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Aerial View of the Forbidden City -Phoenix Art Museum

Secret World of the Forbidden City -Phoenix Art Museum

Resource: Guide to the Palace Museum -dpm.org.cn

"Why do i keep getting those casino ads?"
December 30, 2001
Tourists look at a large bronze sculpture measuring 10m in height and 20m in width on the seaside of Weihai city in Shandong province yesterday. Cities in China are making greater efforts to develop the tourism industry to attract more visitors from home and abroad. China's total foreign exchange income from tourism in the first 11 months was US$16.266 billion. Chinese tourists look at a giant bronze sculpture measuring 10x20m. on the seaside of Weihai city in Shandong province, December 27, 2001. -Reuter/China Photo

Jesus gets Beijing's blessing -John Gittings links
Chinese Workers Hold U.S. Importer -Philip Pan
Car-crazy mainland risks a wrong turn -Jasper Becker
China Haunted by WWII Chemical Weapons -Henry Chu
Media Reporting on Women’s Issues Criticized -China Daily
For Many Burmese, China Is an Unwanted Ally -Mark Landler
Excavation of Qianling Mausoleum in Dispute -People's Daily
Suicide bomber kills himself and policeman in central China -AFP
In Shift, Chinese Carry Out Executions by Lethal Injection -Craig Smith
Nine killed in fireworks factory explosions in China -Reuters
China refutes reports about border incursions -Anil K Joseph
U.S. donors cry foul over orphan money -Katherine Arms
For Chinese farmers, injury or illness can mean financial ruin -Martin Fackler
"Made in Japan" No More Guarantees -Xiaoxia and Shi Xinyu

December 27, 2001
Mao memorial just a mouse-click away
Mao's mistakes are mentioned, such as the purging of loyal followers during the "anti-rightist campaign" and starting the fury of the Cultural Revolution. The site follows the official line in concluding that Mao's "indisputable achievements" and contribution to China's revolution far outweighed his mistakes. -Michael Ma

Chinese military doctor detained for helping laid off workers -AFP
Woman 'held for month after seeking help for paralysed son'. -SCMP
Chinese seek World War II germ warfare reparations -Mari Yamaguchi
China shuts down Shenzhen labour lawyer's practice -Jonathan Ansfield

December 26, 2001
China's Efforts Against Crime Make No Dent
Not only are there few police officers per capita here, but also as a matter of policy few of them carry guns...To hold the line against crime, the government relies on draconian campaigns that periodically sweep up tens of thousands of suspects, rush them through abbreviated trials and send thousands of them to death -- regardless of the likelihood that some are innocent. -Craig Smith
December 25, 2001
Changing the colour of Christmas
A father with a 10-year-old son said that his family used to celebrate only New Year's Day and the Spring Festival but that in recent years they had begun to celebrate Christmas as well..."My son loves Santa Claus very much...Anyway, we like to have more holidays in our life," -Bao Xinyan and Zhang Yong

Bang Goes Stability -Hannah Beech
More Ready to Donate Organs -Eastday
A Chinese Peasant's Italian Roots -Ching-Ching Ni
Funerary Multi-burner Stoves Puzzle Archeologists -Xinhuanet
Earthworms Settled in China's Biological Garbage Disposal Trial Base -Xinhuanet

December 24, 2001
Dying ex-mayor rues day he succumbed to graft
"I have come to realise that it is too difficult for a government official to overcome corruption...Officials have so much power that people compete to win favours from them. If there is no effective control and monitoring mechanism, corruption and decadence are bound to happen." -Clara Li

China-Arab Friendship Association Founded -China Daily
Tempers flare at Sino-Indian border -Jaideep Mazumdar Part 2
Kidnappers from China now operating in RP -Romel Bagares Part 2
China offers to mediate between India and Pak -South Nexus
Shoppers alerted security guard to bomb at China Carrefour -Reuters

