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June 29, 2001
Tianjin Automobile Industrial Co. has made major price reductions on six models of its Xiali cars. Some price cuts are nearly as much as US$2,000. -chinaonlineGolden Xiali auto prices slashed by US$1,800
The move immediately initiated a purchasing spree, with one outlet selling 10 cars in a single day. -Chinaonline

Looking at China's system for recalling China-made cars from the perspective of the "Case of the Hongqi car" -Ji Wenhai

China to invest more than US$1.2 billion to help elderly
According to the latest census, elderly citizens aged 60 and older total 132 million in China, accounting for 10 percent of the country’s total population. -Chinaonline

The United States of China
As Taiwan investors move into China, is the seven-decade long civil war quietly being resolved? It sure looks that way in Kunshan...More than 1,000 Taiwanese companies, including 30 publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, have invested $10 billion in the small city over the past 10 years. -Allen T. Cheng
Taiwan returns China hijackers -CNN

China Seen Headed for Coronary Problems
"The today of America will be the tomorrow of China, so we learn from our (U.S.) colleagues," -Christine MacDonald

Reducing practice of extortion of confessions by torture -Tian Wenchang
Fools in need of institutions -Economist.com
New Visions for Tiger Protection -Matthew Pennington
Disney Vs. History: This "Pearl Harbor" Movie Still Bothers Me -Bill O'Reilly
Mayan Relics Linked to Chinese Culture in Beijing Exhibit -Xinhua
Zheng He's kin to retrace trips -thestar
Chinese welcome Wahid's equality call -BBC

June 28, 2001
An artificially-conceived dolphin (top) prepares to surface with its mother at Hong Kong's Ocean Park June 27, 2001. -Photo (Bobby Yip/Reuters) Dolphin Researchers Make Breakthrough in Hong Kong. Mothers Ada and Gina, both bottlenose dolphins, made history last June when they became the world's first dolphins to be successfully inseminated artificially. -Tan Ee Lyn

Beijing relaxes one-child policy
"Specific rules will be enacted by the people's congresses of individual provinces and municipalities based on local economy, stage of development and fertility rate," -Clara Li

Medical kickbacks prompt government reaction
When two taxi drivers in the city of Ningbo found 42 envelopes left behind by a passenger on April 17, they had no idea they had their hands on some infamous "red packets'' something they had only read about.-Julia Han

How China lost its principles -Bao Tong
The Revenge of the Nerds -Kaiser Kuo
Li Ruihuan: The key to reform? -Willy Wo-lap Lam
Factory workers escape 'slavery'-scmp
Doctor tells of transplant executions -AP

June 27, 2001
Gestational Surrogacy Banned in China
According to Chen, all gestational surrogacy involves money. If the practice is not kept under control, a potentially chaotic situation exists in which some people might turn to making a living by bearing the children of others..."Since it is voluntary, there’s no problem. Some people need the child, and others need the money." -China.org
Should Surrogate Motherhood Be Banned?

Family's Flight to UN Office Puts Beijing in Difficult Spot
The South Korean government already announced that it would provide asylum for this family if China would allow them to leave...China, however, is worried that allowing North Koreans to travel openly through China could release a flood of refugees from the isolated regime..."This fear should not stop us or the Chinese from preventing these people from being sent back into danger." -John Pomfret

China decides to get real in war against fakes -John Schauble
China Just Says 'Execute' -CBS
China's "Dead Sea Scrolls" -Wang Tao
Piano strikes a chord with middle class in China -Robert Marquand

June 25, 2001
Harsh Chinese Reality Feeds a Black Market in Women
Many simply give up on ever seeing their daughters or wives again, just another hardship to endure. -Elisabeth Rosenthal

From China, A Dynasty Portrait
The Chinese have a far more profound connection to their ancestors. Most believe that if properly worshiped and tended to in private family rituals, the spirits of ancestors can intervene on their behalf to bring health, prosperity and children who, presumably, will someday honor their parents in turn.-Jo Ann Lewis
Worshiping the Ancestors: Chinese Commemorative Portraits -Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Unplugging the plagiarist
Do we, when coming across a suspicious phrase, jump to the conclusion that the whole effort is a rip-off and fail the candidate? Or do we allow a mixture of extracts on the old academic principle that copying one person's work is plagiarism; copying from two people is research. -Tim Hamlett
A Case of Stolen Identity | Plagiarism

