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May 31, 2001
To be young, Chinese and Weiku
China's dot-com boom went bust, but it gave birth to a way-cool generation of Web users who are creating their own cultural revolution. -Lisa Movius

AIDS Crusader's International Award Wins Scowls in China
Dr. Gao Yaojie helps people with AIDS in China. She leads a one-woman crusade in Henan Province. -Elisabeth Rosenthal
China plans AIDS camp as fear and loathing greet the disease

May 23, 2001
China to remove police controls on migrant workers
BEIJING, May 23 Kyodo - Draft laws pending State Council approval will eliminate China's notorious ''hukou'' residence permit system, freeing internal migrants from fear of punishment if caught working or living away from their registered hometowns, state media reported Wednesday. -Kyodo
Hit the Road | My life as a migrant worker | The Life of Shanghai Migrant Workers | Rural labour important for cities | Call for New Residence System
May 22, 2001
Guilty - and you have 15 minutes to live
China's long march to instant justice saw bank robber Zhang Jun, right, shot with 29 others in the latest crackdown on crime - John Gittings
Robbery and Murder Perpetrators Executed | Eight Get Death Penalty For Trafficking in Children | Yale establishes China Law Center
May 20, 2001
China says yes to drug meet, trade
Zhu greeted the idea with enthusiasm and offered to play host to the meeting, which is expected to unite Thailand, China, Burma and Laos - the countries sharing the drug-rich Golden Triangle region - in a common political front. -Sa-nguan Khumrungroj
China Benefits From International Anti-narcotics Projects

China puts gloss on labour camps to pacify West
The first lucky batch of prisoners chosen for a trial run of the new model facilities at the Tangang Labour Re-education Centre, near Guangzhou, were said to have praised the official contribution to easing marital stress among couples who have been separated.-Damien McElroy

Tsingtao tries beer on tap
During its market test, Tsingtao sold its icy, fresh beer at 1.6 yuan (20 U.S. cents) per 500 grams, compared with 2.5 yuan of its bottled beer (about 640 grams). -Liu Yijing

May 19, 2001
1.2 million birds to be slaughtered
``We also have to avoid the virus crossing with another one to form a new kind of virus, which may have an influence on humans,'' -hk-imail
Measures to prevent spread of avian flu | Virus detected in the nick of time -free reg. | Hong Kong slays poultry to avert flu | avian influenza

Good life buries China in mountain of waste
"Foreign customers from the West are very good; they just order what they can eat," she said. "We should learn from them."-David Rennie
Waste less, spend less - Hu Yan

U.S., China take sides in border skirmish
Thais, Myanmar feud over region used by traffickers -Uli Schmetzer
Four PMs to meet on drugs

May 17, 2001
Democracy Denied
When elected leaders in rural China collide with tyrannical local party overlords, no prizes for guessing who wins -Hannah Beech
China Village Elections Project | Village Election in Rural China | Villagers have their say in local elections

Is Chen the One?
Taiwan's president is a man in history's crosshairs -Karl Taro Greenfeld

Chinese lawyers chew over big tobacco suit
A group of Chinese lawyers is preparing to launch the mainland's first legal suit against "big tobacco" in a potentially significant setback to the plans of international tobacco companies to grow in the world's largest cigarette market. -Richard McGregor and Scheherazade Daneshkhu
Chinese lawyers to file group-action tobacco lawsuit | Europe tightens grip on tobacco | ash.org.uk

May 15, 2001
Signs in China and Taiwan of Making Money, Not War
Nowhere is that on starker display than in Kunshan, a town that Taiwan built. About 10 percent of Taiwan's $50 billion investment in the mainland has landed here, just off the 60- mile highway from Shanghai to Suzhou. -Craig Smith

Mother's Day Popular in China
Though Mother's Day was
originated in the United States, people in China take it with no hesitance because it goes in line with the country's traditional ethics -- respect to the elderly and filial piety to parents. -People's daily

May 12, 2001
Heartbreak for Mother's Day
Every day this year, Mrs Yu has travelled to Shenzhen in search of Man-hon. She still lives in the hope that one day he will reappear. His disappearance was the result of a blunder by immigration officials at Lo Wu checkpoint. -Eddie Luk
For many Asian moms, 'I love you' can be unspoken | Does it ‘Pay’ to be a Full-Time Mom? | A Daughter's Duty

