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In recent years, local government departments of Henan Province have guided farmers in the inter-cropping of grain, cotton, edible oil and vegetable to meet market demands. Photo shows the grain-fruit inter-planting fields in suburban Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province.

Changes of Chinese Countryside

July 31, 2001
Legislation Under Way to Protect Mental Patients
The law is believed to be the first of its kind in China, where mental health is emerging as a major public health problem as rapid changes amid economic growth have created mounting stress. -Chinadaily
National Institute of Mental Health | Brain via Netsurfer Digest
Educating Children with Disabilities in China Can Prove Difficult -Lisa Rose Weaver

Keeping the Bad News at Bay -William H. Overholt
Chinese artists break society’s rules - John Pomfret
Chinese Art Terrorists Get Naked and Kill Animals -Tom Whang
Rare Chinese Newspaper Exposé Details Prisoner Organ Harvests -John Pomfret
Family to sue court for selling kidneys -SCMP

July 30, 2001
Asia's next crisis: 'Made in China'
Rapid evolution of Chinese economy threatens regional status quo -Kenichi Ohmae
Powering Asia's Growth -Trish Saywell
China rocks retail market -Srisamorn Phoosuphanusorn
The China challenge: Get ready for a wild ride -Warren Fernandez

When law reform is a revolution -Frances Gibb
Cultural evolution -Martin Regg Cohn
Academics demand to know guidelines on Chinese "intelligence" -AFP
There's no place like home -Ravina Shamdasani
China: In Shaoxing, Rice Wine Is Plentiful, Reality Isn't -Planetrice
Gardener Rescues Ancient Trees -People's Daily
Soil Erosion Endangers China's Longest River -Xinhua

July 28, 2001
Few signs remain of quake, if you don't count the people
For in a matter of seconds at 3.42am on July 28, 1976, the old Tangshan ceased to exist. The earthquake that swallowed the 100-year-old city killed at least 242,000 and injured another 400,000. It remains by far the worst natural disaster in modern history. -John Schauble

A Riddle of Ancient Sichuan
It is perhaps the greatest enigma surrounding the emergence of Chinese culture. In the clearest account yet of all the facts, the editor Robert Bagley and seven scholars weigh the meaning of the bronzes, jades and pottery that came to light in 1986 near the village of Sanxingdui, in "Ancient Sichuan: Treasures From a Lost Civilization," -Souren Melikian

Seattle Art Museum | Masks of Mystery | The Sanxingdui Museum

A ray of Sun -Economist.com
Chinese investors fuel newspaper boom -Xie Hong
Mixed feelings over China-Tibet line -Bill Savadove

July 27, 2001
A Plot for the Farmers
Without a national farmers' organization, experts argue, rural discontent could explode. Beijing worries such a group could threaten its strategy of urban growth -Bruce Gilley

China's Shandong sows the seeds of future WTO battles
"After entry to WTO, we will speed up the transformation from agricultural production to agriculture for export." -Bill Savadove
Chinese imports push farmers to Chinese labor -Japantimes
See how China's free markets operate today! -Saturdaymarket.com
Agriculture Websites up to 2200 in China -Yin Zhili

A Chinese Burg Sells Itself Out
In March, this otherwise sleepy hamlet, home to 839 people and one telephone, suddenly assumed a surprising new identity: as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jasun Pharmaceuticals. -Henry Chu

Shanghai Prison Installs First Visual Phone -Xinhua
A traumatic trade of tragedy -Zhu Linyong
In China, Rivals Conduct a Feud -Henry Chu
China's new rules on GMO impact soybean trade -Soyatech.com
China's rare cranes and their American friends -Dave Newbart

July 26, 2001
Chinese models wearing futuristic outfits show the latest digital camera featuring MP3 capacity Thursday, July 26, 2001, at the 8th international Home Computer & Digital Consumer Electronics Fair in Shanghai. China is one of the biggest markets of computers in the world. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) Chinese models wearing futuristic outfits show the latest digital camera featuring MP3 capacity Thursday, July 26, 2001, at the 8th international Home Computer & Digital Consumer Electronics Fair in Shanghai. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Staking a Claim on China's Real Estate Frontier
With his Web site and newspaper, Liu Sing-Cheong is a revolutionary presence in the Middle Kingdom's fledgling property market -Mark L. Clifford

Chinese sweatshop workers are among most exploited.
"There are no limits to the level that Chinese will exploit other Chinese in these cases, because these workers will not file complaints," -Thomas Maier

Over half computers attacked by virus - survey -Jiang Chen
Chinese Government Further Restricts Internet Cafes -Slashdot
Woman Sues Citibank for $1.2 Billion -Eastday
Reconciliation In Sight Between Chinese Travelers And JAL -Airwise
Chinese Archaeologists Find 9,000-Year-Old Rice Seeds -Planetrice
A Chinese guard, a mom, an e-mail: How pilots got from China to Eagles show -Michael E. Young