June 24, 2001
China Undergoes a Matrimonial Revolution
After two decades of rising living standards and increased exposure to Western culture, it's not just the wedding photo business that's booming here. An entire wedding industry is taking off. -Clay Chandler

Only the 'medically fit' can go to college, China decrees
Last week, millions of teenagers across the country lined up at hospitals to be certified by a doctor as fit enough to make the leap from school to university. -Damien McElroy
College Entrance in China: 'No' to the Handicapped (the same article via College Times) | Move encourages fair competition | Policies & Laws On Education

June 22, 2001
40 children every day
...an average of 40 elementary- and high-school children die in school-related accidents across China every day - or at least 14,400 last year. A total of 204.7 million children are enrolled at elementary and high schools throughout the country. -Ma Guihua

Popular soy sauces linked to liver cancer
Soy sauce importers and manufacturers in Hong Kong defended their products yesterday against a British warning that they contain dangerously high levels of a cancer-causing agent.-Lilian Kwok
Britain withdraws six SAR sauces amid cancer fears | Soy Scare Causes Little Stir in London China Town

Rainmakers going great guns
China has become one of world's most active weather-modifying countries...But there are some who are less enthusiastic about cloud-seeding solutions to drought. -Michael Ma

Hong Kong wants to stamp out smoking
The government wants to present the proposals, which also ban brand names of tobacco products from promotions of any sponsored event, -Tan Ee Lyn

Hong Kong Govt. Slammed for Hiding E. Coli Danger -Reuters
Green Groups’ Endorsement -Mark Graham

June 20, 2001
China Probe Clears Harvard's Genetic Research
The officials told U.S. diplomats that an investigation of the project, which involved blood samples taken from poor Chinese farmers, turned up no evidence that Xu Xiping, an epidemiology professor at Harvard's School of Public Health, and other researchers failed to inform the farmers why they were taking blood or that they made promises to the farmers that were later broken.

Legacy of Socialism Keeps China's State Firms in Red
The Chongqing Iron and Steel Group, a massive steel mill complex on the banks of the Yangtze River, has become a monument to the sad march of China's industrial revolution and a worrisome portent of the obstacles China faces on the road to capitalism.

Sand Castles That Dreams Are Made Of
The secret to Wang's success is that he has unwittingly tapped into three strains in Chinese life today. First, taking public property -- the sand, in this case -- and using it for private gain. Second, the use of a relationship -- Chinese call it guanxi -- to secure a contract or a job. And third, the deep desire of many Chinese to take their photographs in front of anything wacky, different or strange -- in this case Wang's beachside confabulations.
-John Pomfret

John Pomfret Photo by L. CarperConversations with John Pomfret:
Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley.
Photo by L. Carper

China's rural poor alter face of cities -Frank Langfitt
Chinese Newspaper Soars to Quiet U.S. Media Power -Jon Herskovitz
Cancer link sparks takeaway alert -Valerie Elliott
June 19, 2001
China Justice: Swift Passage to Execution
There is a randomness to who dies, given that many technically criminal activities flourish across China. Those practices are considered only moderately risky because they are so widespread. But there is always the threat of death for an unlucky few at the ever-shifting perimeter of tolerance. -Craig Smith

Chinese Editor Fired Amid Clampdown
The Japanese artist Tatsumi Orimoto's photographic work entitled "Art Mama" took on the consumerism and forgetfulness of modern Japan.  -Charis Dunn-Chan. Photo - la Biennal di Venezia/Plateau of HumankindOfficials this year are concerned independent reporting could fan resentment over rising unemployment and official corruption. Many also want to muzzle the media to prevent it from joining in power struggles as China begins a transition to a new generation of top leaders next year. -Christopher Bodeen

Secrets of Lost Empires/China Bridge -Nova OnlineTraveling West Via China -Yevgenia Albats
Middle Kingdom's Middle Class -Henry Chu
Dark visions at Venice Biennale -Charis Dunn-Chan
Secrets of Lost Empires/China Bridge - Nova Online

