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Reconstructing family history: Shao Yinong stands in front of a section of the photographic family tree exhibition. Shao believes in retracing roots lost during the Cultural Revolution. Agence France-Presse photo
Reconstructing family history: Shao Yinong stands in front of a section of the photographic family tree exhibition. Agence France-Presse photo via SCMP

Resource: Photographer re-creates family tree cut down by Red Guards -AFP . CourtYard Artists: Shao Yinong and Mu Chen via chinese-art.com

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March 31, 2002
Chinese Migrants Face Hard Times
"There is a huge wall separating us from city residents. People know you are migrant workers, you are poor, and they look down on you," -Martin Fackler

Driven to despair in China -Frank Langfitt
China's free-enterprise apostle -Pierre Fuller
China to introduce Canadian methane technology -Xinhua
Why China Cooks the Books -Melinda Liu with Paul Mooney link
Stranglehold on population fund ignores China's positive strides -Karen Hardee

March 29, 2002
Princelings: The New Generation
The relatives of China's new political leaders don't get everything their own way. They have a big role in China's economy, but years of controversy over family connections have left some foreign companies wary of their role. Now some of them even have to compete for business. -Bruce Gilley and Ben Dolven

Nothing to Celebrate -David Murphy
Baby Is Bundle of Proof -Henry Chu
China's sledgehammer activists -Robert Marquand
Rich-list 46 missing from top tax names -Wu Zhong
Scrap discriminatory 'rulings on Chinese' -Fabiola Desy Unidjaja

March 27, 2002
Investment in Education Will Reap Rewards
...if Chinese farmers can receive education for four more years, the income gap between urban and rural workers will be reduced by 15-20 percent. -Science Times

Cash cow of e-business takes off -Jiang Chen
Small Town Gets Rich by Making Socks -China Daily
Site Takes Pain Out of Tracking Chinese Law -Reuters link
Assault Arouses Awareness on Reporters' Rights -China Daily
China's High Rollers Find a Seat at Table -- in Vegas -John Pomfret link
One million accidents claimed 130,000 lives in 2001 - report -China Daily
Mengcheng County Corrals Celebrity Spokesman -Zhang Xuchu & Xu Chunfang

March 25, 2002
World Bank, Britain Join China's fight against TB
Research has also shown that the application of the WHO-recommended TB control approach, DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course), in China has been associated with at least a 46 percent reduction in the expected deaths in the counties covered, -Xinhua

Sink or Swim in China -Philip P. Pan
Family Doctors Enter Chinese Life -Xinhua
Chinese cops ordered to trim workload -Mary Kwang
Where Does China Stash Its Cash? The U.S. -Frederik Balfour
263.net COO Explains Paid E-mail Action -Zhang Xiaochong link

March 22, 2002
Airborne dust blankets city
A thick layer of yellowish dust enveloped Beijing yesterday as the strongest sandstorm of the year whistled through the capital city, cutting visibility to as little as 100 metres. -Guo Aibing and Jiang Zhuqing

Home, at Last -Ben Dolven
Foreign triads 'infiltrating China' -Marianne Bray
China labor rally draws 10,000 protesters -Ted Anthony link
China Concerned About Its 132 Million Elderly -Xinhuanet
Shanghai Capable of Holding World Expo, BIE -Xinhua link
Mini-cameras Sell Like Hotcakes, Raise Privacy Issues -Xinhua
Taiwan seizes copies of Hong Kong's Next magazine -Alice Hung
Water Saving A Hot Topic in China -Xinhuanet

March 15, 2002
In lackluster session, China's lame duck lawmakers do little for nation's ills. They decried the miseries of poor farmers and the jobless, vented against corruption and vowed to punish criminals and makers of dangerous products. China's lawmakers then did exactly as expected - almost nothing. -Elaine Kurtenbach link

China lawmakers dissent on corruption and budget ebbs -Jonathan Ansfield
Premier Defends China's Economic Policies... -Erik Eckholm
China Observes World Consumer Rights Day -China Daily

