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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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Tibet Through My Camera's Lens by Donghui

Tibet Through My Camera's Lens

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January 30, 2003
China in their hands -James Christopher
Breast milk meals spark Chinese fury -AFP
It’ll Be A Riot Of The Chinese At The IETF -Ajay Jain
Chinese ID two men who fell from airliner -Martin Fackler
Chinese athlete-entrepreneur takes on Nike -Gabriel Kahn
China Nipping at Korea's Technological Heels -Cho Hyung-rae
CPC Politburo members urged to study world economy -Xinhua
Rare campaign vehicle hits road in rural China election -Xinhua
Age-Old Nationalist Hero Gets a Demotion in China -Anthony Kuhn
Poor and unpaid, China's migrant workers are stirring -Chua Chin Hon +
From farmers to workers: unions adopt grassroots democracy -Xinhua
China overtakes Japan as manufacturing superpower -Asahi Shimbun
Struggling Scots firms with designs on breaking into China -Gareth Mackie
January 27, 2003
School's Out! -Cassie Biggs
The long goodbye -Shanghai Star
Xu Wenli Speaks Out -Jonathan Adams
Businessmen take Kinmen route home -China Post
Group doesn't let theft steal its thunder -Jesse Hamlin
CAL plane completes historic journey -Sandy Huang +
HK, mainland start 24-hour passenger clearance -Xinhua
China plans reform of key economic ministries -Juliana Liu
State to cool down fad of subway construction -China Daily
More families hit by empty nest syndrome in China -Xie Hong
Beijing Finds Aiding Poor Makes Budget Sense -Owen Brown
January 24, 2003
Opera With a Kick -Karin Lipson +
Roll over, Confucius -Economist.com
China Poised for Merger Wave -Vicki Kwong
Chinese women want same retirement age as men -Xinhua
Visas for e-mail brides from China delayed -Cindy Rodriguez
Girls from China tricked into forced prostitution in M’sia -AFP
Two foreigners drop from jet airliner near Shanghai -China Daily
Killer of China’s richest man was also very wealthy once -AFP +
China creates new medical system for 900 million farmers -Xinhua
Chinese farmers beat up 'corrupt' officials, take one hostage -Reuters
China plots course for economic reform -James Kynge/Richard McGregor
Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China, Experts Announce -Hillary Mayell
China Bans Discrimination Against Rural Migrant Workers -Leta Hong Fincher +
January 22, 2003
Chinese diet improves -Daryll Ray
Fire guts ancient Chinese palace -AP
Local lawyers feel the heat -Shao Zongwei +
Code defends private property -Jiao Xiaoyang
Compensation for misinformation -Shao Zongwei
Foreign firms get national treatment -Zhao Huanxin
Welfare funds can be invested in stocks -China Daily
Photos: Fairy-tale Flakes Turn Beijing Snow White -PD
Millionaire elected provincial leader in E. China -Xinhua
Is development of new medicine worthwhile? -Zhu Boru
A Look into Privatization in Financial Fields -Tang Fuchun
Cadres chew over 366,000 yuan Xian banquet bill -Wu Zhong
Senior Chinese experts urge return of lost relics to original countries -Xinhua
January 20, 2003
Commercial picture market -CCTV
Why Fake Goods Sell Well in Rural Areas -PD +
To China to study -Lawrence Chung/David Hsieh
English chat opens doors in China -Arthur Frommer
China's party for year of the goat -Hector Mackenzie
Artist makes political statements with hair -Joy Donovan
More Young Women Addicted to Cigarettes -Li Liangdu
For Mr Mo, court win can mean jail -Hamish McDonald +
In China, a wave of nostalgia that comes in red -Leslie Chang
Regulation unveiled to crack down on money-laundering -Zhang Dingmin
Officials Suspended in Landmark Vote -Benjamin Kang Lim (via whyreadthis?)
January 18, 2003
Job market trap -Shanghai Star
Bull in a China Shop -Dan Ikenson
Artist turns to China for clay army -BBC
New trains are more luxurious -Eastday
Zhang loses heroic piracy battle -Eastday
Will a Financial Crisis Break Out? -Beijing Review
China's desperate local enterprises -Macabe Keliher
Teachers alerted to danger of China jobs -Glen Owen
Court denies Chinese laborers redress -Yomiuri Shimbun
China's Economy Is No "House of Cards" -Dexter Roberts
China's new female writers captivate world -Antoaneta Bezlova
Chinese bid farewell to outworn doctrine of egalitarianism -Xinhua
Accounting crackdown uncovers widespread fraud -Wu Zhong +
China detains 64-year-old Japanese woman from N. Korea -Kyodo
High Altitude Adventures in Zhongdian -Huang Lisha/Zhang Qingning

Why read this? Rice cooker with an opinion and goes with the food.