The Curse of The Red-Headed Mummy
How could an ancient mummy found in remote China have red hair and caucasian features? The answer has sparked a battle over smuggled DNA, Western imperialism, and history as we know it -Heather Pringle
The Mummies of Xinjiang -Discover April '94 | TBM | Ancient mummies bring surprise

China lays out red carpet for former Taiwanese premier
"It's symbolic," said one Western diplomat. "The mainland is saying we're open for business again, we're going to protect Taiwanese business, we want to have forward momentum on this but without having to do it officially." -Jeremy Page

May 10, 2001
Chinese supermarkets look to produce same offerings as foreign competitors. "You can’t really see China as one market—it’s like 20 or 30 different templates," -Alysha Webb

China's film sector struggles with price wars, quality issues, pirating. Currently, film distribution in China still features the monopolized operation formulated under the planned economy. -Chinaonline

Tibet Stresses Ecology
The Tibet Autonomous Region will invest 22.7 billion yuan (US$2.7 billion) to improve its local ecology from now till the middle of the century, local sources said. -
dreams of tibet | Tibet Through Chinese Eyes | tibetinfor.com | tibetinfo,net

May 9, 2001
Scientists Keep Watch on Red Tides
The problem has become severe in China in the past decade as a result of the country's accelerated economic development, and there is no indication the problem will be alleviated soon, -China.org
Harmful Algae Page | China Harmful Algal Bloom Webpage

China set to sell bad loans to foreigners
"A corporate turnaround is difficult to achieve in the US. A turnaround in China, where ownership of the equity is often unclear and the ability to lay off workers is circumscribed, can be very tough indeed," -James Kynge
Laws & Regulations | China business

May 8, 2001
2d Thoughts in Taipei on Those U.S. Weapons
Just days after Taiwan's political leaders celebrated one of the biggest-ever offers of arms sales from the United States, lawmakers and defense specialists on the island are raising two questions: Is it all needed? Is it too expensive? -Tyler Marshall

Sweating It Out
As consumers in the United States cry foul, an international effort to improve factory conditions stumbles in China. -Bruce Gilley

Workers in Zhejiang Province seek compensation for lung disease. The lawsuit, listing as plaintiffs 192 farmers from Taishun County, is said to be China's first class-action case seeking compensation for silicosis, a form of lung disease. -FT
Workers Sue Firm for Neglecting Health

Parents Opt for Higher-Cost Education
Interest is so intense that as many as 20 children are vying for each slot, even with tuition costs that run 20 or more times higher than those for a seat in a public classroom. -China.org

May 6, 2001
Chinese dams 'threaten 100m'
A giant Chinese project to build up to nine dams on the Mekong River poses a threat to people, wildlife and water systems across southeast Asia, according to a draft report prepared for the Asian Development Bank. -Michael Sheridan
Greater Mekong Subregion | sei.se
May 5, 2001
China’s Execution, Inc.
The People’s Republic has long been suspected of selling organs from prisoners. Now one New York doctor knows the rumors are true. -Erik Baard and Rebecca Cooney
Organ Donation Gets Promoted | unos

Kidnapping on the rise, say Philippines Chinese
The country's one million ethnic Chinese, who comprise 1.2 percent of the population, control between 20-22 percent of the wealth
-Hope Ngo
Chinese businesspeople looking for safer pastures | tsinoy.com

May 3, 2001
China Lashes Out Against U.S. Religious Report
"The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom attempted to use the said report to defame China, interfere in China's internal affairs and sabotage China-U.S. relations." -People's Daily
uscirf.org | Religion And The Brain

Forty things Beijing teachers can't say to kids
"Whoever teaches you has the worst luck." -Robert Marquand

Exploding hacktivism
And though they don’t serve a political purpose, they aren’t without a niche in the digital food chain. They are useful in bringing the woeful state of Internet security to the national stage. -Brock N. Meeks
cert.org.cn | odp | security links

May 1, 2001
May Day demonstrators clash with police across Asia
In China, the significance of Labour Day seemed to be lost on many...Consumers thronged in shopping malls in Beijing, oblivious to a People's Daily
editorial reminding them the purpose of the holiday was to pay tribute to the toiling masses - ABC Online
May Day protests span the globe | International Labor Day Marked Nationwide

Chinese Hackers Launch Retaliatory Web-Site Attacks -Brian Krebs and Steve Gold
attrition.org | defacement archive | honker union | Is This World Cyber War I?

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