December 22, 2001
Mass Appeal
Being nearer to God was never part of the Chinese Communist Party's official ideology. But as part of a strategy aimed at broadening support for the party and securing control over society, suddenly God and Marx seem compatible. -David Murphy

Mother & Child -David Murphy
Picture Perfect -Lara Wozniak link
China tiptoes around the 'T' word -Washington Times
China Gets Reacquainted With Pearl Buck -Sheila Melvin
Amid Chinese pragmatism, Great Wall gains meaning -Frank Langfitt
Lost limbs the price for cheap Christmas gifts -AP's Elaine Kurtenbach
For Chinese elders, the glowing family hearth is turning cold -John Gittings
Chinese Villagers Actively Vote for Deputies to People's Congress -People's Daily

December 20, 2001
Christmas reaches orphans -Shenzen DailyThere are times when kids under five years old can get downright bonkers with excitement. This was certainly the case at the Beijing Meng en Minority Welfare Garden on December 5, where crowds of children waited wide eyed, red cheeked and delirious for the arrival of Santa Claus from Lapland Province, Finland. -Shenzen Daily

Soya bean sore point -Clara Li
Taipei goes on `red' alert -Wu Zhong
Wolves or better halves? -Chang Tianle
Archimedes Bridge' in China? -China Daily
Surrender ends fear and running -Xing Bao
Desert control law to make a splash -Jiang Zhuqing
Farmers' lives tragically ended by pit-dust disease -Clara Li
China Cracks Down on "Black Economy" -People's Daily
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December 19, 2001
A Finger in The Dyke
The government may be all-powerful but it can't crack the problem of NPLs, largely because it is mired in a conflict of interest. It has let foreigners have a go at taming the beast, but the task is enormous -David Lague

Dogs biting people make news in the city -eastday
Chinese Citizen Plans to Sue Mitsubishi -China Daily
South China Supplies World With Christmas Items -eastday
Japanese firms lament China's pesky quarantine rules -Kyodo
City Politics in China Leave Observers Perplexed -Ching-Ching Ni
China turns corn into ethanol as fuel supply wanes -Kathleen Kearney

December 18, 2001
Spotlighting the year in Chinese business
What follows is Business Weekly's pick of the nation's top 10 business stories of 2001.

Oil row in Maoist haven a bad omen -Reuters
Parties jointly discuss agricultural issues -Dian Tai
Fishery statistics accusation challenged -Qin Chuan
China: Hungry for Energy -Dexter Roberts and Mark L. Clifford
As China Rises, Some Ask: Will It Stumble? -Thomas Crampton
China Urges Stability as U.S. Missile Pact Talks End -Reuters link

December 16, 2001
A mother comforts her daughter who was injured in an explosion at a McDonald's fastfood shop in Xi'an on Saturday. At least one has been killed and another 28 were injured. Police have thrown a security cordon around the shop which is at the center of the city and looked into the explosion. [newsphoto.com.cn]A mother comforts her daughter who was injured in an explosion at a McDonald's fastfood shop in Xi'an on Saturday. At least one has been killed and another 28 were injured. -newsphoto.com.cn

High Hopes -Hannah Beech
Repressive measures -Isabel Hilton
Tung lays it on the line -hk-imail.com link
Courts stifle cries of torture victims -Jasper Becker
China Needs to Create 100m Jobs in 10 Years -People's Daily link

December 13, 2001
Democracy Spreads Its 'Rustic' Wings
The year 2001 has seen grassroots democracy expanding from rural parts of China to urban areas, a move described by sociologists as a break-through in the country's political system. -eastday

Alarm Wails Over Nanjing -China Daily
Beijing Wants Muslim Fighters Returned -AP
Patent Application Raises Worries -Elaine Kurtenbach link
China Cracks Down on False Medical Treatment -Xinhuanet
Meeting Outlines China's Policy on Religion for the New Century -People's Daily

