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Images of the month

Armed policemen rescue people stranded by floods in an urban district of Chenzhou, Central China's Hunan Province to safety yesterday.

Resources: Torrential rain in China . Yahoo! News Photo: China Floods & Landslides . CNN: Flash Floods Devastate China

August 31, 2002
An artist's concept shows how the Shenzhou 2 capsule might appear as it circles Earth. Image by Simon Zajc for Space.com. The Next Great Leap Forward- China Readies Shenzhou 4.
As China prepares to launch its fourth unpiloted Shenzhou spacecraft, Western observers continue to speculate about the timing, mission parameters and the crew make-up of that country's first ever manned space mission scheduled for next year. -Leonard David
China's stealthy reformer -James Kynge
Editorial: Court ruling on Unit 731 -Asahi
"Green Cards" in Use This Year -Xinhua
Winding Road To Reform -Charles Hutzler
New Role for Courts in International Trade -China Daily
Real-Time Testing of China's Internet Filters -Slashdot link
Three Represents: Marking the End of an Era -Bao Tong
Doctors from Hopkins improve China's care -Gady A. Epstein
Precious Aerial Photos to Be Shown to the Public -China Daily
China's Killer Headache: Fake Pharmaceuticals -Peter S. Goodman
Geothermal Resources Discovered in Yellow River Delta -Zhang Tingting
Zhongguancun, New Rising 'Culture Mecca': Newsweek -People's Daily link
August 28, 2002
Tokyo Court Confirms Japan Used Germ Warfare in China
Although the Soviet Union tried 12 Unit 731 members in 1949, their gruesome accounts at the trial were
dismissed by the United States as Cold War propaganda. In 1981, an American journalist revealed the agreement between the United States and Japan not to prosecute Unit 731 members. The following year, author Seiichi Morimura exposed the unit's history to Japanese in "The Devil's Gluttony." -Doug Struck
"Many Japanese say they are tired of the arguments about a war that has been over for more than half a century." Here we go.

China draws up law on brain death -Xinhua
Jiang faces reform attacks from within -CNN
Capitalism, with an attitude -Laurence Brahm link
China to open garbage disposal to private sector -Xinhua
Retiree Jailed For Trying To Organize China's Pensioners -Julie Chao
Chinese workers attempt mass suicide in redundancy protest: group -AFP

August 26, 2002
Politburo proposes November Party congress
The congress will further mobilize the entire Party and people of all ethnic groups to emancipate their minds, seek the truth from facts, progress with the times, be bold and creative, and strive together for new development of the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, the sources said. -Xinhua

Making Tracks -Matthew Forney
Hail the Weather Women -Ching-Ching Ni
Putin: China gas price offer too low -Reuters
China tightens missile export rules -CNN link
U.S., China alter policy, draw closer -MSNBC
China escapes psychiatry censure, activists fume -Reuters
China to champion developing world at Earth Summit -Tamora Vidaillet
China Speeds up Legislation to Limit Government Power -People's daily
Lawmakers urge crackdown on local protectionism in debt cases -Xinhua
Blog news:
Petermcd blogs from Beijing.

August 22, 2002
"Little Angels" from Shanghai and Taiwan have their picture taken in a Pizza Hut on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai Monday. Since 1992, delegations of "Little Angel for Peace" from both cities have been organized to visit each side. Paying their return visit, 80 children from Taiwan are now visiting Shanghai. [newsphoto.com.cn] "Little Angels" from Shanghai and Taiwan have their picture taken in a Pizza Hut on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai...Since 1992, delegations of "Little Angel for Peace" from both cities have been organized to visit each side. [newsphoto.com.cn]
Trying hard to get a laugh -Hu Xiao
Prince of Qin Interview via SitRep 2.0
Qianmen plans minding history -Tang Min
Way out for Chinese Cinema: Expert -Xinhua
Film-Making:Tapping a Reservoir -Leslie Chang
Fencing In the Foreign Lawyers -David Murphy
China plans crackdown on capital flight -China daily
Huge potential in broadcasting market -China daily link
Legislation Urged to Halt Subway Suicide -Zheng Guihong
Crackdown on fake farm materials intensified -Zhao Huanxin
Top mathematicians worry about future of China's maths studies -Xinhua
China's Rural Taxes Reduction Lifts the Lid of Political Reform -Forest Lee
August 20, 2002
Foreign Resident Correspondents, a Special Group in China
There lives a special group of foreigners in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, who reports events major or minor happened every day in China, to the rest of the world, thus becoming main sources for the world people to get to know China.-Li Heng
China News R Us.