July 25, 2001
Firms discover piracy in China
Knockoffs sap sales, breed rivals -Todd Zaun and Karby Leggett

Details of Xiamen Smuggling Case Exposed
Investigations into the case showed that during the 1996-99 period, Lai and other suspects smuggled more than 4.5 million tons of refined oil...with a total value of 53 billion yuan (6.38 billion U.S. dollars). -Xinhua
Cadres who let Lai get away -Mark O'Neill

School Accidents: Who Can Be Blamed?
The regulation requires various schools to buy liability accident insurances and set up a fund themselves as well to ensure a source for compensation. -CIIC

Chinese Man Finishes World Trek -China Youth Daily
Consumer Group Hits CPU Scam -Chinadaily
U-Turn Over Soy Sauce Charges -Chinadaily
Sunken Chinese junk's treasures donated to Singapore museum -Tanny Chia
Seductress to die for graft crimes -Clara Li
Jilin uses Strike Hard to force out starving Koreans -Mark O'Neill
China Convicts U.S. Residents -CBS
Anti-vice gimmick opens IP can of worms -Jamila Zhou
Earthworms Help Beijingers Dispose of Trash -Xinhua
Cadres sort millstones from milestones -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Asian American Fest Opens -ifmagazine
China to Enhance Construction of Intellectual Property System -Xinhua
China Develops Technology to Dispose of Used Batteries -People's daily
Chinese Labor Becomes Issue for Korean Business -Nho Joon-hun

July 23, 2001
China explosion kills 16 miners
China's coal industry is the world's largest, but has a poor safety record, with 5,300 deaths reported last year in mining accidents. -BBC
Chinese Premier Orders All-out Effort to Save Trapped Coal Miners -Xinhua

The Next Tech Super Power
Not long ago, China's information technology position was neatly summarized in an oft-reprinted photograph depicting a sweaty peasant carting a personal computer on the back of his bicycle. -Jim Erickson

For Newcomers, a Homey New Chinatown
Its isolation is surely a temporary condition, a gathering of strength before the dynamic Fujianese claim a dominant place in the larger Chinese establishment. -Susan Sachs

China's Baby Bust -Hannah Beech
School grabs graffiti boys from China -Nicola Webber
OK Lens Sufferers Claim Damages -Chinadaily
The ‘Unbearable’ Examination -Tang Yuankai
Archaeologists Find World's Earliest Paper Package Ads -Xinhua
Truth (and consequences) on Chinese talk TV -Robert Marquand

July 22, 2001
Chaebol Moving Fast in China
Samsung is compiling information on its connections (Gongxi) in China into a database. The database reportedly includes details of high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party and the central government, and officials of regional districts and famous businessmen. ..LG is reportedly working to increase the company's operations in China. The company has started an educational program on Chinese culture for employees to better understand China...SK has put in much effort into setting up its own connections in China. Moreover, from this year, the company will sponsor over 40 Chinese professors to come to Korea for a year for research. -Cho Jung-sik

Second Wives Club -Melinda Liu
Chinese Indonesians flee the country ahead of the special session -Jakartapost
Beijing Court Hears First E-mail Tort Case -Xinhua
Fetal Sex Test by B-ultrasonic Scanning Illegal -21dnn.com
The dying art of ear-cleaning -Fuchsia Dunlop

July 19, 2001
Rejection infuriates Chinese state-run news wire agency
"I don't understand why the Taiwan government has such a limited quota. It only violates the freedom of journalism," said the journalist from Xinhua news agency..."Taiwan only allows four media groups but Taiwan is a small island. China has a large territory, but only allows eight Taiwan media groups. Is this fair?" -Tsai Ting-I

Gruesome photo display turns spotlight back on Falun Gong -John Schauble
Falun Gong Serves Chinese Police Boss With Torture Lawsuit -Dan Morrison
Restaurants prepared to live with an anti-shark finning law -Anchalee Kongrut
Expand into China -David Hsieh
Crossfire over steamy novel on 'little dragon girls' -Kao Chen
The Real Lords of Silicon Valley -Ariana Eunjung Cha
Courage in adversity -Susan Lu
Honesty jettisoned in exams -Julia Han
Out to Lunch -Jiang Xueqin
Let Their Lives Be Bathed in Sunshine -Feng Jing
Far East Void Eats at Russia -John Daniskewski
The Olympic Leap -Tom Plate

July 17, 2001
China’s Forests Combat the Greenhouse Effect
Chinese scientists have made the significant discovery that Chinese forests planted some 20 years ago are now absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide – some 5 to 8 percent or 26 million tons of all the industrial emissions in China in an average year during the mid-1990s. -Li Jinhui

