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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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November 30, 2004
China questions dollar slide -Xinhua
Exercise of Power -Peter Hays Gries +
China to develop underground space -CCTV
A Portrait of China's Newly Rich -China.org.cn +
Radiation source found and sealed -Cao Desheng
China, ASEAN start building free trade area -Xinhua
President shakes hands with AIDS patients -Xinhua
People need better AIDS, HIV information -China Daily
China's brand names prepare to go global -Jehangir Pocha
Teenagers' voice heard on newly-issued regulation -Xinhua
Violence Taints Religion's Solace for China's Poor -Joseph Kahn
The People's Verdict: Going to Court in China Pays Off -Don Lee
Grim search for corpses as Chinese media demands investment ... -AFP
Global forex volatility underscores China's growing economic muscle -AFP
China offers huge rewards in war on drugs that has cost 12 police lives -AFP
November 20, 2004
Chinese Go? They Went -China Daily
Trade unions need update -Jiang Jingjing
New clinics help addicts quit drugs -Xinhua
Film focuses on back-stage action -China Daily
Yuanmingyuan, need to save face? -Yuan Wu
Sustainable growth urged for West China -China Daily
Overseas Chinese allowed to tranfer assets -Xu Binlan
Calcium producer dragged into controversy -Wang Ying
In China, no money means no treatment -Michael A. Lev
Saved: Chinese bail out Rover for 1bn -Michael Harrison +
Jobless Haan reflects China's football crisis -Chen Xiangfeng
China Widens Economic Role in Latin America -Larry Rohter + +
CCTV in court for alleged copyright violation -Shenzhen Daily
China's growing thirst for oil seen driving its foreign policy -Don Lee
College girls go nude before camera for eternal beauty -Echo Shan
Chinese Move to Eclipse U.S. Appeal in Southeast Asia -Jane Perlez
November 14, 2004
E-government Is Out There -Zhang Tingting
China's dirty energy takes its toll -Louisa Lim
China aims to double trade with Brazil -Xinhua
You Can't Get a Bad Rap Here -Ralph Frammolino +
China begins to phase out toxic chemicals -Xinhua
The new Chinese counterfeit game -Brad Spurgeon
Public voices should be heard over dam -Qin Chuan
Calls made to change interest income tax -Xu Dashan
Pro soccer faces a turbulent revolt in China -Julie Chao
Toilet renovation starts sanitation revolution -China Daily
Iran prefers China for oil exploration projects -Zhao Renfeng
Medium-sized cities to ease pressure on metropolises -Xinhua
November 9, 2004
Troops quell China rural protests -Reuters +
Henan's Ethnic Tensions -Hannah Beech +
Scrutinizing China's Every Move -David Cohen
Looting worries embassy in Venezuela -Cao Desheng
Eat to death? Risky dinning sparks debate -Zhang Kun
Number of diabetics in China exceeds 50 million -Xinhua
Law stresses ban on underage alcohol sales -China Daily
Venture capitalists see golden opportunity in China -Matt Marshall
Informal Lenders in China Pose Risks to Banking System -Keith Bradsher
China's new fuel economy standards to hit multinational automakers -AFP
China Lashes Out at Bush Foreign Policy on Eve of US Election -Luis Ramirez
October 26, 2004
China dialing into radio tags? -CBW
China's capitalist capital -Louisa Lim
Chinese worry over hostage death -BBC
Garbage Import Controls Reviewed -Xinhua
China tests home-made maglev train -Xinhua
Foreign firms urged to allow trade unions -PD
China's achievements hailed in Canada -Xinhua +
China drafts law to promote green energy -Reuters
China to test own fuel-cell bus late 2005 -Dow Jones
Rioters burn and loot in west China demonstration -Lindsay Beck
Better life gives Chinese peasants new outlook in sports -Ma Xiangfei
October 8, 2004
Chinese Nightlife Nouveau -China Today
Chinese travelers pay with plastic -Reuters
China's oil demand unlikely to decline -CBW +
China enacts first fuel-efficiency standards -AP
China's own 'wild West' tale unfolds -David J. Lynch
Facts, figures reveal better life has dawned -Zhou Xia
Western entertainers captivating China's newly rich -Tim Johnson
Hong Kong self-censorship: Real or imagined? -Benjamin Robertson
China's dependence on dangerous coal keeps growing -John Ruwitch
Perception versus reality: China as a major power in progress -Takashi Kitazume
October 5, 2004
Going for 'green' -China Daily +
Dirty river linked to cancer -Xinhua
China leads world on broadband -BBC
China weighs easing its 'one child' rule -WSJ
Looking Past Koizumi: Great wall -Asahi Shimbun
Foreigners enjoy living, travelling in China -Xinhua
China Has No Immediate Plan to Join G7 -Wei Gu +
For peace, Indian troops mark China festival -Xinhua
For France (and Europe), the China card -Katrin Bennhold
China sees new breed of civil activists emerge -Tim Johnson
A Chinese worker with a cell phone, and a cheaper offer -Haaretz
China faces task of changing growth-first economy -Motoshige Itoh +
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