Prosperity and pain -Frank Langfitt
China's Biotech Is Starting to Bloom -David Stipp
Rodent influx raises fear of epidemics -Kelly Haggart
China's One-Child Policy Now a Double Standard -Philip P. Pan
Mob rule in Chinese city despite clean-up campaign -Oliver August
Dongting Lake residents brace for possibly worst flood of year -Liang Chao

August 19, 2002
Learning to Be Chinese -L.L.Jen
Reeducation Camp -Peter S. Goodman
More sites to be given .cn suffixes -Eastday
Ban on reporters hurts police image -Hua Hua
Beijing park is alive with song -Robert Marquand
China razes alleys, bulldozes way of life -Frank Langfitt
Chinese Women Making Breakthrough -John Ruwitch
Dinky families on the rise in China, survey shows -Xinhua
Beijing residents hold first democratic election of community -Xinhua
A Budding Politician's Power Guide
Apparatus Membership Background
Communist Party of China CPC now has more than 60 million members in more than 3 million grassroots organizations. The Party in Power

Zhongnanhai: Center of Power, 1949

China Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang The party has a membership of 60,000 and He Luli is its chairwoman. see The System of Multi-Party Cooperation and Political Consultation
China Democratic League It has a membership of 144,000 and its chairman is Ding Shisun. Elsewhere: Democratization of Political Parties in East Asia
China Democratic National Construction Association Most of its 78,000 members are representative figures in the economic field. Its chairman is Cheng Siwei. "They fight over power even though they have no power," he said. "Power, even the idea of power, corrupts."
China Association for the Promotion of Democracy It has a membership of 73,000 and its chairman is Xu Jialu.  
Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party It now has a membership of 73,000 and its chairman is Jiang Zhenghua  
China Zhi Gong Dang It has a membership of nearly 18,000 and its chairman is Luo Haocai  
Jiusan Society It has a membership of 78,000 and its chairman is Wu Jieping.  
Taiwan Democratic Self-government League It has a membership of over 1,800 and its chairman is Zhang Kehui.  
*The New Republic (of China) 23 million to start Backed by Taiwan Dollars
*United Workers' Party ACFTU members: 36 million Laid-off workers from SOE
Migrant Workers
*Rural China Party 800 million
Note: Crossovers to UWP
*Fictional. This was done using a browser under hazy conditions.
August 15, 2002
Two firefighters from the Keyihe Forestry Bureau of North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region tackle another blaze Wednesday. Though most of the blazing forest areas in the north of the Greater Hinggan Mountains are under control, persistent drought and strong winds are fanning some sporadic fires.[newsphoto.com.cn] Two firefighters from the Keyihe Forestry Bureau of North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region tackle another blaze Wednesday. [newsphoto.com.cn]

It's Chinese Valentine's Day -Zhang Kun
Finding Beauty in Everyday Life -Hu Xiaoli
Chinese filling Russian agriculture gaps -AP
Odd China Weather Hits Extremes -Audra Ang
The economics of a global empire -Henry C K Liu
Air-raid Drill Marks Invasion Anniversary -China Daily
Where is the Punching Bag? Survey Tells -Zheng Guihong
Report: China's Aging Population Expanding Fast -People's Daily
ASEAN, China inch closer to economic cooperation pact -Kyodo

Beijing Today is back with Vol No:65. Last time i checked it was still Vol No:58. I'll never know what happened. Thanks to SitRep 2.0.
And just now there is
more serious matter hanging over our heads.