June 18, 2001
People's Republic Of Cheats
Rampant corruption is eating into the vitals of the Chinese economy. But unless Beijing builds robust institutions, the rot will continue -Bruce Gilley
CPPCC Proposals Passed to Relevant Units | Proposals | Strike Against Fake Goods | Anti-Corruption Campaign

Genuinely 'anti-fake'
"The duty of the Government lies not in turning itself into the leading force behind developing the market economy but in creating a healthy economic order for fair competition." - Ma Guihua

New Lessons
Chinese scholars are reviewing a long-taboo subject--the fall of the Soviet Union -Bruce Gilley

Author sues over China nuclear weapons book -CNN
The Man Inside China's Bomb Labs -Steve Coll
'Comrade Jiang Zemin does indeed seem a proper choice' -Jasper Becker

June 16, 2001
Chinese Test New Weapon From West: Lawsuits
"Often, workers are ruled by people, not by laws, and we're trying to influence that," -Elisabeth Rosenthal

China's Great Leap on Gases
"As an energy expert, I think we need a demonstration from a developed country to prove that a high living standard can be associated with lower carbon emissions. Then China will follow that example or even do better." -Erik Eckholm

Declaration of Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyz, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan signed Friday the Declaration of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). -People's daily

Help plea for overseas Chinese on state farms
The farms, in seven provinces and regions, were set up to settle about 400,000 ethnic Chinese who arrived from Malaya in the 1950s, Indonesia in the 1960s and Vietnam in 1978, fleeing persecution and discrimination. -Mark O'Neill

China's cormorant fishermen mourn end of a way of life
The trained birds catch fish for their masters, diving from wooden punts into Baiyangdian's 140 interlinked lakes. A loop of grass tied around their throats prevents them from swallowing their catch. -David Rennie

China, Taken Personally -Lloyd Macauley Richardson
Inside K2’s China Snowboard Factory -John Stouffer
Awards given for Chinese issues reporting -Reuters

June 14, 2001
Heavy Flood Takes Toll
While north China is experiencing the worst drought since the 1990s, rainstorms in the south have left at least 29 people dead and created economic havoc in several provinces. -Chinadaily
Efforts Urged for Drought Relief in North China | China battles worst drought in a century | China's dustbowl nightmare

China's Prison Laborers Pay Price for Market Reforms
The prison depends on its factory for funding -- a factory struggling to stay in business by squeezing more from its inmate workers. In other words, both Zhang and the prison are fighting to survive. -Philip P. Pan

Propaganda Doesn't Pay, So Beijing Cuts Loose the Media
Beijing can't afford to fund thousands of periodicals and broadcasters, originally set up not to make money but to pump out propaganda. There is big money to be made if state-owned media can be turned around. -Dexter Roberts
media outlet

June 12, 2001
Faced with unrest, China fights for farmers
Some experts argue current crop-based subsidy systems are ineffective, whether in China or anywhere else. "This is just an increase of inefficiency in the system," ..."It would be more effective to put the money into building infrastructure than to give it out according to what crops farmers grow," -Bill Savadove
USTR Press Releases

Beijing Deregulates Private Economy
For a long time, private businesses have been losing a lot of investment and development opportunities due to their incomplete market entity status and low national treatment. Now, Beijing is working to free private capital from control. -Alex

Emerging rivals US and China join naval exercises against mines -AFP
China's dot-com era stumbles -Louisa Liu
Dot-Consolidation in China -Bruce Einhorn

June 11, 2001
China's Rough (In)justice
By the time they arrived at our office, the men were shaking with fear. They brought news of the elected officials TIME had interviewed: two were under house arrest and a third's whereabouts is unknown. -Hannah Beech

SETC reiterates ban on disposable tableware pollutants
Despite repeated bans, disposable expanded-plastic tableware just refuses to go away. -Chinaonline

Chinese Private Detective Up to His Eyes in Infidelity
Business couldn't be better as newfound prosperity, mobility and looser social controls have led to more fooling around--and many vengeful spouses. -Ching-Ching Ni

Spain Aids China Wind Project -eyeforenergy,com
The winds of change in China -John C. Bersia

June 9, 2001
China Stalls on Altered Grain
"Since this technology involves the transfer of a foreign gene into a biological organism, it has potential danger that may not be detected in the short term," -Bloomberg News
China Regulates Genetically Modified Products | Greenpeace applauds the Chinese government on tightening control over GMO