Taiwan's sweatshop empire
"Taiwanese manufacturers have one of the worst reputations in the world for the treatment of workers. They can be quite vicious," said Charles Kernaghan, an anti-sweatshop campaigner..."They spread vicious lies and rumours about Taiwan's offshore manufacturers in an attempt to protect American-made goods. That is their motivation." -Andrew Perrin

China Building Digitized Forbidden City -People's Daily

July 16, 2001
Just Go With The Flow
China bows to nature, abandoning efforts to hold back the Yangtze's flood waters in favour of restoring lakes and wetlands around the river -David Murphy

To Heal a Barren Land -David Murphy
How big a threat? -Richard J. Newman & Kevin Whitelaw
China, France Join in Study of Human Cloning -Eastday
Displaced laborers lashing out against China's WTO reforms -Dean Calbreath
China's next prize -Martin Walker
China's Jiang Arrives for 4-Day Visit -Reuters, MT
KFC settles second English receipt dispute -Chinaonline
New Approach to Learning Chinese Gets Rave Reviews -Chinadaily
China Faces the Challenge of An Aging Society -Zhang Zhiping

July 13, 2001
Beijing Wins!
"All our friends from all over the world are welcome to the 2008 Olympic Games," -China.org
Election of the host city

Two Chinese men celebrate after winning the bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics Game at the Millennium Monument in Beijing July 13, 2001. This is China's first time to host the Olympics Game in history. REUTERS/Guang Niu Two Chinese men celebrate after winning the bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics Game at the Millennium Monument in Beijing July 13, 2001. Reuters/Guang Niu

Congratulations! Beijing
The moment the word of Beijing was uttered from the mouth of Juan Antonio Samaranch, the city, actually 1.3 billion Chinese on this earth, was embraced by a feeling of exhilaration, and heartfelt gratitude for all the members who chose the city to host the 2008 great Games. -chinadaily

Jubilation on the Streets of Beijing -Matt Forney
Beijing To Hold 2008 Olympics -kuro5hin
Warning for NZ as the Chinese Hit the Jackpot -Gerry Eckhoff
China Succeeds in Experimenting With Seawater-Irrigated Vegetables -Xinhua
July 12, 2001
China counts its successes on World Population Day
Both Wang Xiaofeng and Lin Jialu spent their childhoods alone, so the couple can look forward to a day when their children will not. -Jonathan Ansfield

Party lines cloud courts
Yet the major legal challenges confronting China's WTO accession do not lie in transparency and law-making but in application and enforcement.. -Jerome Cohen

Hong Kong set to pass law seen eroding autonomy -Carrie Lee
Thin is in now -Zhang Qian
Mainland brides decry treatment -Tsai Ting-I
Great expectations -Yao Lan
Sold down the river -Calum Macleod
Tokyo Court orders compensation for forced labour -AP
'Ghost Ship' Moves in Eternal Circles in Black Sea -Ralph Boulton
First Batch of Chinese E-books Issued -Deng Gang www.cccpost.com
Making Better Dog Food In China -Barry Petersen
China needs a strategic oil reserve -Economist.com IEA

July 10, 2001
Helping Beijing citizens in rights, representation
Despite their disparate problems, Wu's visitors share traits that are increasingly common today among people in China, the world's last major Communist state. They want to exercise their legal rights and they crave representation. -Frank Langfitt

Music Websites Mushroom in China
Unlike established search engines like Sina, Netease and Sohu, Chinese music websites do not have a successful model yet, but who would dare to neglect its future potential? -Wang Jiang.
gotitmusic.com | wanwa.com | chinamp3.com

More Korean Chinese Church Members Go on Hunger Strike
They issued a statement prior to going on strike in which they argued that the government was not considering the historical background of why 2.2 million Korean Chinese were settled in China and why they wish to come to Korea, ... -Bang Sung-hun
[Editorial] The Ethnic Korean Chinese

Domestic Dispute Turns Into International Affair -David Cho
The ads that shocked the SAR -totallyhk.com
The Chinese art of spin-doctoring -Michael d. Schaffer
China, S.K. lash out at Japan's idea of history -Teruaki Ueno
5,000-year-old "Pyramid" Found in Inner Mongolia -Xinhua
Water-eroded Caves Discovered in Guangxi -People's daily
Microsoft lock now "made in China" -Kristie Lu Stout

July 8, 2001
Show Me the Money!
China is not relying solely on its athletes to strike future gold in the sports arena after the government announced athletic competition would become a major source of business revenue in the coming years. -chinadaily
China Goes For The Gold | China's elite cashes in on Olympic bid

