August 2000
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Answering to the Internet
"Users of the Internet to date have largely been setting its standards and routines. Many cherish this freedom. For others, the Net's laissez-faire nature is growing troublesome. WorldPaper writers take measure of the most controversial Internet issues today: online privacy and corporate vulnerability to Internet attack."

You Are Your Web Presence
These days, a large and growing number of people treat the Web as the "first line" resource of choice when exploring for products and services -- to ignore these virtual customers is no different than a bricks and mortar salesperson turning their back on a physical customer.
by Jeffrey Harrow on
The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing

The Eroded Self
In cyberspace, there is no real wall between public and private. And the version of you being constructed out there - from bits and pieces of stray data - is probably not who you think you are. April 30, 2000 by Jeffrey Rosen

Anonymous Freemail Spurs Debate
A local systems integrator has set up a new freemail service to make instant, free and anonymous e-mail available to anyone with an Internet connection including spammers, stalkers and other online undesirables. - by Melissa Akin

The easy way to find magazine articles
To get started, visit the site at
"It wasn't so long ago that finding old magazine articles for background on a story meant not only an afternoon at the public library, but also rather a lot of lifting and toting. You could expect to trek from those big red bound periodical indexes to the reference counter, then to haul stacks of journals back to your table. " - by Charles Bowen

August 29, 2000
Internet calling has the telephone's number
"Unlike the telephone, which requires a dedicated phone line for just one conversation, voice-over-Internet technology chops sound into digital packets and slings them across the Internet in such a way that many calls can occur at the same time over the same line, easing pressure on networks and reducing costs. "
August 27, 2000
Firms Struggle to Turn Tower of Babel Into Profits
"Imagine having a conversation with someone who doesn't speak your language -- and having no trouble understanding or being understood. Imagine writing a poem in Russian and Chinese when you can't read a word of either." (imagine reading Chinese websites)
Chinese to English machine translators
worldlingo GB2312 to English
elingo (coming soon)
Alexander Chinese-to-English translator (offline)
Chinese annotation tool... read Chinese easier by automatically marking up the words in a simplified Chinese text with their pronunciations and dictionary definitions.
Check Babelfish for other languages.
Read the Story of Deng in French
US Team Fends Off Heat, Leeches to Clinch Eco Race
"After a week of fighting searing heat, steamy jungles and thirsty leeches, the U.S. Team Salomon/Eco-Internet paddled into this small Borneo port on Sunday to claim title to this year's Eco-Challenge, billed as the world's toughest expedition race."
Wired Farmers
They're up with the sun checking their e-mail. Growers who surf the Net reap a good harvest. - by Anthony Spaeth
August 24, 2000
codes and other stuff via
andover news -daily news coverage of the high-tech industry -the complete resource for all web builders.
freecode -software archives
davecentral-windows -software archives:
Dave's pick - "Your local telephone company is scared of you. Yes, you, sitting there with your multimedia computer and that Internet connection. They know it's just a matter of time before you figure out you can use that fancy system to make long distance voice calls for free. Oh... you didn't know that? Well, step right up and take a gander at the TrulyGlobal Internet Phone... Now, the people you want to keep in touch with via voice will need to download a copy of TrulyGlobal as well...Here is where I would usually put in a few words about voice quality being better with a higher connection speed. TrulyGlobal blew me away when I first checked it out on a friend's 56K connection..."
One fifth of drug abusers have gotten high with mom and dad
These findings "reflect the fact that after more than 30 years of widespread drug use in the United States, many parents today regard teenage drug use as no more than a youthful rite of passage...''

the responsible parent's guide to healthy mood-boosters for all the family

August 21, 2000
Let's Surf the Web Together
The Internet is supposed to be all about community. But visiting sites has been a solitary pursuit -- until now. New browser tools allow "tour leaders" to take groups to interesting sites and let users create "trails" to track their journey. Gina Imperato
Follow Me to the Web
Here's our comparison of five tools, each of which makes the Web a less lonely place to surf. Gina Imperato
The Secret of Life
The mapping of the human genome, says Craig Ventor, will change science, research, medicine, politics, health insurance, and the way biology looks at the last 3 billion years of evolution. And that's just the beginning. John Ellis
from fast company issue 38


national human genome research institute
glossary of genetic terms: this should get you on the way

blueprint of the body: CNN in-depth special

nobel dude Kary Mullis revolutionized genetic research but thumbs his nose at the scientific establishment. It thumbs its nose right back

August 19, 2000
Nose for news, an interview with Nick Denton, the chief executive of by guardianunlimited's netnews on August 10, 2000.


News is free on the web - so what role is there for a news "aggregator " like It is precisely because news on the web is free and abundant that aggregators such as exist. Readers need an up-to-date guide to breaking stories and perceptive analysis, whether the articles are posted on, or the thousands of other high-quality sources

What other sparky things do you see on your visits to California? Paypal is one of the few startups with buzz. If someone buys me a coffee from Starbucks, I'll refund them with a Paypal email for $1.35. The service is free, and makes money on the interest on the cash balance users maintain in their Paypal accounts. The clearing banks ought to be scared. Vicinities is a service for workgroups and other communities. There is nothing particularly revolutionary about its components: a discussion forum, newsfeeds, a calendar, an online photo album. But Vicinities has put the package together so well that I can actually imagine using the service

Any favourite web sites? Newsblogger lets anybody read the news and become a weblog publisher - it is done in partnership with Octopus and Onepage let a user create a custom home page, with search engine, news and other features, then publish and share that page. Jim Romensko's site at; - a business built around blogging; Search Engine Watch; Google.

page visited: registration required to browse or search it's library of articles and research. about the library.

Paypal, a free service from, is the world's first email payments network"

Vicinities: private intranets for all your groups. see feature list. News feeds' probably's Jim Romenesko's MediaNews your human guide to the Web's best content

August 17, 2000
the week before

What's new at moreover?: The *webfeed company

Newsblogger launches in beta. A stunning collaboration between Blogger and Moreover. Newsblogger allows you to read news, post links and publish commentary with one click.

New sites pull data from all over the Web: " aggregates news and information from 1,500 Web sources in near real time, then assembles Web feeds in more than 200 categories"

The latest count is 304 categories of news. Regional news include Asia-Pacific latest,China,Southeast Asia,Taiwan & Top Asia-Pacific.

*webfeed n. 1. a customized newsfeed [of web content]; 2. a collection of headline links to news from all over the web

Blog to weblog

Bloggers-the personal pages of today and telling us how to do it: Push-Button Publishing for the People. Blogger is the leading tool in the rapidly growing area of web publishing known as weblogs, or "blogs," as we like to say.

Weblog before blog

"The first weblog was the first website, the site built by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. From this page TBL pointed to all the new sites as they came online." - from early weblogs

Ask the surf guru. Whatis?com.

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egr weblog e.g.r. stands for entropy gradient reversals. I don't know what it means. Cues: "required reading for the new economy" and "live dangerously"

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researchbuzz "This is a Weblog. Here's the deal with a Weblog. Whenever I find something I think is interesting or cool, I'll link to it here. These are the things that don't have anything to do with Internet research"


Do parasites rule the world? on discover magazine

Interview with Steve Wozniak (remember Apple II?) and monumental failures. Dotcomfailures. They come in the territory.


a conversation with a web style guide expert ->

completeplanet -> webstyle guide -> basic tables -> killersites (some of the stuff looks quite old)

resources for using tables for page layout -> web developer's virtual library: page layout: tables by Alan Richmond -> Web Style Sheets