December 11, 2001
Top 10 blaze the trail for China business
As vice-minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation, Long won hands down the top spot in the compilation for his efforts and invaluable contribution to China's 15-year quest to enter the World Trade Organization (WTO). -Business Weekly

China Expresses Regret Over Verdict in Feng Jinhua Case -People's Daily
Spread of AIDS in Rural China Ignites Protests -Elisabeth Rosenthal
China to Relocate 64,000 Villagers -Martin Fackler
Court: No Special Right on Web Names -Xinhuanet

December 10, 2001
Courts judged wanting as more pursue rights
Last year, Chinese courts heard 5.3 million cases nationwide, a rise of 6.21 per cent from 1999, which saw cases increase by 12.3 per cent from the previous year. A majority of the cases were civil suits, with many involving divorces and economic disagreements. -AFP

On humanity's secret service -Adele Rosi
Hierarchy of brutality leaves blame unresolved -Paul Baylis
Japan Film Revives Memories of Wartime Atrocities -Tim Large
Monument Set up for Mass Grave of Massacre Victims -People's Daily

December 7, 2001
China’s Media Rush
Currently, the country has more than 2,000 newspapers, 8,000 periodicals, 290 radio stations and 420 TV stations. The
Internet, called the fourth media, has also been developing rapidly. -Lu Yi

Elderly woman suffers -Yao Lan
Frankenfood finds home -Clara Li
Courtroom warrior won't quit -Jasper Becker
China: We'll use XP to control piracy -Reuters
Ramadan Observed as Usual in Xinjiang -China Daily
Beijing court rules in hutong tour trademark case -Xinhua
Professor calls for democratic reform of party -Jasper Becker
Chinese woman wants baby for prisoner husband, court yet to decide -Xinhua

December 5, 2001
China's Constitution touches citizens' daily life
December 4, the day China's current
Constitution went into effect in 1982, has been chosen as the annual Legal Publicity Day to spread awareness of the state's basic law, according to legal experts. -Xinhua
TV Program on Law Airs Real-life Cases -Jin Bo
Courts 'can apply constitution in civil rights cases' -Vivien Pik-Kwan Chan

Card-Carrying Revolutionaries -Alysha Webb
China's Bandwidth Increased Significantly -Yang Ruoqian
China Resists Efforts to Make Donation of Organs Feasible -Craig Smith

December 4, 2001
Beijing, Hanoi bury the hatchet
During the proxy war in Cambodia fought between allies of the Soviet Union and China, Moscow supported Hanoi's invasion of Cambodia...After the defeat of China's allies, the Khmer Rouge, China decided to "teach Vietnam a lesson" by launching a brief invasion of Vietnam in 1979. -Jasper Becker

Chinese Exports -Mahlon Meyer
In China, Heroin Drawn to Cities -John Ruwitch
Illegal Bear Bile Farms Uncovered in China -Reuters
Cadre school admits capitalists -Vivien Pik-Kwan Chan

December 2, 2001
China Marks World AIDS Day
The good news: 16 years after the disease was discovered in China, the whole society is more tolerant and compassionate to HIV/AIDS sufferers, and open discussions about discrimination appear in newspapers...The bad news: Chinese Health Minister Zhang Wenkang said China may have 10 million carriers of HIV, the AIDS virus, by the year 2010 if the current 30 percent annual growth rate is not slowed down. -Xinhuanet

The lost generation of China -Norman Webster
Jiang polishes image as his term nears end -Julie Chao
Change comes to 1980s small-town China -Kimie Itakura
Chinese file lawsuit against Japanese government -Xinhua

December 1, 2001
DPP emerges as largest party on legislature
"This result signifies the electorate's desire for political stability," Hsieh said, adding that the outcome also reflects the popular expectation of further domestic reform. -Sofia Wu

The New Frontier -Ben Dolven
Playing By The Rules -Dorinda Elliot
Heart Menders, Ground Breakers -Susan V. Lawrence
The future's bright, the future's carrots for export-minded villagers -Ray Cheung
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