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Victims of Aids: Boy mourns for dead parents -Peoplephoto.com
Aids in China

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July 31, 2002
Media handed 32 clauses of restrictions ahead of congress
The circular demands that state media be highly disciplined and stay away from sensitive topics such as entrepreneurs being allowed into the party, the privatisation of state enterprises, and
class divisions among others. -Vivien Pik-Kwan Chan

Looking after buyers' interests -Meng Yan
Right to defence deserves respect -Xiao Jiao
Recall practice stirs public debate -Pan Haixia
China Eyes 30 Sukhoi Fighters -Lyuba Pronina
Mass grave site found in central Beijing -China Daily
China Modifies Weather For 2008 Olympics -Slashdot
China's bogus medicines kill thousands a year -AP link
Traditional Chinese medicines tap market -Zhang Feng
Don't be fooled - China is not squeaky clean -Ian Buruma
State funds awarded to 12 major R&D science projects -Fu Jing
Roundup: MOFTEC Spokeswoman on Hot Issues -People's Daily
Beijing's anti-tax evasion drive targets foreign firms' offices -Xinhua link
Will China's EVD Meet the Same Technological Dilemma as SVCD? -Li Heng

July 27, 2002
Vocational Education Crucial to Social Development
Statistics show that the number of students in China's vocational schools increased fourfold from 2.27 million in 1980 to 11.64 million in 2001 and the number at higher vocational institutes rose from 60,000 in 1985 to 720,000 in 2001. -Xinhua

Programme to clear air pollution -Qin Chuan
City waterworks tap foreign pool -Tian Xiuzhen
Honda launches suit to save patent right -Liu Li
Stuck ships suspended till showers -China Daily
Cutting off women to spite China -Ellen Goodman
China's Elite Has a Place in the Sun -Ching-Ching Ni
A Wistful Glimpse of Westernizing China -Kenneth Turan
Why Software Institutes Face Cold Reception -Feng Yikun
Chinese city grows, powered by women's work -Michael Dorgan
China to better protect rights of people suing govt bodies -Xinhua
Chinese grads find land of opportunity is the one they left behind -Asahi

July 24, 2002
Recycling Legislation for Household Electrical Appliances
It has been predicted that in this year alone, 5 million televisions, 5 million washing machines and 4 million refrigerators will be replaced. In addition, a large number of computers now face retirement due to obsolescence. Consequently, how to cope with the mountain of discarded electrical appliances has become really a hard nut to crack. -Zhang Tingting

China tests missile -Bill Gertz
From China with guns -Jørgen Sundgot
It Is Prosperity, Not 'Collapse' -Gu Ping
China sees welfare in shares -Pamela Pun
China vs the almighty dollar -Henry C K Liu
Jumping on putonghua bandwagon -Guo Nei
A softer approach to 'strike hard' -John Gittings
Radioactive thieves jailed in Sichuan -Zhao Nan
Vice-President Hu Jintao on Selection of Officials -Xinhua
China as a Model for 'Sustainable Development'? -Nick Schulz
China Considers to Facilitate M & S Capital Raising -Forest Lee
China draws back the curtain on new Windows -Andrew Colley
Skirting the Great Firewall of China -Alex Salkever via Brandrecon
Chinese local lawmakers target local features, democracy -Xinhua

July 22, 2002
Job assistance for laid-off workers sweeps China
Ministry of Labor and Social Security statistics reveal that the country's registered unemployed stands around 6.8 million. However, many laid-off workers are not included in the unemployed. Besides, there are 150 million redundant rural laborers, with 12 to 13 million people entering the job market every year. -Xinhua

Fishing for a better deal -Gavin Phipps
Chinese Leader Throws a Curve -John Pomfret
Re-education through labour in shake-up -Liu Li
Chinese capital passes law to protect religion -Xinhua
Chinese Farmers See Tax Burden Lighten -Anthony Kuhn
Chen takes helm as DPP chairman -Chun-yu Lin & Iya Chen
Chinese farmers benefit from harnessing soil erosion -Xinhua
Desalinated sea water to quench Beijing's thirst -Pamela Pun
Laptops Have Wireless Access to Internet in China -Li Liangdu
China succeeds in computerizing world's only living pictograph -Xinhua

