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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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May 6, 2007
AD Vantage -Li Weitao
Enemy of the State -Jianying Zha +
Pulitzer winning reports on China -WSJ
Red-heads' days numbered -China Daily
Liu Qi on civic responsibility -Joel Martinsen
China May Day holiday spells nightmare -AFP
China’s labour law raises US concerns -Geoff Dye +
May Day protest sparks rare clashes in Macau -AFP +
A pushcart war in the streets of Milan's Chinatown -IHT
In Hong Kong, no looking back at Britain -Keith Bradsher
74 killed in attack on Chinese oil venture in Ethiopia -AFP
Chinese Enthralled By Story of Avant-Garde Ex-Cop -NPR
From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine -NYT
China pollution fuelled by heavy industry -Richard McGregor
China targets bad tourist behavior ahead of Olympics -Xinhua
The Unauthorized State-Owned Chinese Disneyland -Slashdot
South Korea uses TV dramas in history war with China -Reuters
China to build harmonious society with wisdom of Taoism-Xinhua
April 16, 2007
Pet Peeves in China -Melinda Liu
Free the Doctors -Caijing Magazine
Dreams of Leaving -Hannah Beech
China calls on Italy for fair treatment -Le Tian
It's time to relax in Guangzhou -Zhan Lisheng
Soil Survey Targets Food Safety -China Daily
China union drives harder bargains -Evelyn Iritani
China's strange online bedfellows -Sage Brennan
Canton Fair's New Twist May Spur Imports -China Daily
Foreign firms feel the heat from Chinese backlash -Asahi
China's infatuation with U.S. reflects world of change -J. Boak
Japanese cuisine a mark of status among the new rich -Asahi
Economists Identify 'Grey Income' Industries in China -China.org
Dongguan...to move away from labour-intensive industries -CNA
Coal burning having a devastating impact on rural Chinese -AFP
April 4, 2007
Is China Short of Labor? -Beijing Review
Seeds of hope -China Economic Review +
Lonely memorial for China's forgotten war -AFP
Hospitals banned for refusing treatment -Xinhua
Chinese taking on retail logistics -Robert Wright
Anheuser-Busch to build new brewery in China -AP
36,000 HIV cases reported last year -chinanews.cn
China: No More Money-For-Coverage -Joe McDonald
China stops circulation of RMB cent bills -CRIENGLISH.com
Dabao sale inflames debate over local brands -China Daily +
Strange catch feeds an appetite for profit -Hiroshi Matsubara
Apple condemned for consigning toxic computers to China -Ind.
March 28, 2007
Party girl -Economist.com
Made in China -Fara Warner +
The graying of China -Jehangir S. Pocha + +
In a tiny corner of China... -Clifford Coonan +
At Home With Mister Zhang -James Fallows +
The underestimated party-state -Arthur Kroeber
Classic British cars, new from China -Craig S. Smith
Chinese villagers protest land grab -Calum MacLeod + +
Square "nail household" seeks round solution -Jeff Pan
Road to legislating China's property law... -Su Yongtong
Hong Kong Takes Some of the Rap for Pollution -Reuters
Scandal brews over China tea-for-urine samples -Reuters +
China's Manchu speakers struggle to save language -IHT
...News Show Thrives With Timeworn Ways -Edward Cody
...13mln Chinese women take abortion every year -Chinanews
...professor uses blog to defend academic freedom -Chen Feng
February 28, 2007
Sexual development -Guardian + +
Black Tuesday In China -Forbes
When opium can be benign -Economist
Shanghai schools axe study hours -Xinhua
Does Communism Work After All? -Spiegel
Chinese county reins in birth-rate -Peter Ford
SZ to limit industrial water consumption -Szdaily
China’s good corporate citizens find their voice -FT
The dark side of China's economic boom -Bob Mackin
Lancet paper gives high marks to China for AIDS shift -AFP
China arthouse films make waves on foreign shores -Reuters
Do labor woes mean era of low wages is ending? -Zhu Qiwen

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