March 14, 2002
Carpenter Li seen spurring China parliament reform
Li, 67, has few startling achievements as
head of CPPCC, a toothless advisory body to the NPC noted more for its colourful membership of artists, academics and sympathetic foreigners than for its work. -Reuters

China faces up to big waste of funds -Mary Kwang
China Business Group Urges Updating of Laws -Zhang Yan
Government increasingly forced to defend self in court -Xinhua
China's Top Lawmaker Stresses Regional Autonomy in Xinjiang -Xinhuanet
Legislator Warns of Pollution of Water Diverted from Yangtze River -Xinhuanet

March 12, 2002
China hits back at U.S. over rights abuses
Less than a week after the United States issued a
report highly critical of China's human rights record, Beijing releases its own report lambasting what it says are "serious human rights violations" in the U.S. -Joe Havely

Bodies of Evidence -Matthew Forney
China's powerless look to legislature -Christopher Buckley
Welcome to Orange County, China -Mike Anton and Henry Chu
Breaking up is easy to do for China couples -Xie Hong
China bank chief unfazed by size of debt -James Kynge and Mure Dickie

March 8, 2002
In China, protests by privileged
"Down with the sly businessmen!" yelled a middle-aged woman in a white knit cap and red pullover. "Down with the swindlers!" Then she laughed as others did too. Perhaps it was the irony of the middle-class Chinese property owners shouting the Mao-like slogans. -Frank Langfitt

Chinese Use Numbers As Slogans -AP
Sect interrupts TV in daring China stunt -Philip P. Pan
China Needs Labour Flexibility -Dan Ewing

March 6, 2002
China stem-cell research leaps ahead
Though it is different than -reproductive cloning,- or cloning that produces a live genetic twin of an individual,
therapeutic cloning is controversial because the days-old human embryos created in the lab to produce the stem cells must be destroyed in order to harvest them. -Karby Leggett and Antonio Regalado

'Modern' feathers found on Chinese dino -Ania Lichtarowicz
Chinese Explorer May Redraw Map of History -Xinhuanet
One Corrupt City Reflects Scourge Plaguing China -John Pomfret

March 5, 2002
Summary of Premier's government work report
In the report, in 27 pages and about 15,000 Chinese characters, the premier gave a detailed explanation of what the government is to do in various fields this year after a brief review of last year's government work. -Xinhua

Legislators Contemplate a New China -Ted Anthony
Zhu promises a better life for Chinese -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
China's Zhu vows to tackle poverty and eradicate graft -Jeremy Page
China's mobile masses send messages to parliament -Jonah Greenberg
China farmers suffer blight of officials, taxes -John Ruwitch
China corporate whistle blowers play high risk game -Bill Savadove
Explorer from China who 'beat Columbus to America' -Elizabeth Grice

March 2, 2002
Workers and Farmers No Longer Backbone of Society
In the early years after the founding of the People's Republic, Chinese society was divided into workers, farmers and intellectuals. With the launch of reform and opening up in 1978, and the growth of private enterprise, this simple classification model has become inadequate to describe modern society. -Su Wei

Constitution amendment proposed -Meng Yan
China value guru focuses on legwork -Jane Parry
U.S., Europe block e-mails from China -China Online link
Chinese chips -Andrew Chun Chen and Jonathan R. Woetzel

March 1, 2002
"Iron Hammer": Changing Role of China's Lawmakers
Feng, a 62-year old metal expert, who has already spent 16 years as a deputy to the people's congress at district, city and provincial levels, said that being a people's congress deputy is a more practical job now than the rubber stamp role of deputies 20 years ago. -Xinhuanet

Follow the Flags To Save Tourism -David Murphy
Physicals a must to marry in China -Ching-Ching Ni
Minolta capitulates after China strike -Japan Times
China's one-baby rule spawns growth industry -Richard McGregor
Environmental protection industry to boost economy -People's Daily
Imported AIDS Drug Cheaper, But Far From Satisfactory -China Daily

February 25, 2002
Environmentalists document horrific computer dump in China
Investigators who visited the waste
sites (more photos) in Guiyu, China, in December witnessed men, women and children pulling wires from computers and burning them at night, fouling the air with carcinogenic smoke. -Brian Bergstein link