August 13, 2002
Fake Products Bug Buyers -China Daily
End Political Abuse of Psychiatry -HRW
Another bombshell from Chen -China Post
China to permit Lucent probe -Mitchel Maddux
Federation strives to protect workers' rights -China Daily
A Chinese Crematory's Work Is a Matter of Life -Craig S. Smith
James C. Thomson Jr., 70; 'China Hand,' Nieman chief -Tom Long
China's On-going Reform Calls for Better Economic Illumination -Forest Lee
Scandal, police threats haunt 70-year-old whistle-blower -Indira Lakshmanan
August 11, 2002
US$24.19 Billion to Be Poured into Urban Track Networks
Sources from the
State Planning Commission tell an appropriation of 800 billion yuan is to be made for developing China's urban traffic during the 10th Five-year Plan years 2001-05, of which urban track is to take 200 billion. -People's Daily

Dealing with the new China -George Martin
Chinese lotteries: a shortcut to instant riches -Xinhua
When in China prepare for human motion -Dane Smith
China's First Lesbian Film Quietly Tests Limits -Reuters
China looks to entice overseas Chinese -Ted Anthony
Judges from China and Australia Try Same Case -Wang Qian
Tibet festival shows cultural divide with Chinese -Jeremy Page
China reported to have approved first local AIDS drug -Reuters
Japanese firms fight back against Chinese copies -Sachiko Hirao

August 9, 2002
China On Defensive About Tibet
Portrayed as Tibet's oppressor since communist troops marched into the region in 1950, Beijing is in the midst of a charm offensive aimed at promoting a more benign image. -AP

China goes for our gas -John Schauble
Torch Project helps enterprises upgrade -China Daily
Big business making use of prison labor -Dennis Rockstroh
ILO works best within limits set by Beijing -Leigh Jenkins link
Busy library reflects China's new attitude -Gady A. Epstein link
Chinese govt: Diet aid makers skirted law -Hiroyuki Sugiyama
China's schoolkids stressed, bored -Ma Guihua via Brandrecon
Catholic Church in Beijing Gets Media Attention -Liu Weijun link
China discovers official documents of 2,200 years ago -Rednet link
Hair and beauty festival showcases products - and China's pursuit of beauty -AP

August 7, 2002
China to end inequities to rural migrant workers
For millions of rural migrant workers driven to the cities by their yearning for a better and more modern life, what has happened in the small and obscure Yancheng city might be the start of a revolution which will completely change their destiny. -Xinhua

Virtues that bolster China -Takamitsu Sawa
Beijing billboards decry domestic violence -Xinhua
Referendum of Taiwan Independence Criticized -Xinhua
First Prize in Beijing's Receipt Lottery Cashed -Xinhua link
China's statistics open, transparent, says IMF official -Xinhua link
China introduces overseas experts for economic development -Xinhua

August 4, 2002
China clears way to enforce first family planning law
China's family planning drive has gone beyond its previous single objective of slashing population growth and has become multi-functional in the past 30 years, according to Zhang. -Xinhua

China's New Great Wall -Newsday
Beware the Chinese dragon -Luke Johnson
Chinese Capitalists Cool to Party Invite -Henry Chu
Three Gorges Migration Not the Largest in Chinese History -Li Jinhui
California eco-experts help China rescue its environment -Robert Collier
Taiwan's president calls both his country and China `independent' -AP link

August 2, 2002
HRW urges China to allow independent trade unions.
Protests rattling three industrial cities in spring reflected workers' frustration over rapidly deteriorating living conditions and the lack of channels to voice their anger in an organized way, it said. -AFP

The great fall of China -Steve Rose
China: Factory for the world -Kitty McKinsey
Milestone drug out for detecting HIV -Guo Nei
Software spurs Dalian's economy -China Daily
Building brands real China challenge -Jesper Koll
Army budget growth within rational range -Guo Nei
Taiwan OKs Direct China Remittance -Dow Jones
China's Premier League debut -Alex Frew McMillan
Unit 731 ex-member spreads truth as his apology -Kyodo
China Post: Looking like badly-baked eels -Forest Lee link
Why Electric Bicycle Not Promoted in Beijing? -People's Daily
Roundup: medium-sized, small enterprises enjoy better financing -Xinhua

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