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May 21, 2004
Police take cover beside an overturned car protecting themselves with shields against a shower of bricks at the height of the attack. [Shenzhen Daily]Families that hang together -Yao Lao
Single children all grown up -Li Dapeng
Invasive species costly to ecology -Qin Chuan
Crime stories disappear from prime time -Xin Dingding
China's Moms Get Postnatal Reprieve -Ching-Ching Ni
Chinese Startup Takes On Microsoft Office -Techweb +
21 injured in cleanup riot in Shenzhen -Shenzhen Daily
China finds Western ways bring new woes -David J. Lynch
China to keep foreign films out during July -Elaine Kurtenbach
China celebrates 10 years of being connected to the Internet -IDG
May 13, 2004
Villa envy -Economist.com +
China to build 30 nuclear plants-report -CBS
Armed police stages anti-terror drill -newsphoto
Patients demanding more privacy -Liang Qiwen
Illegal deal blamed in Henan deaths -Wu Gang
Foreign workers flocking to Shanghai -Zou Huilin
Tap water network first step in big plan -Xiao Jiao
Sports bureaux take blame for lottery fraud -Ma Lie +
China suspends waste plastic imports from Japan -Platts
Pirates Pillage China's Online Game Industry -Juliana Liu
World's gourmet purveyors flocking to China -China Daily
In Pacific, a Red Carpet for China's Rich Tourists -James Brooke
Low charges on waste water hamper pollution control -China Daily
China announces campaign to weed out officials who torture prisoners -AFP
May 11, 2004
Great Wall From Space -ESA +
Olé? No Way, Say Chinese -Mark Magnier
Serving China, serving ourselves -John Schmid
New national land plan seeks better use -Xinhua
Public toilets in capital attract investment -Xinhua
Human rights record costs China EU deal -Ian Black
Japan to protest China survey near Okinotori -Japan Times
AFL-CIO accepts invitation to visit China -Martin Crutsinger
China condemns abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US, British soldiers -PD
Concepts of city management in China and foreign countries -Han Shiyou
Leading newspapers cancel paid reports praising official departments -Xinhua
May 6, 2004
On China's Rise -Ernesto Zedillo +
China Brakes, World Slows -Jim Jubak +
Trawler with 130 dead turtles held -Muguntan Vanar
Economic latecomer confronted with curses -Yang Li
China sees rising criminal cases in first quarter -Xinhua
Town Hopes Chinese Will Stir Manufacturing -Alan Sayre
Pakistan arrests 13 over car bomb attack on Chinese -AFP
China and EU will have world’s biggest trade relationship -Andrew Beatty
China's boys stolen and sold, police ignore grieving parents -Tim Johnson +
May 3, 2004
China rates dilemma -Olivia Chung +
Law to imrove road situation -Xinhua +
Elections Make Inroads in China -Edward Cody
New investors sought for urban utilities -Fu Jing
3 engineers killed in car bomb in Pakistan -China Daily
China Grapples with Pensions as Iron Rice Bowl Rusts -Reuters +
China shows off U.N. peacekeeping school -Christopher Bodeen
Let Freedom Ring? Not So Fast. China's Still China. -Joseph Kahn
Phony Baby Formula Proves Tragic for Many Poor Chinese -Mark Magnier
April 30, 2004
22 detained for fake milk products -Xinhua
Underperformers shown the door -Li Dapeng
Watch out the cyber love trap! -Beijing Today
Control needed for radiation sources -Qin Chuan
Website loses case over MP3 downloads -Xinhua
China releases report on human resources -Xinhua
China's Employment Situation and Policies -Xinhua
A modern Silk Road takes shape -Elaine Kurtenbach +
White-collar females cling to trendy single status -Lu Zhu
China 'Shocked' at U.S. Cold Shoulder in Space -Reuters
China actively participates in worldwide mine clearance -Xinhua
April 25, 2004
China-made BMW 318i debutsChina strives for accountability in office -UPI
Charm school for government officials -Tang Min
Will Inflation Take China Down? -Scott Patterson
China condemns attack on consulate -China Daily
Student's money: easy come, easy go -China Daily
Hu: Modernization needs long uphill battle -China Daily +
Two SARS cases confirmed, virus from lab -China Daily
A Study Group Is Crushed in China's Grip -Philip P. Pan
China Will Delay Wireless Rules, Curb Counterfeits -Bloomberg
Looking for a Villain, and Finding One in China -Eduardo Porter
Ethnic Chinese Find New 'Land of Opportunity' -Barbara Howard
Reclusive Kim Jong Il Having an Outtasight Time in China -Mark Magnier +
In China, a red-hot economy is showing signs of the blues -Gady A. Epstein
April 15, 2004
EU Proposes End To China Arms Embargo -DW
Migrant workers: Urban underclass -China Today
China turns blind eye to injured workers -Tim Johnson
Overseas airlines scramble for route access -Cao Min
China's 2003 top 10 archaeology findings -China Daily
China recruits volunteers to teach mandarin overseas -Xinhua
Photographer accused of staging SARS-period wedding shot -Beijing Today
Detailed Rules for China's New Government Procurement Law...-Dai Xuguang +
April 13, 2004
Parks pay price for free day -Eastday
Hit Movie Rings True in China -Mark Magnier
China's 'Big Mamas' in a Quandary -Paul Mooney
End of state-run hospitals monopoly looming -Xinhua
In China, a custom of spousal abuse -Edward A. Gargan
Lawyer views trade with China as 2-way street -Jill Hammon
Intel CEO Barrett Sees IT Transforming China -Kirk L. Kroeker
Languages shed light on outlook in China, Japan -Norimitsu Onishi
How's China Doing? Yardsticks You Never Thought of -Eric Eckholm
April 9, 2004
Free needles for drug addicts kindles debates. A district government in Huaihua, Hunan Province, has initiated a controversial AIDS control program - providing free needles for drug addicts and asking them to trade in the used ones...Such programs have been carried out in countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom and Portugal. -Song Hongmei

The China Syndrome. The violation of labor rights is the dark side of China’s economic boom. But it’s not just a problem for Chinese workers...That’s the argument of a groundbreaking trade initiative filed by the AFL-CIO in March. -David Moberg

Corpse show stages to provoke, to educate? China's first public corpse exhibition opened Thursday in Beijing, drawing both curiosity and criticism. -Xinhua

A week's worth of China news (via moreover.com) which will be removed when normal posting resumes. Thanks!

Made-in-China vertical fin delivered to Boeing
Peoples Daily Online

2 Major Chinese Retailers Agree to Merge
San Jose Mercury News


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