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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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February 26, 2003
Red Tape -Russell Flannery
A Dose of Reality -Matthew Forney
Chinese Exporters Left Dangling -Su Wei
Plan floated to end local land grab -Fu Jing
China is a model for poverty reduction -Xinhua
Theme Parks Face Roller Coaster Ride -Xiao Rong
`Little Smart' move upsets mobile firms -Olivia Chung
China puts new anti-AIDS drug in clinical use -Xinhua
Two Blasts Jolt Beijing Campuses -Elisabeth Rosenthal
No need for new UN resolution on Iraq: FM spokesman -Xinhua
China building up logistics capacity for trade with ASEAN -Xinhua
Iraqi war to affect China's short-term economic interests -Jia Hepeng
Rescuers comb rubble for China quake survivors -Jonathan Ansfield +
From a Chinese Cell, a Lama's Influence Remains Undimmed -Erik Eckholm
February 21, 2003
Cops and Cabbies -Jesse Marth
Paragons of virtue -Shanghai Star
Students' anti-war action -Bangkok Post
Soaring to new heights -Shanghai Star +
Medical insurance quagmire -Shanghai Star
Each has a role in political reform -Mao Yushi +
Rocky road leads from farms to cities -Jia Hepeng
Trademark dispute over Taiwan Beer -Taipei Times
The Good Bikers of Sichuan Roar Off -Erik Eckholm
Fruit flies assist in battle against 'invisible killer' -China Daily
China to see domestic private capital boom in 2003 -Xinhua
China launches drive against party corruption -John Gittings +
Li Ruihuan assures Sino-Seychelles relations to higher level -Xinhua
Cause of pneumonia outbreak in Guangdong discovered -China Daily
February 16, 2003
Guru or Fraud? -Sun Ming
Buying the Witness? -Su Wei
Whose Work Is It? -Xiao Rong
Farms reap co-op rate rewards -Wu Zhong
We lose grads to China, too -Amy Martinez
China Makes Room for Religion -Richard Read
Digging into the Underground Economy -Su Wei
A Troubled China Keeps Low Profile -Sam Crane
Reporter Nailed for Blackmail -Sun Ming Shao Hua
Hunan in panic over outbreak rumours -Matthew Lee
Beijing signs up son of Hitler's architect -Oliver August
Popcorn and Strauss: it's a Chinese thing -Christopher Wood
China playing responsible role on Iraq issue, experts -Xinhua +
Chinese People Hoping for no War between US and Iraq -PD +
Valentines and the Lantern Festival celebrated in tandem -China Daily

Blog read: I want to protest! Wow, the whole world is joining the anti-war demonstration...demonstrators are everywhere, everywhere but China.

February 13, 2003
Antibiotics abuse -Shanghai Star
Ready, set - vote -Shanghai Star
Medical project eyes bird's view -Liang Yu
More coal imports expected for China -Xinhua
Peasants give up mah-jong for better life -Xinhua
Eat it,drink it,and decorate your room with it -Ctic
5 Die in Virus Outbreak in S. China -Joe McDonald
Chinese dinosaur reborn as global brand -Geoffrey York
Cigarette Filter Improved to Reduce CO Emission -Xinhua
Wanted: A secure job, high salary optional -Shao Zongwei
In China, tool of conservation is a camera -Amanda Paulson +
Arbitration law in urgent need of revision - official -China Daily
Guangdong holds public hearing on provincial legislation -Xinhua
Museum Starts to Look for Ancient Hydrographic Sculpture -Cqnews

Blog read: Labor costs are very low here, which is why many companies (including my own) are looking for parts and products to be manufactured here.

February 10, 2003
Twelve days in China -Beverly Beyette +
Sipping history in a Teahouse -Cao Min
Humor serves Yao well -Chris Sheridan
Revellers suffer festival excess -Bian Yi
Great Story, Bad Business -Daniel Lyons
The new fad is job hopping -David Hsieh
Eating Babies in the Name of Art -Chen Ying
Police Crash Wedding Ceremony -Xu Xiaodan
'Even the emperor didn't have a microwave' -AP
Experiences of a Foreign Teaching Couple -Chinatoday
China finds Three Gorges-sized reservoir in largest desert -Xinhua
NZ's future 'lies with China' says Nobel Prize winner -Simon Collins
Adult Toys, Under Regulated, Overpriced and Over Here -Li Liangdu
New freedom for gays in China a challenge for activist -Anastasia Stanmeyer
February 7, 2003
Two cloned sheep look around in this photo taken in Shanghai Wild Animal Park on January 25, 2003. A group of 16 sheep, cloned by two local scientific bodies, are displayed in the zoo to welcome the Chinese Year of the Sheep. According to the Chinese lunar calendar the new Year of the Sheep begins on February 1.[newsphoto.com.cn] Very Best Efforts to Support the Poor -Li Xiao
F.B.I. Recruits Chinese Students in U.S. -Matt Richtel +
China gets ready for Year of the Cloned Goat -China Daily +
China's biggest coalfield fire still burning in northwest -Xinhua
Pipeline Project Uncovers 18 Archeological Sites -Zhang Tingting
A Factory Is Transformed by the Art of Real Estate -Eric Eckholm
North of Beijing, California Dreams Come True -Elisabeth Rosenthal
More law students ready to offer aid to the impoverished -China Daily
Entrepreneur's Saga Mirrors Rise of Capitalism in China -Ching-Ching Ni +
Top death-row lawyer spearheads budding China debate -Tamora Vidaillet
February 3, 2003
Yowza,Jiaozi! -Wenlong
Spring Festival of 2003 -PD
Should I care or not? -Jiang Hua
Blood In the Streets -Matthew Forney
Hongbao ritual and ridicule -Shanghai Star
China: Too Fast a Learner? -Bruce Einhorn +
Hotel Fire in Northeastern China Kills 33 -AP
New Consumption Trends for Children -Luo Zhongyun
Scientists find fishy tale of man's ancestor -China Daily
Parents enshrining filial duties in contracts -Jason Leow
Three Electronic and Information 'Belts' Formed -Xinhua
Family Reunion in Reeducation-through-labor Center -PD
China regrets Columbia disaster, says exploration should continue -AFP
Scientist 'clones panda' with help from rabbit and cat -Catherine Armitage
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