj
118 Chinese given death by Japanese military court during WWII -Kyodo News
State Plans Six-fold Increase in Education Funding -China Daily
Private sector gives Shanghai an education -Asahi Shimbun
Consumers Get Savvy About Green Products -Beijing Review
Chinese website heads for Disneyland -Jiang Chen

August 27, 2001
Taiwan to Ease Restrictions
The reforms, devised by an economic panel whose decisions the local Taiwan authorities has guaranteed to implement, come ahead of the likely accession of the two to the WTO later this year. -China Daily
Forum proposes easing of China policy -Richard Dobson

On the trail of a killer -Bay Fang
AIDS in China: From Drugs to Blood to Sex -U.S. Embassy Beijing
China's Role in Int'l Anti-Drug Cooperation "Encouraging" -Xinhua
Substandard and fake drugs may kill 200,000 a year -Leigh Jenkins
China Cracks 160,000 Narcotics-Related Crimes -Xinhua
"E" is for experience -Paul Mooney
American in China saw history up close -Frank Langfitt
Breaking Barrier: China Reforms Residence System -Xinhua
China Beefs up Role of Trade Unions for Workers in Private Firms -Xinhua

August 24, 2001
City gets down to business as model for rise of red capitalism,
One of the unique factors they noticed about the city was its lack of unemployment. The port city with a population of more than seven million has an unemployment rate of less than one per cent, -Clara Li
'Exploiters' relish new-found political status

Yao Lifa on the cover of 'Nanfeng Chuang' magazine with the headline 'Shouting for the people'. Mr Yao battled for 11 years to become a deputy to the Qianjiang People's Congress, in the face of stiff official opposition. -SCMPOf the people, for the people
"In China, democracy grows upwards from the lowest level. I think this is right. China is an agricultural country, so if the farmers have democracy, the country has democracy." -Bill Smith
Critics vote down village elections as graft-tainted farce -Clara Li

Let the Games Begin! -CIIC
China to cut tax on cleaner cars -BBC
The united estates of China -Asia Pulse
China to learn about Minamata mercury poisoning -Kyodo News
China-UN Launch Sustainable Land-Use Project -Xinhua
Beijing opens water supply to foreign firms -Michael Ma
Dissident sleuth's life on the edge -Glenn Schloss
Jiang's Turn Tempts Fate -Bruce Gilley
Persuading the reluctant spenders -Economist.com
Need to boost economy main topic at Beidaihe -Jasper Becker

August 22, 2001
China to Revise Law on Trade Unions
The New York Times published a story in its web edition Wednesday deploring workers' welfare in private businesses in China...This situation is hopefully going to change as the news report coincides with a legislative decision made in Beijing the same day that the country's 52-year-old law on trade unions will be revised. -Xinhua
Workers' Rights Suffering as China Goes Capitalist -Eric Eckholm

China exposes bogus officials -Duncan Hewitt
China Lifts 22.6 Billion-Yuan Burden off Township Enterprises -People's daily
Dried-up rivers kill rare carp -Guo Nei
Pessimism on a Grand Scale -Dexter Roberts
6th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention to Be Held in Nanjing -Xinhua
Big cities should lead nation's urbanization -Jia Hepeng

August 20, 2001
A young woman displays a tattoo of Chairman Mao Zedong along with characters that read "Fight corruption, initiate the honest and clean" during a body art party in Shanghai at the weekend. Reuters photoA young woman displays a tattoo of Chairman Mao Zedong along with characters that read "Fight corruption, initiate the honest and clean" during a body art party in Shanghai at the weekend. Reuters photo

In the Wake of the Admiral
Six centuries after Admiral Zheng He set sail, Adi Ignatius finds a China still struggling with its place in the world

Doctors' Dirty Needles Spread Hepatitis in China -Elisabeth Rosenthal
Chinese troops seize Tibetan monastery -Oliver August Tibetinfo
South China fakes flourish on eve of WTO entry -Tamora Vidaillet
Chinese authorities raise heat on media -Frank Langfitt
Why the past still separates China and Japan -Robert Marquand
Over 9,000 Malfeasant Cases Uncovered in First Half of Year -Du Minghua
Manila apologizes to Beijing, says it was chance encounter -Dona Pazzibugan
The Temples of Bloom -Edward A. Gargan

August 18, 2001
Unpaid teacher fights for justice
"Paying the money alone is not the issue," Mr Xu said. "The courts must rule that non-payment of wages is illegal." -Mark O'Neill

TV 'first' lands village candidate in hot water
During last year's election, Mr Liao remembered how a cadre's speech carried on the village's closed-circuit television system had reached just about every family and he decided to have a go himself... -Jamila Zhou

Charge of the Lighter Brigade -David Murphy
'Uighurs Need Not Apply' -Bruce Gilley
Beware of what you eat -Xu Xiaomin
China Drafts Marine Economy Development Program -China Daily

August 17, 2001
US firm 'signed cheques left and right' in spy-plane saga
But requests for a partial breakdown of how much of the US$5.8 million in US taxpayer dollars was paid to what Chinese parties and for what services only result in a Kafkaesque game of bureaucratic pinball. -Tom Mitchell

