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The Aiwan Pavilion, Hunan Province

China Through A Lens

May 30, 2002
China's media expose mine disaster cover-up
While his workers were trapped in the flooded and blasted-out shaft, owner Zhang Shunhe was above ground hiding the burned body of one dead miner, destroying employee records and using white paint to conceal burn marks at the mine's entrance, the state newspaper
China Daily said on Thursday. -AP

Puffing away -Helen Pan
The Cost of Freedom -Brook Larmer
Jiang: Reformer or rehasher? -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
China's cable firms fight deadly turf war -Oliver August
6-Nation Group Negotiates Free-trade Zone -China Daily
Order Yielding to Lawlessness in Rural China -Erik Eckholm
Rural China sees a market revolution -Martin Fackler
Yangtze's pearl has new lustre -John Gittings
In Rural China, It's a Family Affair -Hannah Beech
Male Pregnancy Now an Option, Beijing Surgeon Says -Eastday
Widespread Red Tide Threatens Environment -China Daily
China to Tighten Control over Import of Electronic Wastes -Xinhuanet

May 28, 2002
China must better back farmers
China needs to alleviate the tax burdens placed on the nation's huge farm population to boost farmers' coffers. The nation should also increase "green box" or non-trade-distorting subsidies, which include payments in research and technology application, infrastructure construction and environmental protection. -Niu Li

Cheers to China -Karen Mclauchlan
GE chief stresses focus on China -AP
China's lumber market proves tough to nail -John Greenwood
US officials loosen tongues behind closed doors -Maxim Kniazkov link
I am leaving China with much more than a plastic plaque -Miriam Donohoe
China Spends 4.6 Billion RMB on Basic Livelihood Guarantee -Xinhuanet
23 Million Chinese Employed by Foreign-funded Firms -People's Daily
China Faces Wider Scope of Geological Disasters -People's Daily

May 26, 2002
CAL Passenger Jet Crashes in Taiwan Strait
The Boeing 747-200 aircraft, carrying 206 passengers and 19 crew, left Chiang Kai-shek International Airport at 3:08 p.m. and was expected to arrive in Hong Kong at 4:28 p.m., but disappeared from radar screens at 3:33 p.m. when it was 10 nautical miles north of Penghu at a height of 35,000 feet. -Maubo Chang

Seeking A Rich Life -Beijing Today
Brake Defect Leads to Recall of Minibuses -China Daily
Demand for maids escalates in China -Michael Dorgan
China Cellphone Radiation Law Could Cost Billions -Jonah Greenberg
China losing its campaign against piracy -Indira A.R. Lakshmanan
Printmaking is fast emerging trend in contemporary Chinese art -Maria Siow
Pawnshops take new role as loan leader -Michael Dorgan
WB Releases Report on China's Reform of State Ownership -CIIC

May 23, 2002
Deputy health minister raises spectre of epidemics
Mr. Ma said that cleaning up the reservoir bed has profound public-health implications and should be seen as an extremely important component of the Three Gorges project. -Kelly Haggart

Largest gas field found in N. China -Cui Ning
Joint action to scythe down poppy industry -Fu Jing
Nine Steel Products Face Quota Tariffs -China Daily
"Solid water" invented for planting trees in deserts -Xinhua
China denies manned Moon mission plans -David Whitehouse
North Korean defectors arrive in South Korea -Martin Nesirky
China's Internet Rules May Bring Problems as Well as Benefits -Gartner

May 20, 2002
New regulations to protect workers' health
The new regulation will not only force employers to improve working conditions, but will also give workers more legal rights to prevent occupational diseases and enabling them to receive compensation. -China Daily

Reality Bites -Karen Mazurkewich
Stepping 70 Years Back in Time -Miao Yajie link
Investigative media new to China -Elaine Kurtenbach
Registration Number Hottest Ticket in Town -Wang Dandan
Polluted, fake, unsafe foods alarming food-loving Chinese -Elaine Kurtenbach
Future Rosy for Organic Food Production -China Daily
Over 100 Korean Missionaries Detained in China -Shim Jae-yun
Identities of five intruders into Japanese consulate exposed -People.com.cn
Taiwan's laborers march to demand reconciliation with rival China -Annie Huang
Eying China Warily from Taiwan -Bruce Einhorn
Taiwan 'boy band' rocks China -Duncan Hewitt

