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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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February 19, 2005
Power Play -Susan Jakes
For Love Not Money -Chu Meng
Properly compensate -Beijing News
Pets contribute to China's economy -Xinhua
Toilet paper demand upsets wood supplies -Cao Li
China is speeding up judicial reform -People's Daily
Let the people decide future of firework ban -Xinhua
U.S. Official Says China's Future Crucial -Robert Burns
China to become 'developed country' in 2080 -Guo Nei
Chinese protest against Tokyo's move on islands -Xinhua
New Year celebrations mirror changes in family life -Xinhua
Report: China's Consumer Society Booming -William C. Mann
Hazardous China taps U.S. coal sector safety ideas -Paul Eckert
Growth rate of resident saving deposit drops significantly -Xu Lingui
Premier Wen spends spring festival with villagers plagued by AIDS -Xinhua
February 7, 2005
Gov't ban on festival gifts in spotlight -Xinhua
Hospitals should focus on patients -China Daily
Best time in history for marine industries -Qin Jize
New bird flu vaccine capable of prevention -Xinhua
Fujian police smash online gambling rings -Li Dapeng
China to build harmonious society: Premier Wen -Xinhua
Mexico Hoax Exposes Chinese Smuggling Route -Elliot Spagat
Rice Says EU May Send Wrong Signal on China Arms -Carol Giacomo
Rise of China changing way S. Florida, U.S. live and work -Jane Bussey
In Modern Dance, Reflections of a Restless China in Flux -Anna Kisselgoff
Despite atheist teachings, superstition prevails in China on Lunar New Year -AFP

"Over the next several months, on issue after issue, let us do what Americans have always done, and build a better world for our children and grandchildren."

January 30, 2005
China invests in rural education -CRI
The Value of Worthless Assets -Tan Wei
Denver has place in China -Gail Schoettler
Talking Chinese at Davos -Bruce Nussbaum + +
China questions death penalty -Beijing Today
Taiwan, China Launch Direct Flights -Reuters
Cross Border Gambling in the Firing Line -Chu Meng
Where's My $58 Million, Madame Wu? -Henry Blodget
China's artists make their presene felt... -Kenneth Baker
An outsourcing reversal: Chinese firms in US -Ron Scherer
Remains of Comrade Zhao Ziyang cremated in Beijing -Xinhua +
Korea, China, Japan to Publish Joint History Textbook in May -Kim Rahn
Critics See Hypocrisy in China's Support for Baghdad Elections -Mark Magnier
January 26, 2005
Hostages in embassy -Xinhua +
Trouble on the Line -Neil Gough
Requiem for Reform? -Time Asia
New Medium for a New World -Yin Pumin +
China eliminates bias against Hepatitis B carriers -Xinhua
System No Help to China's Laid-Off Workers -Edward Cody
University ban on marriage, childbearing to be lifted -Xinhua
China lifts barriers, encouraging entry of private business -Xinhua
"Governance capability" most popular catchphrase in China 2004 -Xinhua

Resource: China NIEs . China WMD Database

January 18, 2005
UPDATE: Eight Chinese kidnapped in Iraq, rescue underway (China Daily) Updated: 2005-01-19 08:56Getting Petitions Heard -Xinhua
Flying on The Sly -Ron Gluckman
In China, money does not buy happiness: poll -AFP
China rushes into its nuclear age -Howard W. French
Militants Kidnap Eight Chinese in Iraq -Michael Georgy
Tsunami refreshes painful memory in China -David J. Lynch
China to Nearly Double Railway Spending -Elaine Kurtenbach
The Prisoner of Conscience: Zhao Ziyang, 1919-2005 -Time Asia + +
China Criticizes South Korean Lawmakers Following Raid -Luis Ramirez

Blogging: China's Environment: book review

January 9, 2005
Giver or Taker? -Jonathan Ansfield +
Efforts made in arms control -China Daily +
88 laws, regulations take effect -Agencies
Log on, open heart and blog out -China Daily +
Over 4,000 websites for Chinese farmers -CRI +
China's population to hit 1.3 bln this week -Xinhua
Lining Their Pockets with the People's Silver -Xinhua
''China's Geostrategy: Playing a Waiting Game'' -PINR +
China to make sex-selective abortions a crime -Xinhua
Self-employed reach 100 million in China -People's Daily
China's Yasukuni ire 'puzzles' Japanese -Natsumi Mizumoto +
China's Wealth: First National Economic Census -China Today
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