New for China's courts: trained judges, standard rules
A favorite opera character for ordinary Chinese is the black-faced Bao Gong (Justice Bao), an ancient, saintly arbiter so incorruptible that he even punishes the emperor's son-in-law. -Robert Marquand

Last Days in China -John Derbyshire
China to Eliminate Limits on Labor Flow -Xinhua
Guangdong Announces Free Education Scheme for Poor Rural Students -Xinhua

August 16, 2001
Nation protests against shrine visit
Chinese people on Wednesday held rallies across the country to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, and protested Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's recent visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. -Chinadaily
Anger over shrine visit rages for third day -SCMP
Feature: "I saw the Chinese People's Sufferings Today" -Xinhua.
The Sino-Japanese War -GIO

Antibiotic abuse arouses concern
More than 80 per cent of hospitalized patients use antibiotics, far higher than 30 per cent - the investigation result of the World Health Organization conducted around the globe, she said. -Tian Xiuzhen.
google antibiotic

Livelihood turns to dust as coal yard era ends -Tom Mitchell
Study: China Smoking Deaths Rising -Emma Ross
Figures hide scale of poverty in Tibet -Daniel Kwan
Vermont Scholar Lingers in Chinese Prison -Jennifer Smith
Farmers reap profits from latest rural reforms -Wu Qi
Approval styles reformed to encourage investors -Huang Zhiling
Strange bedfellows -Kenneth Howe
Inside China -Online Newshour

August 15, 2001
Too poor to pay for life
The family is among millions of peasant households caught in a health-care crisis that highlights the double standards at work in modern China. -Calum MacLeod
Medical insurance undergoes surgery -Jin Bo

Chinese workers protest over layoffs and graft
"No one's representing our interests. Even our so-called labour union is in their hands."..."They're scared of facing changing times." -Jonathan Ansfield

Girl's death highlights sweatshop misery -Josephine Ma
One China gaffe sparks mobile recall -Reuters
Trial resumes for Chinese webmaster -Rose Tang
China: On the brink of a moral crisis? -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Sea life tragedy in Ningbo not considered fishy -Hu Yueming
Scenic spots to see more sanitary restroom spaces -Liu Li.
Minimum Standard of Living System in China: An Interview -CIIC

August 14, 2001
The once endangered Chinese Yangtze alligator has been pulled back from the brink of extinction thanks to a unique reproduction programme. -ITNChinese alligator back from the brink
The alligator was immortalised in Song Dynasty poetry over a thousand years ago as a ferocious danger to avoid in the Yangtze River basin...And as the ducks found out to their cost - the alligator's killer instinct hasn't yet been stifled by civilisation. -ITN

Outsiders welcomed in policy reversal
Hebei capital opens its doors in 'humane' act to reduce peasant population and attract skilled workers -SCMP

Panda baby boom in China -CNN
Moscow's Chinese gangland -Mark O'Neill
Systems represent cultures' values -Bruce M. Lyons
China More Dedicated to FDI than Korea: FKI Team -Cho Jung-sik
Officials exploit victims at workplace accidents-Yangcheng Evening News
China to Develop New Energy Resources, Renewable Energy Over Next Five Years -Eyeforenergy.com Blueprints
Free markets or supermarkets? Sascha Matuszak

August 11, 2001
China's boom spreads HIV to its heartlands.
Ruili, the journey’s start, is already marked by disease. Pallid men throng the streets in the tropical sun. At night, gaunt women stumble around vomiting and the living dead are slumped under trees by the Burmese border crossing.
-Oliver August
To die for -Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark
War against Aids 'too little, too late' -Leigh Jenkins

Introducing the China Ruling Party -Thomas Friedman
Mythology of China overstates its prospects -Frank Langfitt

August 10, 2001
In Jiang's Words: 'I Hope the Western World Can Understand China Better'. Just now you said The New York Times was blocked. This is really a specific issue you raised and I will look into the matter. -New York Times
Jiang's Responses to Questions Submitted Prior to Interview
The Great Firewall of China -Andy Sennitt

Schemes needed to cure waste headache
"International experience shows that those countries whose population has high levels of awareness and strong commitment to environmental protection have the best performing waste management services and China should follow the examples," -Fu Jing

Betting rackets undermining legal lotteries -Jamila Zhow
Toil and Trouble -Bruce Gilley
CUPE president vows to free Chinese convict -thestar
Farmers' Fears Take Root -Evelyn Iritani
Five arrested in $28 million Net fraud case in China -Reuters
China Uncovers Defalcation of Poverty Relief Funds -Xinhua
Not quite at home in Suzhou -Arrol Gellner
Slow-paced legacy -Tom Mitchell
Chinese markets in the grip of a new scandal -Richard McGregor
Large Ancient Brick Tomb Discovered in China -Xinhua photo
China turns screw again on Tibetan culture -David Rennie
Here, at least, there is no mystery meat -Michael A. Lev