May 15, 2002
China begins huge reforestation effort
China embarked Tuesday on a 20-billion-yuan (US$2.4 billion), 10-year program to plant 170,000 square miles of trees - an area roughly the size of California. -China Daily

Iodized salt remains out of reach for many Chinese -Zhang Feng
Chinese Junk -Hannah Beech
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May 13, 2001
Why Is Selecting China's ‘National Flower’ So Difficult?
The peony was the top choice for "national flower" in a referendum held throughout China in 1994. But no final decision has ever been made and not everyone agrees with that choice-- or even if one flower should represent a country acknowledged as the source of 85 percent of the world’s flower species. -Guangming Daily

Worked Till They Drop -Philip P. Pan
How the Beats Came to China -Jim Jones
Pets in China Become Big Business -China Daily
Growing sex imbalance shocks China -John Gittings
Diablo with a history lesson -Gamespot via Brandrecon
First Supermarket in a North China Prison Opens -People's Daily
Where Toilets Are the Pits, a Push for Porcelain -Elisabeth Rosenthal link

May 11, 2002
China Expands Compulsory Education in Rural Areas
The project will cover 522 county-level places in 19 provinces and regions in central and western parts of China, 462 of these in the west. A total of 124 million people will benefit from the project, among them 49 million of minority ethnic groups. -People's Daily

China Reveals Lives Of Crash Victims -AP
The Great Consulting Pile-Up -Ben Dolven
Innovation dies in China's schoolrooms -Julie Chao
China Is Among Countries with Wide Income Gap -Li Yan
Survivor wins payout over Nanjing libel -Robert Whymant
China Sells US$582 Million Soccer Lottery -People's Daily
China in the front line of exodus from North Korea -Calum MacLeod

May 9, 2002
China plane crash kills all 112 on board
A flotilla of ships plucked corpses from the sea on Wednesday after China's second major air disaster in a month as the airline told relatives all 112 passengers and crew on the stricken plane were dead. -Edwin Chan

Scalpel to chalk stick -Pan Ji
Young drug peddlers -Yao Lan
March to demand use of 'Taiwan' -Lin Mei-chun
Holiday spending inspires insurers -Jiang Jingjing
Every picture tells a story -Willy Wo-Lap Lam link
Longevity Flourishes in China's Garlic County -Xinhua
Educated Mothers Are Strict With Their Children -Shanghai Evening Post
In a first, China to allow non-mainland firm to distribute film -Martin Fackler
Expanding 'Chinese Style' Business to the Global Market -Kazumi Tanaka

May 7, 2002
Medical Loans Make a Beginning in China
In some countries around the world, loans for medical expenses from private financial institutions are accepted by consumers in the same way as loans for cars and housing. In China, some financial companies are beginning to offer this service, but in a way that so far has received a cold reception. -Beijing Evening Post /Zhang Tingting

Ancient trove at risk in China -Julie Chao
Learning to Play Fair in China -Bruce Einhorn
A leg up in China - the hard way -Craig S. Smith
Spirit of May 4 Movement Still Inspires Chinese Youth -Xinhua
Chinese tourists out in force for seven-day holiday -China Daily
First week-long Campaign Against Obesity in China -Xinhuanet

May 3, 2002
China marks Labour Day by honouring new capitalists
But as China crowned the capitalists with an honour once reserved for state workers, the rights group
Amnesty International accused the government of widespread human rights abuses in its handling of recent labour unrest at state firms. -Jeremy Page

Is fossilized Chinese plant the oldest flower? -AP link
Heart docs building Chinese center -Jodie Snyder
Chinese authorities threaten to close schools for migrant children -CNA
China, Australia Share Bid to Curb Trafficking in Women, Children -Xinhuanet

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