Yue-Sai, the wa wa who wows them in China
But her mission to create a China doll is just part of a broader quest to make young Chinese women feel proud of the way they look. "I am in the image business," -John Schauble

Internet Changes Chinese Farmers' Life
"If you can say that books, radio and TV gave us farmers a pair of feet to walk on the road to prosperity, then the Internet has given us a pair of wings with which to fly," -China.org

June 8, 2001
Zhu reveals slowdown of reforms
He denied the leadership had been weak with Washington. "We need friends now. Some say that our Government is too soft. I think things should be settled in accordance with one's capacities." -Jasper Becker

Mainland players left out of share loop
In no country other than China are the state's best assets, wrapped up and sold abroad, off limits to its own citizens. -Cathy Holcombe
Look at Practice of Chinese Investing Illegally in Hong Kong Stock Market | HK stocks higher by midday on tech rebound hopes

China Stories -Ron Gluckman
China Tropical Lands Research - Walter Parham
Let them honor their dead -projo.com
China of the future: Evolution, revolution? -Al Neuharth

June 6, 2001
Hedging Their Bets on China
Indeed, many observers in China, as well as Hong Kong, expect that U.S. and European multinationals such as Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell will prove the key players in western China's development, -Clay Chandler
Go West | Western Province Talking Point | Development of West China

Public Awareness, Key to Environmental Protection
In addition, the ecological deterioration continues as the endeavor of improvement lags behind the speed of human sabotage. -Chen Qiuping
Chinese Government Donates Books on Environmental Protection to Schools

China contradictions
This report puts disaffected contingents of the public, as well as the party cadres, on notice that “Contradictions” are bad for their health.-The Times
China's Inner Circle Reveals Big Unrest

China's Imperial Way - Kevin Bishop
A Slow Boat From China -Rachel Clarke

June 5, 2001
CPC: An Attraction to Young Chinese
"Clever people become even more clever when they grow up," he said, "so that it is a realistic pursuit for me to join the Party." -People's Daily

A Novel of Sex, Violence and Tiananmen Square
Growing up amid the higher echelons of the Chinese Communist Party during the 1980s, Annie Wang experienced the cushy side of socialism. -Thomas Crampton

School books defy official line
Bible and Declaration of Independence compared with Communist Manifesto in series by liberals -Jamila Zhou

Hannah Beech -TIME AsiaChina's Phony Papers
"No one has time to go to school anymore," says a 21-year-old impatiently waiting for a steel engraving machine to roll out an accounting degree from Peking University...Such tactics don't play well with Beijing's bureaucrats, who spent plenty of time and money earning genuine degrees. -Hannah Beech
War Against Fake Goods Progresses

June 4, 2001
Tiananmen Square, 1989 -National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 16 Newly declassified document provides views on Tiananmen crackdown. In the cable to Washington, James Lilley criticized the Bush administration's decision to send three Navy ships to Shanghai to divert attention from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to Beijing from May 15-18 of that year. -Deb Reichmann
Tiananmen Square, 1989 The Declassified History | Beijing Spring | Tiananmen mothers demand an apology | Tiananmen Revisited | Remembering Tiananman

Melinda Liu -NewsweekA Blessing For China
The rivalry between China’s patriotic church and its clandestine Catholics was grim and bitter for decades, replete with the Machiavellian intrigue one might expect from two of the world’s most opaque institutions—the Vatican and the Politburo. -Melinda Liu and Katharina Hesse

Casting China as America's Enemy Is a Bad Idea -John W. Lewis
By China's standards, change is huge -Ron Dzwonkowski

June 2, 2001
China's Dust Storms Raise Fears of Impending Catastrophe
"If China cannot quickly arrest the trends of deterioration, the growth of the dust bowl could acquire an irreversible momentum," -Reggie Royston
Drought Promotes Sandstorms in North China

Chinese Warn of Civil Unrest Across Country
The somber analysis contrasts starkly with the upbeat messages generally offered in official speeches and newspapers, where every problem is described as nearly solved, and it is unclear why officials broke with the tradition of keeping sensitive findings secret. -Erik Eckholm

Despite booming industry, China has increased energy conservation. -ZhongXiang Zhang,

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