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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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December 31, 2005
Nursing China's superstitions -Louisa Lim
China says 300 million drinking unsafe water -AP
Viacom testing limits of youth TV in China -David Barboza
Western media's misreading of China 2005 -People's Daily

Mum hasn't been well. Happy new year!

October 13, 2005

China In Space! -Cameron (Cam) Cardow

2nd Manned Space Mission -Xinhua
1st Manned Space Mission:
ISS Informed of Chinese Human Launch +
China opens new chapter in space history with most ambitious mission yet -AFP

September 22, 2005
Chinese tourists shunning Asean -Leslie Lau
Healthcare nation's top concern -China Daily
China Changes Coarse -Mark Magnier, Yin Lijin
Something ventured in Shenzhen -Kris Hundley
China self-supplies 94% of energy need -Xinhua
The copyright challenge in China -K.C. Swanson
Fisherman killed as Indonesia navy fires -Hu Xiao +
DPRK agree to abandon nuclear programs -Xinhua
Indonesia's Illegal Coal Mines Feed China -Alan Sipress +
Pentagon official warns Taiwan on defense spending -AFP
Pollution turns China village into cancer cluster -Juliana Liu +
I can’t accept judgment, says Jian Huang’s dad -Kathy Fong
Cheap Chinese cars rattle industry giants' nerves -Jane Barrett
Taiwan author riles China with acid speech -Benjamin Kang Lim
Sirens mark anniversary of Japan invasion -Li Fangchao, Wu Yong
Deep Flaws, and Little Justice, in China's Court System -Joseph Kahn
Further Liberalization Key to Fuelling China’s Global Buying Spree -Caijing
China tackles 'threat' of voting spreading -Benjamin Robertson, Wang Boyong
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