July 19, 2002
China Faces Two Major Issues in Population Control
Every time Li Xiaoping thinks of the huge discrepancy between the United States, Canada, Australia and China in terms of population, resources and the environment, the population problem weighs on him heavily. China has 1 billion more people than the U.S., moreover, "every year, the new births equal the population of Australia, every 1.5 years new births equal the population of Canada." "These simple numbers tell the Chinese people, if we were to try to reach the same levels as the developed countries in terms of living standard [don't forget the family jet] and environment quality, lowering the birth rate is a crucial step," -China.org.cn link

The changing face of schools -Xinhua
China Sets Ceiling on Farmland -Xinhua
Regulation to offer home comforts -Jia Hepeng
Pipe dreams come true to fuel China -Xie Ye link
Chinese firms find massive market in UN -Bao Xinyan
Congress 'to consider democracy goal' -Fong Tak-Ho
China to build own version of Windows 98 -John Lettice link
Survey Reveals Social Status of Women in China -James Liu
China's Communist party opens up to academic debate -Jeremy Page
NBS Deputy Director: China's Statistical Data Reliable -Zhu Jianhong

July 17, 2002
Unemployment Relatively High, But no Deflation
The number of laid-off workers from state-owned enterprises amounted to 4.64 million by the end of June, 510,000 fewer than at the end of last year, Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics (
NBS) Qiu Xiaohua said Monday. -People's Daily

China lacks translators -Vicky Xu
The military is transformed -Ellis Joffe
Group aims to protect China's Great Wall -AP
US report groundless, harms relations -Hu Xiao link
Miners pay high price for China's coal -Richard McGregor
Hewitt to help welfare reform in Northeast China -China Daily link
Foreign Scientists Receive Awards for Contributions -People's Daily
Factory Dispute Tests China's Loyalty to Workers Rights -Keith Bradsher
Floods ravage China, worse feared to come -A. Pagano & J. Conachy link
Mainland China claims Enhanced Versatile Disc breakthrough -Mike Magee
Anniversary of Sino-Russian Good-Neighborly Treaty Marked -Zhang Deguang

July 15, 2002
China's Environmental NGOs
Historically in China, public awareness of environmental protection has not been a strong point. It was taken for granted that where there were people, there would also be pollution. Here, people’s thoughts would turn to concern for environmental protection only after they were adequately fed and clothed. -Wu Chenguang

Solving the Chinese puzzle -Kris Hundley
China Inc.: Super market -Kris Hundley link
Small Apartments Get Popular in Beijing -CRI
China city's stone cows irk jobless -Julie Chao
Is China changing its policy on Tibet? -Ted Anthony
New Survey of Chinese Software Developers -EDC
Cultural Relics in Danger Due to Water Project -Xinhua
China Sites Pledge to be Nice -Christopher Bodeen link
Hundreds queue for Bank of China HK IPO forms -Reuters
Rescued miners recall 200-hour ordeal underground -Xinhua
105 yuan a day makes life comfortable in Shanghai -Eastday
n China's West, Ethnic Strife Becomes 'Terrorism' -Philip P. Pan
Children Should Know the Facts: Feng Xiaoning -Guangming Daily
China Juggles the Conflicting Pressures of a Society in Transition -Craig Smith

July 12, 2002
Knowledge, commitment key to curbing AIDS: China Daily
The fight against AIDS needs increased government intervention by the way of honoring their commitments and ensuring that their people have access to concerned information, Friday's
China Daily emphasized in a commentary. -Xinhua

Noose on schools to tighten -Chang Tianle
Voice of the Gulag -Susan V. Lawrence link
Panel: Toughen China Policy -Glenn Kessler
Imitation nation -Lisa Movius via brandrecon
Workers receive urgent check-ups -Hu Xiaodan
'Floating hostels' must end, official says -Guo Nei
Chinese post merges email and snail mail -Ananova
S. Korean firm wins most recent 'LG' battle -Wang Ying
More than 900 children fall ill after China vaccine -Reuters
China paper rips into free-wheeling press corps -Reuters link
News analysis: investment environment critical to diverting savings -Xinhua
China resolves technical problems in building Qinghai-Tibet railway -Xinhua

