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Portraits album from the Hedda Morrison photograph collection showing cover photograph and side-sewn binding on top of closed portfolio-style case with two ivory fasteners. -Harvard-Yenching Library

Resource: Stepping 70 Years Back in Time -Miao Yajie . Photos Bring Back Life of Old Beijing -China Daily . Forgotten China Revealed with New Electronic Tools: VIA . A Photographer in Old Peking by Hedda Morrison

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June 28, 2002
Campaign against drugs far from over
Yesterday, as part of the world's 16th UN-sponsored International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Beijing launched a mass publicity drive, with more than 120 publicity spots around the city, to increase public awareness of the harm of drug addiction through pictures, posters, video tapes and brochures. -Li Jing

China executes 64 for anti-drug day -AP
China's rural tax revolution -Duncan Hewitt
South China labour riot injures dozens -Reuters
China's growing band of veggies -Duncan Hewitt
Internet: Bliss and Pain to Chinese -Xinhuanet link
American Families Adopt Chinese Orphans -Wang Qian
In China, Legal Reform Stops at Courtroom Door -Philip Pan
U.N. Says China Faces AIDS Catastrophe -Jeremy Page link
China mine blast leaves 46 dead amid cover-up -China Daily
China Experiments with New Time Schedule for Work -Chen Chao
Beijing Steps Up Presence As Part Of 'Go-West' Policy -Antoine Blua

June 24, 2002
Floods Cause Catastrophes across China
Thirty million people from five areas of China have been affected by heavy rains and severe flooding since early June and more than 200 people have died, civil affairs officials announced last week. -Ivy Zhang

The Best Bid Wins -David Murphy
China Threatens Air Travel Workers -AP
Coal mine blast kills at least 93 -China Daily
Accused Chinese smuggler ordered out -Petti Fong
China takes own steps to leapfrog poverty -Times Online
China's new education trend: An old teacher -Martin Fackler
N. Korean Asylum Seekers Leave China -Christopher Bodeen
New Changes in College Students' Choice of a Job -Feng Shu
China's Grain-for-environment Program on Full Swing -People's Daily

June 19, 2002
China thrown off balance as boys outnumber girls
The problem starts with the traditional Chinese preference for boys over girls. The thinking: Sons can carry on the family name and take care of their aging parents; daughters marry into other families and by tradition look after their husbands' parents in old age. -Paul Wiseman

China to extend government reforms -Xinhua
Father's Day Brings Dads Little Cheer -China Daily
China bans harmful interior decorating materials -Xinhua
Cyber cafe fire prompts nation-wide scrutiny -China Daily
Mafia Ring with Gov't Connections Busted in Hunan -China Daily
Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics -Xinhuanet

June 16, 2002
Workers' Wasteland -Matthew Forney
Rights Group Sues Bank Of China -AP
Model represents 'modern' China -Kapono Dowson
Taiwan to battle China over documents -Lin Miao-jung
Respectful sons? In China, they are -Michael Browning
Relocation Remains the Last Hope for White-fin Dolphins -Xinhua
June 12, 2002
Flooding toll: 300 dead or missing
At least 26 people have died and 282 were still missing Tuesday as a result of flooding in southern parts of Shaanxi Province in Northwest China. -China Daily

Half fishing areas in China polluted -Xinhua
No 1 stock scandal case heard -Zhang Yong
China's Authoritarian Hang-Up -Bruce Einhorn
Legal aid benefits disadvantaged in China -Xinhua
China discovers high level of IPO bribes -Richard McGregor
Chinese newspaper...publishes American satire article -Joe McDonald link
Laid-off workers demonstrate in Shanxi, workers protest in Liaoning -ICHRD

June 7, 2002
China's football newshounds
Armed to the teeth with cameras and microphones, China's sporting paparazzi have invaded South Korea to hound every detail about the Chinese football team during its World Cup campaign. -Andrew Demaria

No Dogs or Japanese Allowed -Chen Ying
China's Players Score With Ads -Christopher Bodeen
Canadian journalist deported from China -Geoffrey York
In China, a Rush to Get Behind the Wheel -Wang Ting
Chinese Drug Advertisements Called Into Question -Eastday
How China Fares With Possible Water Crisis -Xinhuanet

June 5, 2002
China glum but philosophical after debut defeat
"Admit the gap," the Beijing Morning Post said on Wednesday. "How far is China from the world? Yesterday's match was the best indicator."..."Before June 4, people had World Cup mania, but Gomez's and Wright's merciless blows finally knocked us back to reality." -Reuters

GM cotton damages environment -Xinhua
Nutritionists Called for in China -Liao Zhunan
Cheating at Colleges Causes Concern -People's Daily
Venting Stoves Cuts Lung Cancer Rate in China -Reuters
Medical Costs Pushing Some Chinese Into Poverty -Susan V. Lawrence

June 3, 2002
Environment Report: General Situation 'Still Grave'
"To protect the environment and resources is to ensure productivity and improving the environment helps propel the productivity," -China Daily

TB being beaten in China and India -Andy Coghlan
Chinese embracing idea of charity -Michael Dorgan
China's Latest Greatest-Hits Collection -Scarlet Cheng
Chinese parents urged to talk to children about sex -Xinhua
Language blow for China's Muslims -Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
China spurs local high-tech sector to new heights -Dan Nystedt
China to Vaccinate Infants Against Hepatitis B -Elisabeth Rosenthal
Hong Kong remembers June 4 crackdown amid fears of dwindling freedom -AFP

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