Barefoot Lawyers
Across Shandong province, in a trend that’s gaining steam in other parts of rural China, peasants with few legal qualifications and little advanced schooling have begun to sue their own government -and win. -Melinda Liu And Lijia Macleod with Paul Mooney

'Salt': First Chapter -Mark Kurlansky
Beijing reins in media with new rules -Straits Times
Memoir sheds light on Chinese atrocity -Hiroaki Sato link
Professor taking ecology lessons to China -Natalie Patton
Managers at 3 China factories murdered last year -AFP link

February 22, 2002
Tough questions for Bush in China
President Bush urged China on Friday to embrace religious freedom and political dissent, offering the United States as a model and worrying that people in this vast land "do not always see a clear picture of my country." -Sandra Sobieraj

When in China... -Martha Brant link
It's All Made in China Now -Bill Powell
A native's return to his roots -Ling Wu Kong
Pious lectures now sound hypocritical -Jonathan Mirsky
Environmentalists Worry About Pollution From Animal-breeding Industry -Xinhua

February 20, 2002
China's Power Shift
The leadership is about to change--and a new generation is waiting to make its move...this generation came of age during the chaos of such destructive political campaigns as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. -Dexter Roberts with Mark L. Clifford
Left to right, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Luo Gan & Zeng Qinghong, Photos via State Organs of the PRC & CNS.Left to right: Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Luo Gan & Zeng Qinghong. Photos via State Organs of the PRC & Asiaweek.
February 17, 2002
Chinese youths share a light moment as they stroll along a quiet street in Beijing with their roses during Valentine's Day February 14, 2002. Chinese are becoming increasingly open to western festivals after more than two decades of economic reforms. [Reuters] Chinese youths share a light moment as they stroll along a quiet street in Beijing with their roses during Valentine's Day February 14, 2002. [Reuters]

Beijing Citizens Shed Age-old Beliefs in Spring Festival -Xinhuanet
Credit Where Credit Is Due -Ben Dolven
Past a matter of faith for 'atheist' city -Jasper Becker
China's secrets of long life -Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
Something rotten in the state of China -Economist.com
Foreigners Working in Beijing Settle In -Beijing Youth Daily
The Last Dynasty, Trying to Fit In Through a Burst of Creativity -Holland Cotter

February 8, 2002
Chinese stampede to wed ahead of Year of Horse
Because the Year of the Horse pulls out of the gate late on February 12 and reaches the finish line early on January 31, 2003, its lunar cycle never crosses paths with the auspicious start of spring, or lichun, on the ancient farmer's calendar. -Jonathan Ansfield

Clean up Efforts Need Technology, Senior Official Says -China Daily
China's mines blight rural lives -Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
Nation mulls fighting iron deficiency with fortified flour -Xinhua
Prophecy sparks row -Yao Lan
Biotech firms gird for China fight -IPS
Overdue Wages Remain Unpaid -Xinhuanet
Saving China's Great Wall From Itself -Sheila Melvin
Museum Tells History of Chinese Costumes -China Daily
World-Renowned Chinese Artist Works to Preserve His Folk Art Roots -Li Jinhui
Change of pace as Spring Festival beckons -Jasper Becker

February 2, 2002
Workers’ Dilemma: Go Home for the Holidays or Stay
Spring Festival, the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, is a time of family reunions for most Chinese, including migrant workers. China Daily staff reporters in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou report on the hardships and happiness of migrant workers preparing for the festivities in four related stories. -CIIC

Stealing the Land -Jiang Xueqin
Building a Wall or a Bridge? -Bruce Gilley
No punishment for public torture -Josephine Ma
China eases film red tape -Duncan Hewitt
Clearing skies over China -Michael A. Lev
On the trail of fakes -Xu Xiaomin
Beyond art devotion -Lu Chang
China media is not all dry reading -Mary Kwang
Deep fires threaten black gold under China's feet -Jason Leow link
Jan 2002: The month Taiwan discovered sex -Laurence Eyton
Travel Agencies Vie for a Piece of "Piggies" Pie -Beijing Youth Daily
China urges Dalai Lama to return to motherland -Hindustantimes link

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