August 7, 2001
ADVOCATE: Lawyer Zhou Litai (front) is leading the crusade for workers’ rights in Zenzhen’s factories. He houses and feeds injured clients free of charge. STEVEN HARRIS/SPECIAL TO THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITORChinese lawyer raises legal bar
Zhou's successes are testament to the nascent but growing awareness of workers' rights and an increasingly independent judiciary. -Shai Oster

Lost and found
Around 100,000 babies are abandoned every year in China - in department stores, ditches, even on rubbish dumps. What sort of future can these orphans expect? -John Gittings

Http//:www.love.(com, net...) -Zhao Jin
Bank 'allowed $51m to go missing' -SCMP
Wig Firm Owner Admits Body Searches -Xinhua
CNNIC locks horns with 3721.com -Jamila Zhou
'Bad-looking' girl gets written apology -Meng Yan
Online Police Appear in Internet Bars in Xi'an -Xinhua
'Pseudo' IP service causes war of words -Raymond Li
Things My Kids Are Learning in China -John Derbyshire
Renovated temple to restore patriotic pride -Michael Ma

August 6, 2001
Police tortured officer in murder case
"Many of the details I do not want to say. I did not want to live any more and decided to die as soon as possible. To achieve this, I admitted my guilt and cooked up a story of how I committed the murder." -Mark O'Neill

Out of work in Guangzhou
"We haven't missed a thing...When we were born, China lacked sufficient food. During the Cultural Revolution we were sent to the countryside to be 're-educated'. Then we were at the forefront of the reform policies of the 1980s - only to be made redundant in the 1990s."..."If they would accept such jobs, we could re-employ all of them within 24 hours." -Cathleen Liu

China in her grasp -Mark O'Neill
China Kicks off Drilling into Earth Crust Project -Xinhua
Body Searches Set Off Protests by Workers -China Daily
Japanese technology firms move production to China -AFP
How Far Will Domestic Demand Push China's Economy? -Xinhua
U.N. says Chinese dams could help Laos fight floods -Dominic Whiting
Experts Warn 'Code Red II' a Meaner Internet Worm -Elinor Mills Abreu
Retirement Center Offers Quality Care in Traditional Setting -Sara Grimes

August 5, 2001
Torture Is Breaking Falun Gong
"In the past two years, I have seen the worst of what man can do. We really are the worst animals on Earth." -John Pomfret and Philip P. Pan
Falungong member dies in Chinese police custody: rights group -AFP
The Breaking Point -Matthew Fourney

Chinese region 'must conduct 20,000 abortions'
Although the one-child policy is no longer strictly enforced in many rural areas, officials in Guangdong issued the edict after census officials revealed that the average family in Huaiji has five or more children. -Damien Mcelroy
Abortions -Kate Drake

U.S., China vie in bending the truth -Philip Cunningham

August 3, 2001
A model displays a dress made from recycled computer parts during the Taipei Computer Applications Show yesterday. Some 445 booths are registered at the five day extravaganza. PHOTO: AFPA model displays a dress made from recycled computer parts during the Taipei Computer Applications Show yesterday. Some 445 booths are registered at the five day extravaganza. Photo: AFP -Taipei Times

Delegation Flies to Guangxi to Investigate Reported Coal Mine Disaster. A survivor from a flooded mine in South China estimates up to 400 workers were trapped in the tin pit accident on July 16...preliminary investigations found that more than 70 miners had been confirmed dead. -People's Daily

New Campaign Launched Against HIV/AIDS
Although the reported number of HIV/AIDS cases was 23,905 at the end of March, medical experts fear that the actual figure could be 30 times larger because most cases remain undiscovered. -21dnn
China Launches Drive to Curb HIV in Blood -Jeremy Page

Reaching Overseas, China Tries to Tether Its Own -Craig Smith
Survey Chronicles Changing Chinese Lifestyles -CIIC
China gaining confidence in market economy -Ruan Wei
Japanese breweries tap China's tea market -Geoffrey Murray
A Chinese city that loves all things Petrochemical -Edwin Chan

August 2, 2001
Up to 300 may be trapped in tin mine in South China
Authorities in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Wednesday confirmed a reported water leak in a tin mine in Nandan County but refused to say how many people were trapped inside. -China Daily
Tin Mine Flood Kills at Least 70 -Xinhua
msha | chinacoal-safety

Organ transplant scams move online to exploit poor donors
According to a report from Xinhua, a peasant from Kaifeng in Henan province was one of the first to respond. -SCMP

Supervision Ministry checks government accounts for graft
China will check the bank accounts of (central government agencies) in a bid to curb official corruption, the official People's Daily reported on Wednesday. -Reuters
Clearing up Accounts to Curb Corruption -People's Daily

Stop crying, tap China properly -Financial Express
China appliance maker Haier seeks cool U.S. image -Jonathan Landreth
Embracing China, Men Leave Taiwanese Wives -Tyler Marshall
China’s president still riding high -John Pomfret
Taiwanese Just Adore the Enemy -Ching-Ching Ni and Tyler Marshall

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