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June 27, 2003
Risky Business -Su Wei
Flash and Bu Hua -Zhao Pu +
China in Transition -R. Nolan +
New leadership wins trust -Yan Xizao
Full Text: India-China agreement -BBC
Police faulted as girl starves in China -AFP
Chinese villages yield a treasure -Kari Huus
China steps up anti-drug efforts -China Daily
Stepping off the mountain -Christopher Horton +
China Makes a Swift Retreat on Transparency -Evelyn Iritani
China college grads face tough job market -Christian M. Wade +
China Axes TV Series to Placate President -Benjamin Kang Lim
June 20, 2003
Body Donation to Be Regulated -China Daily
The Real Bank of China Scandal -Mark Clifford
Three Gorges: Cracks in the bureaucracy -Miao Ye
Rules for Preventing Corruption Among Judges -PD
Encephalitis Kills 18, Infects 211 in S.China -Reuters
Stigmatization fuelling Chinese HIV -Helen R. Pilcher
China Nabs Official in Antiquities Theft -Joe McDonald
Church members arrested in China, rights group says -AP
Legislation on Sexual Harassment Under Way -Wu Nanlan
China abolishes vagrancy law after death -Hamish McDonald +
SARS, Other Scandals Lead to Chinese Media Crackdown -John Pomfret
June 15, 2003
Sichuan gets spokesperson system -Guo Nei
Reality check for Chinese officials -Geoffrey York
Official Reviled for Role in Outbreak -Laurie Garrett
Progress -- Over Their Dead Houses -Peter S. Goodman
China wages silent war on dissident thought -John Kamm
China's One-Child Policy OK for Kids' Health: Study -Dana Frisch
Beijing offers reforms, in its own peculiar way -Hamish McDonald
China Replaces Top Navy Officers Over Sub Disaster -John Pomfret

What's happenin'

June 13, 2003
Seizing the hour -John Gittings
EBay bets on China's boom -BBC
Network to guide housing industry -Fu Jing
B2B biz soars amid SARS panic -Li Weitao
China Makes Paper with Ore Powder -Xinhua
Cracks in Three Gorges Dam Safe: Expert -China.org
Iraq-China oil deal 'frozen,' not terminated -Zhao Renfeng
China vows to limit blasting of rapids -Rungrawee C Pinyorat
China Seen Tightening Control Over Internet Cafes -Juliana Liu
Chinese archaeologists open 1,000-year-old coffin on live television -AP
June 8, 2003
Competitors in the final of the international dragon boat contest in Macao paddle furiously during Wednesday's traditional race, the highlight of celebrations for the Dragon Boat Festival, or Zongzi Festival, which falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. The festival dates back over 2,000 years. [newsphoto.com.cn] China burial scam sparks protest -BBC +
The world's biggest dam -Geoffrey York +
Tiananmen's significance starts to wane -Tsai Ting-I
Russia helps China's rise as global power -Fred Weir
23 punished over man's death in custody -China Daily
China Builds World's Longest Cross-Sea Bridge -Xinhua
Uncertain future for China's English magazines -David Bandurski
China tycoon probe takes political turn in Shanghai -Ben Blanchard
Committee Set up to Review Voters Call for Deputy's Dismissal -China Daily
Chinese watch makers ask for compensation from Basel Watch Show -CCTV
Avant-garde artists emerge from hiding with blessing from Beijing -Jasper Becker
June 4, 2003
June 4: the great divide remains -Allen T. Cheng
What Chinese don't know about America -Martin Sieff
Three Gorges Reservoir Begins Storing Water -Xinhua +
China's June 4 Student Leaders Await Change -Doug Young
China Rejects Tiananmen Square Appeal -Elaine Kurtenbach
Tiananmen families ask new leader for compensation -Reuters
Crew of 27 saved as Chinese vessel sinking in Baltic Sea -AFP
May 31, 2003
China Punishes Journalists for Story -Joe McDonald
On the Road To a SARS Cure in China -Laurie Garrett
China's G-8 presence a healthy challenge -Chihiro Kato
China Sentences Times Freelance Photographer -Cathy Hong
China lofts navigation craft on Long March booster -Stephen Clark
China's graduates face increasingly tough job market -Jehangir Pocha
Psychiatrists Rebuke China for Blocking Inspection Visit -Erik Eckholm
UN refugee agency ‘extremely concerned’ over fate of 18 Tibetans -UN
Four Given Long Prison Terms for Discussing Politics -Elisabeth Rosenthal
May 24, 2003
A Case Study -Hannah Beech
Curtain Call for Chinese Opera -China Daily
SARS Puts Pets in the Doghouse -Xiao Rong +
China discovers three anti-SARS polypeptides -Xinhua
Catlike animal in China may be source of SARS -Nytimes
SARS whistle-blower breathing sigh of relief -China Daily +
China Makes First Live TV Broadcast Atop Everest -John Ruwitch
Local man may have died from SARS in January 2002 -Tsai Ting-I
Freed Tiananmen dissident vows to continue struggle for democracy -SCMP

Eyewitness To War: "the only thing we've been liberated from is the notion that the United States ever wanted to save us in the first place."

May 20, 2003
It's not Chinese media's fault -Li Shijia
Experts discover SARS antibody -China Daily
Birds returning to roost in 'nation's cradle' -Xinhua
Islam's lasting connection with China -China Daily
Floods, rain kill 40 people in south China -Reuters +
Huang Qi receives 5-years in prison for blogging -Officialspin
Professors who set alarm bells ringing in Beijing -Allen T. Cheng
Hotels refusing China, Taiwan guests over SARS fear -Kyodonews
The Search for SARS's Past May Help Predict Its Future -Lawrence K. Altman
Air China Flight 112: Tracking the genesis of a plague -Indira A. R. Lakshmanan
May 16, 2003
Flu only temporary setback to China -AFP
Death penalty for SARS enablers -Julie Chao +
Fewer Cases, but No Less Caution -Laurie Garrett
China's rulers getting the message -Hamish McDonald
spitting, the occult and bike travel (via whyreadthis?)
SARS Exposes Holes in China's Hobbled Health Care -John Ruwitch +
Court rules Japan not responsible for poison gas left in China -Mainichi

They gather around as a Geiger counter carried by a visiting reporter starts singing when it nears a DU bullet fragment no bigger than a pencil eraser.

May 14, 2003
Psychology of SARS in China -Kim Petersen
Tibetan Prisoners' Health in Jeopardy -HRW
63 dead, 23 missing in Anhui mine blast -China Daily
Gas poisons 79 students in Hunan Province -Xin Dingding
China revives Bethune's spirit in SARS fight -Geoffrey York
China dinner delicacies succumb to SARS scare -Gady A. Epstein +
Life in China full of mixed blessings for American woman -Stephanie Erickson
May 12, 2003
I Could Get Used to This -Su Wei
Blogging SARS in China, Part One in a series -NBR
China Labor Activists Sentenced to Prison -Audra Ang
China May Reap a Bitter SARS Harvest -Anthony Kuhn +
Feminist painters set out specific perspectives -China Daily
Over 100,000 Dove Trees Discovered in SW China -Xinhua
May 5, 2003
A Fever Pitch of Fear -Latimes +
Drug makers: No pain from SARS -Jia Hepeng
China's handling of submarine accident -Audra Ang +
SARS infects propaganda machine -Catherine Armitage
While battling SARS, China neglects AIDS -Gady A. Epstein
SARS riots hit China as medical workers flee or are sacked -AFP +
Is SARS Crisis a Gorbachev Moment for China? -William Pesek Jr.
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