January 15. 2003
Becoming Chinese -Sam Crane
Middle Aged Die Early -Chen Chao
Chinese-Canadian seniors unhealthier -CP
China's Magnificent Seven -George Walden
SSL defeats 'Chinese James Bond' -Mark Court
An offer Washington shouldn't refuse -Frank Ching
Death penalty under the gun in China -Antoaneta Bezlova
Chinese-American Literature: Progress and Dilemma -Li Xiao
China's boom fuels price rises as well as falls -Alan Wheatley
January 13, 2003
China's bold political reform -FT
Why China likes Linux -Isaac Cheifetz
Job creation China's key goal -Chen Huai
Smuggling scandal hits Fuji film -China Daily
China's 10 million 'idle youth' a problem -Chua Chin Hon
Researcher strikes fear in hearts of China's rich -Larry Teo
China Gambles on Big Projects for Its Stability -Joseph Kahn
Beijing pays the toll as all roads lead to a carpark -Catherine Armitage
Web Press is lining up a sale to largest newspaper in China -Steve Wilhelm

Caught in the crossfire? "As first publically reported by Greg Walton, China blocked blogspot.com on Jan. 9, 2003. We believe that China blocked it because Chinese are retrieving DynaWeb IPs to gain access to forbidden sites."

January 11, 2003
Views on Korean Nuclear Issue -PD +
Nude Art Hits Beijing -Wang Chunzhu
Unlawful pricing punished in China -Xinhua
Tough measures to curb workplace accidents -Fu Jing
China welcomes the inflow of skilled workers -Ruan Wei
Media instructed to 'speak the truth' -Vivien Pik-Kwan Chan
China to impose full fishing ban along Yangtze River -Xinhua
Nation to narrow gap between city and countryside -China Daily
China encourages voluntary family-planning efforts in rural areas -Xinhua
Forget keeping fit, learning English is the latest craze -Hamish McDonald
Huge Demonstration in China, but Subject Is Traffic Safety -Joseph Kahn
January 8, 2003
Death knell of life-long tenure -Guo Nei +
China fights illegal exodus -Christian M. Wade
Dialogue key to solving disputes -China Daily +
Tough quotas set for water use -Zhao Huanxin
Barbs traded in Senkaku dispute -Asahi Shimbun
Economic Reforms to Propel Life Sciences Industry -IDC
Poor patients ride express train to better vision -Zhang Feng
China invites over 440,000 overseas experts annually -Xinhua
Ten Most Popular Words on Chinese Newspapers in 2002 -Li Heng
January 5, 2003
Crimson China -Mahlan Meyer
Goodbye, Columbus! -Jack Hitt
The forgotten democrats -Ian Buruma
Premarital test may be optional -Guo Nei
Output of grain increases -Zhao Huanxin
Rem’s Chinese Puzzle -Cathleen McGuigan
Made in China, Bought in China -Joseph Kahn
China cracks down on strippers -Holly Williams +
Police Apologize to Porn-Watching Detainee -Reuters
For Immigrant Family, No Easy Journeys -Jennifer 8. Lee +
Keeping up hard work to ensure China's bright future -Xinhua
New Regulation Issued to Facilitate Enterprise Restructuring -PD
Infrastructure construction progresses smoothly in Xinjiang -Xinhua

Blog read: At the top of Xiangshan is a television tower which on certain nights, when lit, gives off an ominous green glow that, resembles the Eiffel Tower after Armageddon.

January 2, 2003
China's beer boom -Lisa Barron
Year of Horse Ends with Baby Boom -Xinhua
China 'Looming Large' in South Korea -James Brooke +
New laws introduced with coming of New Year -Fu Jing
Shanghai Maglev a Futuristic Rail System -Martin Fackler
Film on Ruthless Dynasty Delights China's Leaders -Joseph Kahn
China accuses labor activists of subversion -Christopher Bodeen +
Chinese Official Fights Corruption, and Loses, for Now -Elisabeth Rosenthal
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