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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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June 29, 2005
The China Price -Daniel Gross +
A nightmare in China -Jim Yardley
Migrant worker shortage lingers on -Fu Jing
China denies poulty vaccine report -Xinhua +
An Unusual Sort of Democracy -Edward Cody
Turning ploughshares into staves -Economist.com
Flu outbreak hits China's wild birds -Geoffrey York
High costs mean low uptake for Linux -China Daily
Customers' trust in brand name melts away -Chen Qide +
China's inequities energize New Left -Jehangir S. Pocha
The patent pitfalls on China's road of clones -Chris Buckley
China counters US criticism on IPR, citing progress -Xinhua
First made-in-China cars sent to Europe -Gong Zhengzheng +
Auditor: Central government misuses US$1.1b of fund -Liu Li
Corruption blamed for vaccine accident in E.China -China Daily
Legislative discussion opens on reducing police rights -China Daily
June 16, 2005
Rights for China's workers -Tomio Geron
Hand prints illustrate flood horror -Agencies
A knight of the people’s paradise -Economist.com
China Emerges as a World Superpower -Mil Arcega +
China's Unyielding Banking Crisis -Peter S. Goodman
Six killed as villagers clash over land rights -Agencies +
Farmers say power plant will pollute villages -Shao Xiaoyi
For Chinese, Peasant Revolt Is Rare Victory -Edward Cody
Rightists thwart Yasukuni rally by Taiwanese -Japan Times +
Textiles just start of a flood of Chinese goods -Alan Wheatley
Microsoft joins Yahoo!, Google in censoring China's web -AFP +
China urges EU to ignore 'disturbances' over lifting of arms embargo -AFX +
China plans secret trial for dissident on subversion charges: rights group -AFP
Chinese woman allegedly "murdered" reappears after killer executed -Xinhua
June 5, 2005
Shenzhen minimum wage rises -Chen Hong
Diplomat fronts rally despite kidnap fears -AAP
Curing the doctor in China -Antoaneta Bezlova
Change in China, Change in L.A. -David Pierson
Blogging: The Truth of Tiananmen -Todd Crowell +
Class act or is it for real? -China Economic Review
China too reliant on exports - economists -Agencies
China's leaders keep tight grip on dissent -Audra Ang
The Two Faces of China's Leadership -Mark Magnier
Nobel Prize winners back booming China -China Daily
Chinese Museum Looks Back in Candor -Edward Cody
China moves to prohibit trading of human organs -Xinhua
Gutierrez Warns China of Trade Backlash -Joe McDonald
A sexual revolution silently going on in China -Esther Zhao
China to scrap export tariffs on 81 types of textiles -Jiang Wei
Will democracy be another 30 years in coming? -Jonathan Power
Author of secret Zhao manuscript says leader wanted democracy -AFP
Sixteen Infected with HIV from Hospital Blood Transfusions -China Daily
Tens of thousands in Hong Kong hold vigil on Tiananmen anniversary -AFP
May 29, 2005
Off Balance -Christian Caryl +
Life of the Party -Melinda Liu and Jonathan Ansfield
A small window on China's past -Howard W. French
The China outsiders don't know -Lyric Hughes Hale
Export textile tariffs rocket to 400 per cent -Jiang Wei
China's Future:: A Nation of Geeks? -David Kirkpatrick
China under spell of mighty 'Super Girl' -David J. Lynch
Imagine China as big version of Taiwan -John C. Bersia
Nation ready as bird flu outbreak is stemmed -Zhao Huanxin
One Billion Couch Potatoes -George Wehrfritz and Duncan Hewitt
China's 'moonlight clan' indulges in shopping spree -Shanghai Star
Hu vows to treat China's minorities better, but says no to separatism -AFP
April 12, 2005
Funny Money -Eurobiz +
Enforcing the rules -CER
New China, new world -CER +
Farmers in Name Only? -Chu Meng
Scientific innovation essential -Fu Jing +
Old palace has new environment snag -Li Jing +
China, India to Form Closer Partnership -Xinhua +
China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military -Edward Cody
26m Chinese still in poverty despite progress -China Daily
U.S. Congress Harsher on China Than Public -Paul Eckert
China, US sign deal for cooperation in clean technologies -AFP
Villagers Riot in China, 50 Police Said Injured -Benjamin Kang Lim
Anti-Japan Fury Spreads Through China's Streets -Bruce Wallace +
Police under scrutiny for forcing murder confessions -Tim Johnson +
Beijing’s Underground City: A Secret from Its Citizens -Xiaoyuan Wang
Chinese coal mine bosses ordered into shafts to stem fatal accidents -PD
March 27, 2005
The future is China's -Martin Jacques
Taiwan rallies against China law -BBC +
Decrying secret germ warfare -Xinhua
A private struggle in China -Jim Landers
China's rise: The blueprint -Dean Calbreath
E-entertainment mart entertaining -Li Weitao
A Journey to Fill In the Blanks -Martha Groves
In China, Deaths and Questions -Edward Cody
UK trebles military exports to China -Brian Brady
China: From one threat to another -David Morris
Food safety spawns public concern -China Daily
China's Next Cultural Revolution -Lisa Margonelli
China bank robbers: An inside story -David Barboza
Taiwanese embrace China's culture despite political rift -AFP
Suffering and poverty as forgotten parasite sucks blood of China's farmers -AFP
March 16, 2005
The China challenge -David M. Lampton +
Flip Side to Fame in China -Mark Magnier +
Dogs leap from the Chinese dinner plate -AFP
Anti-Secession Law adopted by NPC -Xinhua
China's rural poverty is now a state priority -AP
People who moved China, 2005 -Shanghai Star
China starts human trial of AIDS vaccine -Xinhua
A Prudent Beijing Stays the Course -Dexter Roberts
Japan/U.S. vs China: Two against one -Frank Ching +
A free China doesn't mean a friend -James P. Pinkerton
The Future of the China Syndrome -Stephen D. Simpson
China's other political parties powerless -Christopher Bodeen +
Japan `hidden factor' in China's exports to U.S. -Manabu Hara
"I don't think US should be the leader of the world" -Yong Tang
China should prevent Latin American pitfall when shifting rural labor force -CE +
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