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San Ta Si (Three Pagodas), Dali, Yunnan, China -All text and photos  Q.-T. Luong

Pictures of Dali

Resource: Ancient Pagodas in China

December 30, 2002
A Long March II F rocket blasts off from launch pad with the Shenzhou IV unmanned capsule aboard in the rocket base of Jiuquan in Northwest China's Gansu Province early Monday. This flight includes experiments involving astronaut flight system and life support system which could soon lead to a manned flight. [Xinhua] Working on the railroad -Joe Mcdonald
Burden of Beasts in China -Ching-Ching Ni
Top 10 China news events of 2002 -Xinhua
Top 10 domestic stories for 2002 -China Daily
Plug pulled on power sector monopoly -Xie Ye
Panama wins in China-Taiwan spat -Vanessa Hua
Chinese counties discover gold mine in maids -Larry Teo +
China wants its airlines to be global players -Martin Fackler
Guangzhou Daily: From Rag to Riches to... -Frederik Balfour
First 'Sandstorm Almanac' to Make Its Debut -Zhang Tingting
S'porean looks to native China to sell technology -Mary Kwang
In China, College Costs Bring New Degree of Hardship -Henry Chu
December 27, 2002
Crime watch, China version -Goh Sui Noi
Challenge is China's to meet -William Safire +
Merry Christmas from China -Sascha Matuszak
Beijing Releases Leading Dissident -Erik Eckholm
China's police on heightened alert -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
China launches gigantic water diversion project -Xinhua
Poisoning kills 3 workers in Guangdong -Zheng Caixiong
Top Ten Expressions in the Year of WTO -Zheng Guihong
China Advised to Keep an Eye on Fiscal Deficit -Forest Lee
Bad debts put strain on Chinese bank system -Oliver August
Testing Ground for New Round of Financial Reforms -Tang Fuchun
A village transformed by organized prostitution -Cao Yong Liu Xianghui

Blog read: Got detained by the public security bureau for the first time today.

December 24, 2002
Made for China -Marc D. Allan
Teachers' pets -Shanghai Star
New Room for God -Zhao Hongyi
Wild in the Country -Yu Shanshan
Bonds finance sewage works -Qin Chuan
Christmas spirit takes hold in capital -Qin Jize
New Metropolitan Areas Created in East China -Xinhua
Shenzhen to pioneer limited political reform in China -AFP
Taiwan brain drain a boost to China farming -Lawrence Chung
Time names whistleblowers Persons of Year for 2002 -China Daily
China's Import Needs Make It as Much an Opportunity...-James Flanigan

Today I found audio clips from albums I listened to a lot when I was a kid: Procol Harum-Home, The Best Of Iron Butterfly-Evolution & James Gang-Straight Shooter. Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2002
China's farmers-turned workers outnumber urban-born counterparts -Xinhua
Chinese Technology Business Incubators on the March -Zhao Yuhai
Shifts in Rice Farming Practices in China Reduce Methane -GSFC
100 million Chinese to see B.C.-made series -Michael McCullough
Half of Chinese married women favor property protection -Xinhua
Ex-actress tops list of shamed China figures -Olivia Chung
Foreigners eager to serve community -Tian Xiuzhen link
Shanghai's aspirations world-class -Pamela Pun
Fishermen win battle on pollution -Wang Ling
Racism is not rare in China -Elyse Singleton
New Television Quiz Show in China -AP
Revolution's poster boys -Toronto Star

Blog read: ...I saw two movies that made me very happy: The Orphan of Anyang + and Platform +, both from China and screening at the Cinematheque.