The Golden Handcuffs
The Olympics may be more trouble than Beijing realizes -James R. Lilley
Olympics’ open door policy

China: GM's Next Big Thing? -Paul A. Eisenstein
China Trumps Korea in Productivity -Cho Joong-shik
The Chinese girl who calls me mum -Gaby Wood
Draft law fails to address real population issues -Sophia Woodman
Toil and Then Tragedy -Bob Port
Peixian Journal: Local Treat Angers World Pet Lovers -Craig Smith

July 6, 2001
China presents $1 million tab to U.S.
U.S. officials told NBC News that China is billing for items including the housing and feeding of the EP-3 crew itself, plus charges for "ramp space" at the airfield at Lingshui, and "security" of the aircraft itself. -msnbc

China 'outstrips world' on executions
Amnesty International expressed fears that in their rush to produce results for the anti-crime drive, authorities risk executing innocent people. -bbc
China: 'Striking harder' than ever before -amnesty.org

Where to Earn More Money? -china.org
‘We Have to Act’ -Steven Levy
A Chinese Century? -Melinda Liu
New system keeps check on the bad guys of business -Jamila Zhou
EU opposes Games bid -scmp
China favoured to win bid despite poor record on rights -James Kynge

July 5, 2001
Breaking Barriers
The country eagerly awaits WTO entry. But the scourge of local protectionism, unless tackled head-on, could turn the experience into a nightmare -Bruce Gilley

Sect Clings to the Web in the Face of Beijing's Ban
At its core, Mr. Li's message is a simple one — be a better person and you will be saved. He cast his followers in the pivotal role of a cosmic morality play, the aspect that most attracted Mr. Zhao. -Craig Smith

Privatizing China's Parks -John Pomfret
China Denounces Allegations by "Doctor" in U.S. -chinadaily
Pros, cons for Japan in China's joining WTO -Yomiuri Shimbun
Japan needs to draw a clear line on China policy -Motofumi Asai
'Chinese Linux Developers Allegedly Violating Licenses' -slashdot.org
Warning: Gentrification in Progress -J.A. Lobbia
Soldiers of Strange Fortune -Peter Hessler
Authentic Soy Sauce Made in South China No Danger to Health -People's daily

July 4, 2001
Railway ministry taken to court for spring price hikes
It is the first time that the ministry, which still monopolizes railway transport across the country, has been brought to court in this way...The ministry challenged the court yesterday, saying it did not have jurisdiction over the case because the decision to raise ticket prices was an "abstract administrative act.'' -chinadaily

Smothering the smoke of the dragon
So where does an anti-smoking campaign begin? In schools, says Zhang, where cigarette smoking is still ''cool''...Another focus, grounded in pragmatism, is getting smokers to quit smoking cheap and more harmful brands. -John Murray
Youth Loses Suit Against Tobacco Firms

XDZ50 Scooter - Sundiro.comOrbital-Equipped Scooter Wins Environmental Award
Orbital is pleased to announce that China Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Co. Ltd (
Sundiro) has won a major environmental award in China for its Orbital-equipped HI-JETER(TM) scooter.-prnewswire.

Wang strives to build a Chinese Microsoft -Jiang Chen
Linux Makers in China Allegedly Violating Terms -Computerworld
20 Cities Opt Subways for Passenger Transport -Chinadaily
Sunny days ahead for Chinese homes -e4
Team selects tour agents for Chinese visitors -Jakarta Post
For sale: one slightly used ideology -Simon Pritchard
Nothing inevitable about unification -Taipeitimes
Falun Gong group-suicide claim -AFP and Jimmy Cheung

July 3, 2001
Entrepreneurs wary of party invitation
"This isn't good news, in my opinion. Politics and economics are separate things and ought to remain that way. The party is a political apparatus with its own concerns, but business is business," -Jason Blatt & Fong Tak-Ho
Communist Party at 80

China vs. Japan: A Phony Trade War
Indeed, the brouhaha over produce and straw mats shows just how reliant the Japanese have become on China to fill their sukiyaki hotpots and also furnish their homes. -businessweek

Can Tom.com Become More Than a Dot.com? -Bruce Einhorn
Guess Who Wants Beijing to Get the Games -Businessweek
Benefits of winning Games bid exaggerated, says sports chief -Mark O'Neill

July 2, 2001
China Allows Its Capitalists To Join Party
President Jiang Zemin announced today that the Communist Party would accept private businessmen as members, a policy reversal that recognizes the increasingly powerful role of entrepreneurs in determining China's future. -John Pomfret
Communist Party 80th Anniversary | Chinese leader sets course for future | Jiang praised for 'major breakthrough'

Behind the label 'made in China' -Shai Oster
What's the Rationale for Seeing China as Enemy? -William Pfaff

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