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December 27, 2003
Property rights enshrined by China -AP +
Illegal Online Games Rampant -China Daily
At 110, Mao still a powerful icon in China -Ross Terrill +
China allows foreign-run school... -Kathleen McLaughlin
Author foresees China becoming Christianized -Jeremy Reynalds +
Death toll remains at 191 as rescue efforts continues -China Daily
New export rules to regulate sensitive items, technologies -China Daily
His code is 'Buy American' - but even he shopped in China -Rick Romell
A Local Firm's Baffling Trip Through China's Arbitration System -Evelyn Iritani
December 22, 2003
China urged to grant Uighurs freedom -AFP +
China cracks down on Christmas worship -AP
In China: Profit at your own peril -David J. Lynch
Growing political enmity toward China -Kyodo News
Slowly, China in Tune With MTV -Richard McGregor
Execution Shows Party's Grip in China -John Pomfret
China closes technology gap with S Korea -Andrew Ward
China makes progress in Internet protocol v6 technologies -PD
Bids miss the mark at landmark China bad-debt sale -Tamora Vidaillet
Meet the world’s newest rap superstar...Chairman Mao -Hector Mackenzie
December 20, 2003
Living off pity -Shanghai Star
Endless calls to win war -Yao Lan
China's leap backward -Isabel Hilton
Life terms for orgy pair -Marcal Joanilho
Survey result urges reflection -Yan Xizao
Combating terrorism, we have no choice -PD +
Power cuts offer food for thought -Zhu Qiwen
China's Silk Noose Tightens -Peter S. Goodman
China Implements WMD Export Controls -Luis Ramirez
December 16, 2003
Working it out -China Daily
The Thrall of China -Tony Nash
Teaching Teachers -Mark Dwyer
Cruelty and crowds -Shanghai Star
Astronaut tries for image protection -Eastday
2003: Lifestyles of the young -China Pictorial
Wen calls for more help for Africa -China Daily +
China takes Wall Street bull by the horns -Steve James
Chinese Born Overseas Invest in a Distant Homeland -Jane Perlez
December 8, 2003
China's Secret Plague -Alice Park
Beijing auctions land-use rights -Xinhua
Two stories of globalization -Rowan Wolf
Message to World Politicians -Tim Draper
China reforms SOE through M&A -Xinhua
Self-Inflicted China Syndrome -Ernesto Zedillo
Beijingers get greater poll choices -China Daily +
Rich farmers will help drive prosperity: expert -Anthony Tran
China Hitting 'Off' Switch -James Kynge and Alexandra Harney
China's opportunity to resolve Tibet issue -John Kenneth Knaus
Complaints and Concern Rise Over Poor Policing in China -Jim Yardley
China: An object lesson of where globalization is leading us -Chuck Kelly
December 5, 2003
Chinese Peacekeepers  (Xinhua Photos) Toyota ads draw fire -Xinhua
The Dangers of Sinophobia -Jude Blanchette
US actions spur on Taiwan separatists -Hu Xuan
PLA: Chen is to blame if war breaks out -China Daily
Double whammy for Deng model -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Online survey prods government response -China Daily
Taiwanese Magazines Chase Mainland Dreams -Eric Lin
China's middle-class children grow up quickly -Leslie Chang
Democracy movement's baby steps in China -Geoffrey York
Critics of missile revelations 'belong to China:' Chen -China Post
December 2, 2003
The Ming Dynasty -Peter Hessler
"We are still a poor country" -Spiegel
Home's Where the Art Is -Darlene Lee
Helping migrants belong in cities -China Daily
China to let foreign banks provide money -AP
Chinese officials flout 'rule of law' vow -Iris Tsang
Deposit system eyed to curb official corruption -Xinhua
Feminine Ideal Shifts in China's Cultural Evolution -Ching-Ching Ni
China's emerging environmental consciousness -Jared Blumenfeld
China's long-term strategy: peaceful ascendancy -Yoichi Funabashi
For Chinese Tycoons, Formal Lessons in Capitalism -Peter S. Goodman
November 27, 2003
China's Alternative To DVD -Larry Magid +
Incorrect file haunts job seeker for 14 years -Xinhua
Poor told to surrender dogs or get off welfare -Eastday
Transsexuals come out of the closet in China -China Daily
FAO notes China's progress in fight against hunger -Interfax
Is China friend or foe for Japanese business? -Yomiuri Shimbun
Political crackdown...as leadership prepares mass privatisation -John Chan
Lawmakers give president power to hold independence vote -William Foreman
November 24, 2003
Hu's Delicate Power Trip -Sam Crane
Too Much, Too Soon? -Matthew Forney
Internet a voice China can't quiet -Patrick Casey +
Sex writer creates a stir, gains a following -Eastday +
China to "pay any price" for national unity -China Daily
Women groups condemn Ho's sex trade call -China Daily
Heat suppliers warm up to reforms -Wu Gang & Liang Qiwen
How China's consumer revolution is changing the world -Hamish McRae
Taiwanese find China's booming economy holds powerful allure -Tim Johnson
November 12, 2003
'Premier Wen helps recover my payment!' -PD
Fewer SOEs in reformed economy -China Daily +
Macau - China's Sin City Part 1 -George Knapp
Focus: Internet brings life revolution -China Daily
Analysis: Moving the business to China -M. Simon
China’s one child policy subject of play -Jerry Tallmer
China Trade Policy's Ripple Effect -Peter S. Goodman
Comment: More scrutiny of media necessary -China Daily
New national plan gives priority to patent protection -China Daily
A migrant worker's struggle for subsistence for 115 days -Xinhua
Economist: China News Dominating Market Action -Julianne Johnston
Clear thought has no part in China-bashing process -Peter Z. Grossman
November 10, 2003
Fire martyrs honoured at memorial -China Daily
China taking over TV market -Elaine Kurtenbach
Beijing woman's duckling-to-swan journey 'worth it' -China Daily +
China grapples with growing problem of homelessness -Cindy Sui
Chinese workers transform fortunes of home towns -James Kynge
WTO Head Asks China To Help Revive Talks -Rebecca Buckman +
November 6, 2003
China Is Too Darn Hot! -Clay Chandler
China's new war on corruption -Tian Jing
A personal apology to China -Tamsin Brew
Shortages loom as grain output reduced -China Daily
Lingerie Reveals a Complex Trade Fight -Evelyn Iritani
China provinces press on with privatisation -James Kynge
War on corruption catches journos in crossfire -Liu Song-shi
The 'mouse' that caused an uproar in China -Robert Marquand
Toxins Are Part of Cost of Boom in China's Exports -Joseph Kahn
Foreign magazines facing China's newsstand fever -Businessweek
Lawsuits sprout in China as interest in legal affairs blooms -Tim Johnson
November 3, 2003
Babies for Sale -Dong Nan
Going underground -Xan Brooks
China's high-stakes war on terror -Louisa Lim
Is English Invading Chinese Culture? -Wang Qian
Small loans give China's poor a big lift -Goh Sui Noi +
A Yankee Teacher Gets First Lessons In China -Mike Murphy +
China's fantastic growth is revolutionary in all ways -James O'Toole
Thousands riot in China after vendor killed by government officials -AFP
Chinese government hits difficulties with Internet crackdown -Cindy Sui
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