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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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December 31, 2004
Disparity of Change -Don Lee
Court: Nike pirates stickman character -Liu Li
China expands Asean air links -Cao Desheng
Chinese relief team ready for Indonesia -Xinhua +
The factory nuns of urban China -Michael A. Lev
Russia, China to hold massive joint drill -China Daily
A time for giving, a time for sharing -Raymond Chou
Law to make officials 'take blame and quit' -Ling Hu
A well-kept secret: China's quality highways -Michael Dunne
China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence -Joseph Kahn
Farmer-urban dweller fence being demolished -Zheng Caixiong
In Roaring China, Sweaters Are West of Socks City -David Barboza
China collecting pawns in battle to secure status as market economy -AFP
December 23, 2004
On the trail of a trafficked child -Louisa Lim
A digital China in the eyes of foreigners -PD +
Beijing reports top 10 IPR cases -China Daily
Religious affairs rules promulgated -China Daily
Winter of China's discontents -Catherine Armitage
A Trip Through China's Twilight Zone -Philip P. Pan
Violent ethnic clashes plague China -Jehangir S. Pocha
Watch out, Vegas-- Macau is cashing in -Michael A. Lev
Nude Chinese kneeling sculptures spark critique -China Daily
China Puts Plans For World Domination On Hold -Dan Ackman +
China shifts from receiving to giving foreign aid -Jonathan Watts
Taiwan Says China Forming Legal Basis to Attack -Richard Dobson
China Quietly Rehabilitates Once Reviled Enemy -Benjamin Kang Lim
HOT STORIES OF 2004 / 2005 STORIES TO WATCH -David Armstrong +
China embraces traditional ways as it throws out communist ideologies -AFP
December 13, 2004
Of Rice and Men -Craig Simons +
Credibility vital for mainland firms -Xie Ye +
A Welcome to Wal-Mart -Sarah Schafer
Fatal results of fuel fury in China -Mai Tian
Opposition wins majority in poll -China Post +
Loosen gov't control of economy -Wu Jinglian
Nanjing remembers the massacred -Bao Xinyan
Tokyo needs friends in Beijing -Heather Stewart
Experts laud Chinese gov't support for farmers -Xinhua +
A war on drugs or a war on tradition? -Bradley Winterton
Ship Collision Creates China's Largest Oil Spill -China.org.cn
Fishery guilds ink deal to quell fishing disputes -Zhao Huanxin
Mistake China makes in disposing of its bad assets -Wang Du
Korean storefronts hardly exist in biggest market -Korea Herald
New professions created with social changes in China -Xinhua
I.B.M. Sought a China Partnership, Not Just a Sale -Steve Lohr +
Okinotori issue should be handled through consultation -Xinhua
China shedding its image as a developing country -Harry Bhaskara
Chinese TV Maker Sharpens Focus on Europe -Peter S. Goodman
China's Splurge on Resources May Not Be a Sign of Strength -Howard French
December 8, 2004
Fools rush in -Economist
China Fears a Baby Bust -Don Lee
China chops Nike ad -Jonathan Watts
IBM's Chinese Adventure -Steve Hamm +
Chinese Blog Wins “Best Weblog” Award -DW
Hints of 9,000-year-old wine found in China -AP +
Third Generation Art and Artists -Zhang Zhaohui
Playboy prowls for Shanghai bunnies -Ben Blanchard
Ultimate insider guides U.S. firms to China -Gary Rivlin +
7 special realities impeding China's growth: report -Xinhua
In China, an About-Face on AIDS Prevention -Edward Cody +
China's Textbooks Twist and Omit History -Howard W. French
December 3, 2004
Credit Culture -Yang Luping
SOEs asked to focus on core biz -Sun Min
China's Supersized Malls -Robert Marquand
China lifts ban on a film legend -Geoffrey York +
Just How Cheap Is Chinese Labor? -Peter Coy
MOFA slams China-ASEAN pact -Melody Chen +
Medical expenses increase dramatically -Xinhua
The Swans of Swan Lake are Dying -Zhou Ying + +
Toys tariff lifting to spark fierce rivalry -Jiang Wei
First greenhouse emissions deal inked -Xu Binlan
How do you raise a child in today's China? -Li Ping
China works up a 3-D challenge -Howard W. French
China smoking dramatically dropped: Survey -Xinhua
Coal mining industry shake-up unveiled -Cao Desheng
Beijing struggles to make a polyglot nation conform -AP
Male homosexuals estimated up to 12.5m -Zhang Feng
TV In China: The Door Opens A Crack -Frederik Balfour
Fatal air wreck unlikely to smother feeder market -Wang Yu
Wal-Mart...to conduct urgent crisis management -Yang Kairan
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