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February 10, 2004
New job hunters have hard time -Fu Jing
China is planning to boost rural economy -James Kynge +
China's ZTE Wins Iraq Reconstruction Contract -Shao Da
'Red-package' money gifts a source of tension -China Daily
Beijing to spend billions saving farms from cities -Wu Zhong +
HK election needs approval from central government -Xinhua
China's absence muffles G7 currency message -Alan Wheatley

Will be back sometime in March. Thanks!

February 6, 2004
China props up US economy: WSJ -PD
China sets minimum wage rules -Xinhua
Possible punishment for gay pimps -Bao Xinyan
Comment: Bird flu provides a lesson -China Daily
China cracks down on bad cops -Michael A. Lev
Tides swallow 15 Chinese in England -China Daily +
China plans rail lines along Russian, DPRK borders -PD
37 killed in Beijing lantern festival stampede -China Daily
Beijing Fashion, Mao And Then -Anna-Sophie Loewenberg
Made in China -- With Neighbors' Imports -Peter S. Goodman
Taiwan finding trade with China outweighs government hostility -Dean Calbreath
February 4, 2004
A bleak look at China's blind eye -Lisa Rose +
China boom not certain to last -Kan Tsutagawa
Decision leaves loophole for rich criminals -China Daily
School Teacher Petitions for Medical Reform -Epochtimes
China goes unconventional route for oil -Ellen Knickmeyer
TV ads reap huge return for NPC deputy in Yiwu -China Daily
We are their home, so we should display them' -Geoffrey York
New journal is taking on Hong Kong's power elite -Nicola Clark +
2,500 digital cinemas to be built to boost movie industry -Xinhua
China's `Miserable Generation' looks toward a better future -Michael A. Lev
February 2, 2004
The China bubble -Stephen Dunphy
Scared Of China? Not Europe -Carol Matlack
Marine disasters to hit 20 m people -China Daily
Opinion: Policy-making needs revamping -China Daily
Elected activist pioneer in Chinese democracy -Geoffrey York
China poultry farmers targeted in bird flu siege -Ben Blanchard +
Corruption crackdown led to hundreds of suicides -Jonathan Watts
Chinese Reformers Petition for Review of Subversion Law -NYTimes
R.P. working on roadmap to pit Asean versus China -Lawrence Agcaoili
China, Korea dispute ancient kingdom at sensitive time -Sang-Hun Choe
January 30, 2004
What's Next for China? -Scott Patterson
A new mobile phone just for Uighur minority -AP
Officials: China not the source of bird flu -China Daily
The success of the qinmin strategy -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Fame brings troubles for woman after meeting premier -Xinhua
Chinese Leader Addresses French Parliament -John Leicester +
China Holds 54 Over Use Of Internet, Group Says -Philip P. Pan +
Beijing helping Tibetans catch up with the west, says author -Ray Cheung
January 19, 2004
China's big energy crunch -Jason Leow +
Transparency key to trust -Jinghua Times
Prudence should govern rail plan -China Daily +
Asian Pop: Farewell, Anita Mui... -Martin Wong
Laws must fit Constitution -China Economic Times
BMW drives wedge between rich, poor -Raymond Zhou +
Chinese Move to Relax Severe Judicial Penalties -Philip P. Pan
China calls for democracy in international relations: article -Xinhua
Islands of Democracy: Taiwan and Hong Kong Show the Way -Sam Crane
January 16, 2004
Drugs know no gender -China Daily
From Rags to Stitches -Ching-Ching Ni
eBay, Yahoo! Battle in China -Rex Moore
Holiday trips turning sweet and sour -China Daily
Beijing-Shanghai rail drops maglev plan? -China Daily
Juvenile heroism evokes hot debate -Wang Zhenghua
Common sense needed in tackling teen sex -Dwight Daniels
China fires public relations blast at Taiwan... -Joe McDonald +
Harbin: reinvestigation into BMW traffic offense -People's Daily + +
We should prevent unhealthy nationalist feelings -Shi Hongchou +
Inconspicuous is all the rage for China's new super wealthy -Tim Johnson
Top candidate with fake degree throws spotlight on paper chase -Wu Gang
January 12, 2004
Scepticism to cure -Shanghai Star
Averting an Outbreak -Karl Taro Greenfeld
Tragedy of errors in gas blowout -China Daily
First mayor proposed by public elected -Liu Li
Gay pimp gets one year in prison -China Daily
Classic catering conflict: Culture vs caution -Xin Dingding
Bringing more democracy to local government -Zhan Lisheng

Luo Qi music: She was on Phoenixtv.

January 10, 2004
The challenge of China -Rudolph Bell
The World of Bodyguards -China.org.cn
Civet cat killing no solution -People's Daily
Fair system key to end pay defaults -Beijing News +
Love is blind but not the authorities -Raymond Zhou
EVD players proving not so hot on market -Wen Dao
Market hungry for real spiritual food -China Youth Daily
The "golden bowl" of translation -Shanghai Daily News
January 8, 2004
Hope for animals after Sars -Emma Snodgrass
China ready to start its nuclear power plan -PD
China to Increase Oil-supply Security -China Daily
Task force to oversee HK political steps -Joseph Li
Tiananmen Square protest planners arrested -Xinhua
Should prostitution be decriminalized? -Ouyang Siping
Guangdong has 2nd suspected SARS case -China Daily
33761 policemen dismissed in clean-up campaign -Xinhua
China's high school students low in imagination? -China Daily
Experts: Pan-blue camp makes dangerous U-turn -Xing Zhigang
January 6, 2004
China: 10 snapshots in 2003 -Xinhua
China puts new limits on TV ads -Mark Magnier
Negligence blamed for gas blowout -China Daily
Demolishing a system built on fear -Josephine Ma
China sets new record in shipbuilding in 2003 -Xinhua
People of 2003,an event-packed year -Beijing Weekend
China to use US$45b to overhaul state banks -China Daily +
Chinese police ordered to deal with the media -Ted Anthony +
Thousands of Protesters March in Hong Kong -Philip P. Pan
WHO: China still safe after SARS case confirmed -China Daily
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