July 10, 2002
China makes schooling for migrant children easier
The Chinese government has begun to implement a series of measures to provide education for its 3 million migrant children who accompany their rural parents to cities in search of a better life..."They don't want them to become illiterate." -Xinhua

Mainland fishers rescued -China Daily
China's New Dynasty -Michael Kanellos
"Green" fertilizers widely used in China -Xinhua
Easier Access to Pollution-free Food -China Daily
Chinese newspaper fights shirtless men -Ananova
China vows to catch satellite hackers -Reuters link
China keeps space experts guessing -Leonard David
New technology searches Internet in Chinese -Xinhua
Sleeping Giant Decides to Rise and Shine -John Balzar
Beijing Gets Cold Feet--and Freezes a Key Reform -BW
Chinese government forced to increase safety efforts -Audra Ang link
Retired Chinese worker invents new global positioning device -Xinhua

July 8, 2002
Tourist wave from China lifts Asian economies
Beijing engineer Wang Fei, who visited Singapore earlier this year, says travelling overseas is now the in-thing for Chinese...The country's 1.3-billion-strong population is already unleashing more than 10 million overseas travellers each year and the figure is growing. -Peh Soo Hwee

5 million to sit on college exam -China daily
Strange case of China's Miss Universe -AFP
China: The sleeping giant has risen -David Crane
China in ''huge project'' to overhaul courts-Reuters link
One-man crusade to stub out smoking -Damien McElroy
The small savers with China at their mercy -Oliver August
Civil servants in Hong Kong stage huge rally -China Daily
Beijing marks 65th anniversary of July 7th Incident -Xinhua
For China's Local Bigwigs, New Money Means Power -John Pomfret
Mr Li's diary reveals human dimension of the crisis in China -John Gittings
Therapist uses airwaves to help pull down traditional sex barriers -Leigh Jenkins

July 5, 2002
Water streams out from sluice gates at a rate of 2,600 cubic meters per second at the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River, in central China's Henan Province, Tuesday, July 2, 2002. (AP Photo/str)Water streams out from sluice gates at a rate of 2,600 cubic meters per second at the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Yellow River, in central China's Henan Province, Tuesday, July 2, 2002. Authorities are conducting a 10-day campaign to flush silt from the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River in an effort to reduce the risk of flooding. Every year, 400 million tons of silt are deposited on the riverbed, raising the riverbed level and increasing the risk of flooding. (AP Photo/str)

China's disguised failure -FT
Cadres push political reforms -Cary Huang
SME law helps unemployment -China Daily
China premier slams rich tax dodgers -BBC
China's rural heath worries -Duncan Hewitt
Oil titans to build China's 'modern Great Wall' -Reuters
Chinese fireworks could soon fizzle out -Oliver August
Online by power line hope for netizens -China Daily link
Emerging telecom carriers condemn 'unfair competition' -China Daily
Chinese Net retailer finds success pedaling its wares -Michael Dorgan

July 3, 2002
Business leaders depart for China to discuss direct links
Beijing renewed a call for private businesses to spearhead talks on ending the transport ban and China has agreed to allow industrial bodies from either side of the Taiwan Strait to sign deals on which ports and airports could be opened. -Reuters

New law favours local goods -Wu Zhong
One Chinese lawyer's crusade -Jasper Becker
AIM-120s on their way to the air force -Brian Hsu
A Sigh from Business After World Cup -Feng Shu
5 killed in coal mine accident in central China -Xinhua link
Shanghai's Expo bid enjoys government, popular support -Xinhua
Migrants to Chinese Boom Town Find Hard Lives -Elisabeth Rosenthal
Beijing dilemma as smoking fills coffers and lungs of 350 million -Liu Qi link

July 1, 2002
Many unhappy with Chinese rule
Beijing's leaders had pledged to preserve Hong Kong's traditions of free-market capitalism and civil liberties under the banner of "
one country, two systems," but those guarantees continue to be eroded, government critics say. -Karl Schoenberger link

The Tricks of Trade -Dexter Roberts
China passes pollution on to a next generation -Henry Chu
Regulation issued to protect Chinese working abroad -Xinhua
China, U.S. to Strengthen Cooperation in Fighting AIDS -Xinhua
Chinese legislators debate over draft law on private schools -Xinhua

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