December 17, 2002
Piranha outbreak sparks fear -Liu Weifeng
Health reform eases cash burden -Guo Nei
Women in workplace on the slide -Tang Min
Authorities tackle toll of poison leak -Qin Jize
Polishing Its New Industry -Peter S. Goodman
China Opens Sanctuary for Bears -Greg Baker
Shenzhen: The New Bangalore? -Bruce Einhorn
Deck The Halls With Stuff From China -Julie Chao
China: Our knight in shining armor or...? -Daryll Ray
A Coming Flood Erodes the Life of a Chinese City -Joseph Kahn
Gas leak kills seven, with 41 injured in Dalian -Zhu Chengpei & Qin Jize
December 14, 2002
Biotech's yin and yang -Economist.com
Millions catch the message bug -Xinhua
Who Really Needs Protecting? -Xiao Rong
New regulation eases domain access -Fu Jing
Campaign Urges Textbook Recycling -China Daily
China a minefield for outsiders -Hamish McDonald
Expulsion of pregnant Chinese student sparks debate -AP
Sewing a seam of worker democracy in China -Alison Maitland
Abstaining alcoholics benefit from new association in China -Xinhua
For Chinese Internet dissident, protest runs in the family -Robert J. Saiget
December 11, 2002
China's flunkey -John Gittings
China to host Miss World 2003 -AFP
Is China on Reform Road? -Alan Tonelson +
National campaign improves work safety -Guo Nei
China to arm cops with smart phones -Goh Sui Noi
China experiments in trade in rural land -James Kynge
Current Social Security System Lacks Cohesion -Li Xiao
Chinese tourists favor southeast Asian countries -Xinhua
China Bans a Novel For Insult to Parents -Joe McDonald
China to clamp down on new aluminium projects -Reuters
Five Groups to Join China's 'Middle Class' Ranks -Zhang Tingting
Chinese musician champions region's traditional sounds -Akino Yoshihara
Thousands of Chinese workers reportedly block railroad, fight police -AFP
Many jobless as china evolves from communism to capitalism -Michael A. Lev
December 9, 2002
Snowballing Fashions? -Jo Lusby
Coal mine blaze kills 25 in Jilin -Guo Nei
The long march against graft -Minxin Pei
Heifer 'nother bottler, China -Robert Gottliebsen
The Myth of China's Middle Class -Anthony Kuhn link
Cause of air crash and 112 deaths revealed -Xiao Guo
Chinese Scientists Develop Biochip for HCV Detection -Xinhua
Aural sex? It's just everyday ear cleaning in Chengdu -Julie Chao
Puzzle of "lost" reactor neutrinos solved by scientists -Xinhua link
In Beijing, a Scene Not Even Orwell Would Recognize -John Pomfret
China's new attitude toward capitalists too late for some -David J. Lynch
MIT team works toward energy-efficient Chinese homes -Nancy W. Stauffer

Starting Sunday, December 15, businesses outside of China will be allowed to register Chinese domain names, under a newly liberalized policy. [This is a press release from encirca which came in via email.]

December 7, 2002
Chinese house finds shelter abroad -AP
Investment aids water projects -Fu Jing link
New AIDS drug set for China licence -Zi Mi
School Kids' Breakfast a Rising Worry -Eastday
Nestle denies GMO accusations -Zhao Huanxin
Change in patriots' status upsets Chinese -Xie Hong NB
Confronting China's hidden epidemic -Geoffrey York link
Media Now Fourth Largest Industry in China -Zheng Guihong
Mainland journalists to face ideology test -Vivien Pik-Kwan Chan
Muslims in northwest China mark festival of fast breaking -Xinhua
China's newspaper scene starts to loosen up -Jason Leow & Mary Kwang
In China, AIDS Crisis Is at the Mercy of Global Commerce -Peter S. Goodman

Blog read: So it goes, in China. Many students place questions of practicality before their own desires...(via chinaweblog)

December 4, 2002
Shanghai wins bid to host 2010 World Expo. -Xinhua PhotoCelebrations spread across China Tuesday night as Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl, was awarded the 2010 World Expo. -Xinhua
Greater China -BWO
China's Internet Censorship -AP
Educated women fall prey to problem -China Daily
Spitting is a guy thing - -- - even in China -Pat Cashman
China Turns On Money Taps To Reflate -Owen Brown
Workers in China Fail As Owners of Factories -Philip P. Pan
China cautious over Australian strike-first policy -John Taylor link
How China Is Making the Pen as Mighty as the PC -Peter S. Goodman
Top Legislator Approves 'Economic Returns' from Private Schools -China Daily
Chinese textbooks create troubles for rural teachers and students -Cong Yuhua
December 2, 2002
Opening Up Indie Cinema -Zhao Pu
China As Detroit? -Michael K. Evans
Ban on condom ads set to go -Zhang Feng
Stretched Claims Spark Condom Suit -Xiao Rong
Putin arrives on China mission -Willy Wo-Lap Lam link
'Vinegar Joe' Still Like a Fine Wine to China -Henry Chu
State to Upgrade Automobile Industry Policy -China Daily
Shouting the Pain From Japan's Germ Attacks -Joseph Kahn
Teachers working in China learn not to say 'profit' -Hamish McDonald
Landmark Retrospective Celebrates Chinese Artists' Experiments -Erik Eckholm
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