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Ming Tombs in Snow -henan-china.com

China's Imperial Tombs and Mausoleums
"Since no one can know of life in the nether world, our ancestors used imagination to design the nether lives of the deceased according to what they saw in human society."

"A Fairyland"

November 30, 2001
Water Pollution in Three Gorges Dam Warned
Millions of tons of garbage and industrial waste could seriously affect the water quality and operation of the Three Gorges dam project in China if clean-up measures are not taken immediately, -People's Daily
US$4.7 billion set for Three Gorges clean-up -Guo Nei
Projects for Prevention & Treatment of Pollution in Three Gorges Formally Launched -Han Ronliang
November 29, 2001
Decisions on pregnancy
According to China's relevant laws, it is the wife who has the final decision in such circumstances...Women's advantage in this problem has aroused some dissent, especially among childless families where wives postpone childbearing to a later date. -Shanghai Star

Spinning for power -Jasper Becker
Global Fish Catches Declining -John Heilprin
Bluestockings assert right to beauty -Xing Bao
Teachers alarmed by cartoon fixation -Eastday link
Customs agents raid Chinese market -Yulia Ignatenko
Zhu set to ease controls on church, says TV evangelist -SCMP

November 27, 2001
The naked model of the first Chinese robot snake developed by National Defense Science and Technology University lies still on the floor in Changsha, capital of China's south Hunan Province, November 26, 2001. -People's Daily PhotoChina Develops Snake Robot
A bionic robot in the form of a real snake invented by the National Defense Science and Technology University of China, made its first public show Monday in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan Province. -Li Heng

Thorny flower debate blooms anew -SCMP
Farmers Need Freedom to Grow -Bruce Gilley
Smuggling, sleaze and staying shtoom -John Gittings
Mao's Buried Past: A Strange, Subterranean City -Craig Smith
The day Khrushchev and Chairman Mao saw red -John Gittings
Tibet's Dalai Lama Sees Eventual Pact with China -Martin Roberts

November 25, 2001
A Factory to the World
"The competition for jobs is really brutal here, so people are far more serious about their work," ..."This is a big country, with a lot of people who want to work," -Clay Chandler

1989-2001: A tale of two Beijings
Certainly, the China I read about in most Western newspaper reports bears little resemblance to the country I have now lived in twice for year-long periods. The China I've experienced is so complex and contradictory -- and changing so fast -- that it defies simplistic analysis and predictions. -Fred Edwards

China’s Smack Attack -Mahlon Meyer
Chinese sacrifice self for greater good -David Balkin

November 24, 2001
Criminal gangs targeted in strikes
Li said the formations of gangs should be dealt with as soon as they are detected to prevent them from developing into national or trans-regional organizations with mafia features. -Meng Yan

Customs launches large-scale offshore anti-smuggling exercise -Xinhua

Fighting for a free press -Chicago Tribune link
China expects int'l nuclear energy cooperation -Xinhua
China Plans Manned Space Launch By 2005 -Slashdot
Poisonings indicative of food-hygiene challenge -Michael Ma
After `hot' start, Linux now is `realistic' about China inroads -Dan Gillmor
Mystery surrounds new building delay on scandal-plagued theatre -Mark O'Neill

November 23, 2001
China successfully launched unmanned spaceships "Shenzhou" in 1999 and this year. -China DailyMoon Trip to Fill Void in Nation's Space History
China will send a manned craft into space before 2005 and preparation for a mission to the moon exploration is underway, -China Daily link

Beijing's 'Secret' Gay Web Confab -Steve Friess
Teaching a country to rock and roll -China Daily link
Sex Education Now Available in China's Schools -Xinhua link
KT Enters Wired Home Market in China -Kim Deok-hyun
Taiwan to Allow Chinese Visitors -Annie Huang
Injured Chinese deckhand's wife waits for passport -AFP
Simplifying Exit-Entry Procedures, A Vital Step for China -People's Daily

November 22, 2001
Mine Accidents Killed 4,547 Persons in the First 10 Months
Last January to October found 2,378 mine accidents deprive 4,547 persons of their lives with the death toll down by 355 capita, being 7 percent lower as against the same period last year, said Huang Yi, spokesman for China National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau... -Du Minghua

1,470 ancient tombs found in Zhengzhou -Xinhua
Former Falun Gong follower leads new life -Xinhua
New major offshore oilfield operational in North China -Xinhua
Trolley buses make comeback in pollution battle -Raymond Li
Tokyo Fears China May Put an End to 'Made in Japan' -James Brooke
300 Million Chinese Benefit From Small Hydropower Plants -People's Daily
Russian Pressurized Nuclear Reactor to Be Running in China by 2004 -PD

November 19, 2001
Struggle rages to tame rogue province
"Liaoning is an independent kingdom. People here just don't care what Beijing says," -Jasper Becker

Millie Privatera and Father, VinceMixed expectations -Jane Tian link
Methadone trial targets Aids crisis -SCMP
Provincial Disintegration -Bruce Gilley link
'Progress' threatens heritage site -Clara Li
Baby girls unwanted in China -Martin Fackler
Susan Adopts Baby Girl From China -Newnet5 link
Villagers Make Decisions by Potato Ballot -People's Daily
Discussions on IPR emphasize protection -Jia Hepeng & Cui Ning

November 16, 2001
China to build world's largest water-diversion project
To break China’s bitter, age-old pattern of southern floods and northern droughts, the new, Great Wall-sized project will siphon off some 4 percent of the Yangtze River’s run-off and channel it northwards through massive aqueducts. -Calum MacLeod

Memorial to Mother of the State -Tian Tian
Curtain opens on Golden Horse Film Festival -Yu Sen-lun link
11 international brands win cyber-squatting cases -Chinaonline
China makes addicts say ''no'' at forced detoxification center -AP
Researchers Work to Save Endangered Languages -China Daily
China Firms Offer Drugs, and Hope, to AIDS Victims -Edwin Chan
Unveiling the Terrorist Nature of 'East Tujue' Elements -People's Daily
"Red Light District" Deemed Off Limits as Tourist Attraction -Beijing Review
AIDS Patients Receive Compassionate Care From Beijing Doctor -China Daily

November 14, 2001
Taipei hails new-found equality in WTO eyes
The head of Taiwan's delegation to the World Trade Organisation conference said early yesterday he was delighted the island had gained admission into an international body that gave it equal status with the mainland. -Mark O'Neill
We're in at last -Richard Dobson
WTO casts China-Taiwan rivalry in new light -Mure Dickie
Can Two Chinas Live Together in the WTO? -Businessweek

Comdex attendees pass a China booth promoting Chinese computer-related technology companies November 14, 2001 at Comdex 2001 in Las Vegas. -Reuters/Mike Blake

November 12, 2001
AIDS Patients in China Lack Effective Treatment
As China opens its first national conference on AIDS this week -- focusing on prevention -- the hundreds of thousands of Chinese, rich and poor, already suffering from H.I.V. are receiving little or nothing in the way of care. -Elisabeth Rosenthal

In Search of Chineseness -Jonathan Tepperman
The disappearing China I once knew -Norman Webster
An Ancient Garden Youthfully Abloom -Andrew Soloman
Exhibit Shows Chinese Secret Lives -Foster Klug link
Chinese Finally Get Caught Up in Sexual Revolution -Kathleen Kelleher

November 10, 2001
Interview: Long Yongtu on China's WTO Entry
This time China is free from any suspense to attend the Doha meeting, everybody is just waiting for an already known result, as the "soul" figure in the negotiation on China's WTO entry, do you have a sense of relief from a heavy burden? -People's Daily

The wild east -Economist.com
China's Model Hospital -Yasmin Ghahremani
First money, then enlightenment -Jasper Becker
The Advantage Of Being Small -Allen T. Cheng
In Hot Pursuit Of Excellence -Susan V. Lawrence
Bin Laden's Chinese Connection -Philip P. Pan & John Pomfret

November 7, 2001
Xu Wenli: still an optimist -SCMPWife in desperate plea to free dissident
The wife of one of China's most celebrated dissidents, Xu Wenli, appealed yesterday to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, to seek the release of her husband when she visits Beijing this week. -AFP
No. 1 on Beijing's wanted list for allegedly corrupting officials, Lai Changxing -- and his fate, as determined by a refugee board in Vancouver -- is sure to affect relations between Canada and China. Mr. Lai has applied for refugee status here. Photo: Jeff Vinnick, South China Morning PostB.C. refugee hearing puts Chinese justice system on trial
Lai Changxing walk casually out of a federal courtroom here yesterday, it was easy to forget how big the stakes are for China's most wanted fugitive -- and for Canada.-Mark Hume
Zone to promote regional economy -Meng Yan
Chinese Firms See U.S. as Land of Opportunity -Evelyn Iritani
Taiwan Drops 50-Year Ban on Direct Trade with China -Alice Hung
China's Upbeat Governor in Tibet Promises Investment -Erik Eckholm
November 5, 2001
Chinese Village Battles Cancer And Bureaucratic Roadblocks
An elected village chief distributed a petition. A young reporter defied an editor. An environmentalist volunteered to collect soil samples. An independent-minded scientist found carcinogens in the samples. -Philip P. Pan

China's Magic Mountain -David Atherton

November 3, 2001
bildtext (Photo: bildquelle) Chinese Decide to Give Schröder's Visit a New CharacterSchröder Gets a Glimpse at Prime Minister's Private Villa
The point of the visit was purely political, but the atmosphere was purely private. -Günter Bannas
Teenage Chinese Gymnast Unseats the Favorite -Christiane Moravetz
Jet Li Hopes 'The One' Is One to Ignite Star Power -Craig Reid
Local Research Draws Praise -Eastday
Grand Arts Festival Kicks off -China Daily
South Korea Admits Gaffe -AP
November 1, 2001
Power to the People
The growing number of local parliaments using their powers both to chastise officials and change policies won't give birth to democracy in China, but they may produce better government -Bruce Gilley
China Briefing -FEER

Red carpet softens blow -Audrey Snee
Net Offers Distance Learning -China Daily
'Crushing' tax burden on farmers-Josephine Ma
Schröder Visit Boosts Germany's Trade with China -Handelsblatt

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