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People's Republic of Products -Latimes

People's Republic of Products

Resource: China: Manfacturing Powerhouse

November 29, 2002
China hidden by media fog -Ram Gorni
Migration Helps Reduce Poverty -Li Jinhui
Anti-dumping Measures Taken -China Daily
China's Deadly Cover-Up -Nicholas D.Kristof
Blast kills 11, more deaths expected -Fu Jing
Dongguan joins China's assembly line -Alex Frew McMillan
Chinese couples decide a man's place is in the kitchen -Xinhua
Regulation to govern foreign investors -Sun Min & Zhang Dingmin
Women power keeps south China boomtowns moving -Doug Young
November 27, 2002
Cargo plane faults found -China Daily
Domestic violence tackled -Tang Min
China Saddles Up To Stop Suicide -AP
China to further co-op with Africa -Xinhua
Companies allowed to run pension fund -Mu Jin
Small loans fund big changes for unemployed women -Han Ling
Internet Business Faces Wonderful Opportunities in China -Xinhua
South Korean Airport Has Responsibility for Air China Crash -Xinhua

Blog read: This past summer I jumped at the opportunity to intern at one of southern China's most aggressive, dynamic, cutting edge newspaper groups -- the Southern Daily News Group in Guangzhou.

November 25, 2002
Two Chinese models, Zhang Di (left) and Fan Yuege, are seen in post for the press in Beijing on Wednesday. As many as 100 Chinese models will participate in the annual Beijing International Fashion Week which begins today (2002-11-21) and ends next Thursday. [Xinhua] Bottoms up! -Li Shuo
Learning From China -Newsweek
Unspeakable secrets -Shanghai Star
'Animal Farm' a washout in China -AP
Home loan market booming in China -Xinhua
Computer Game Players Gather in Shanghai -Eastday
'Sugar daddy' ad angers Shenzhen residents -Straits Times
China seeks larger role in running the internet -Fiona Harvey
How to Reconcile Conservation with Development -China.org.cn link
Excessive overtime and dumping ground for e-waste -Karl Schoenberger
November 23, 2002
Reform to hit rural doctors, clinics -Feng Ge
Mediation cheap, effective -Shao Zongwei
Married with AIDS -Zeng Pengyu Ivy Zhang
Let One Hundred Cultures Bloom -Hannah Beech
A dark piece of WWII history in Taiwan -Matthew Smith
Shanghai: World Underwater Tunnel Leader by 2010 -Xinhua
China aims to become world's leading tourist destination -Xinhua
China's largest city to put free condoms in public places -ABC Online
I am certain that I can seek justice in China -Xie Xiaoguo and Chen Hui

Blog read: China Media Update and Western Media on China.

November 20, 2002
Villagers dream of big-screen TVs -Martin Fackler
China-US nanotech center launched in Beijing -Xinhua
US democracy through Chinese eyes -Jacques deLisle
China ponders reforming wood-housing regs -Jia Hepeng
Official Explains Amendments to CPC Constitution -Xinhua
Fears of Mekong free-for-all as China goes it alone -Alan Boyd
Survey gives insight to attitudes of senior citizens -China Daily
US donation aims to help poor Chinese women prosper -Xinhua
Milk from Cloned Cows to Appear on Market Next Year -Wang Qian
Eight Opportunities before China Within Upcoming 20 Years -Forest Lee
November 17, 2002
Happy Together -Zhao Pu
Born in the 70s -Yu Shanshan
Train trips throughout a region -AP
China's old habits die hard -Tim Luard
China’s Princelings Problem -Melinda Liu
Power Eludes China's Women -Philip P. Pan
Waging a war on sending spam -Feng Qihua
Transformation of a city -Stephen H. Dunphy
A China in the Image of America -Mark Clifford
Cabbage Tells Changes of Beijingers' Life -Li Heng
New Guard In China Marks No Clear Path -John Pomfret link
China tipped as world's fifth largest drug market by 2010 -Xinhua
Have China's new leaders got what it takes? -Stephen Green link
November 13, 2002
Camera phones trigger debate -Tang Min
Nation promotes clean motors -Qin Chuan
Party goes on without China's invisible man -AP
China's economic gatekeeper steps down -Mary Hennock
A Global Shopping Spree for the Chinese -Frederik Balfour
Trade in Vietnamese brides a boon for Chinese -Ma Guihua
Call for calm over China leadership changes -Willy Wo-Lap Lam

Blog read: On Deng Xiaoping...Yes he had a thing about cats and indeed did say it was glorious to get rich. But anyone who tries to blacken his name by making out he was a tyrant or an old style emperor I will energetically refute.

November 8, 2002
Jiang delivers report to CPC National Congress
"Build a well-off society in an all-round way and create a new situation in building socialism with Chinese characteristics". -Xinhua
Full text
Excerpts from Jiang Zemin's speech -AP
Full coverage of 16th Congress via
China.org, China Daily, PD & Xinhua

Foreign Press: 16th CPC Congress Full of Activity
The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, opening Friday to next Thursday, is a focus of worldwide press. Following is a collection of excerpts: -PD (
AP, WashPost, NYTimes, Latimes & Reuters)

Design by Accident -Zhao Pu
Voices from modern China -BBC
Capital influx a menace? -Jia Hepeng
Hard-fought battle over software -Li Weitao
Students barely note changes in China -Gady A. Epstein
China's new breed of authoritarian rulers -Christian M. Wade
Next Generation TOEFL Triggers Revolution -Li Hongyu Xiao Rong

November 4, 2002
A Hard Habit to Break -Brook Larmer
Communism at a Crossroads in China -Henry Chu
Communist Chinese visit Libertarian Party’s office -LP
Journalists hit the limits of China's reforms -John Gittings
All eyes are watching China's leading woman -Leslie Fong
Asean-China ties take big leap forward -Kavi Chongkittavorn
More Chinese Farmers Seek to Sell Directly to Supermarkets -PD
Insurance Market Granted More Space for Growth -Zhao Hongyi
Procuratorate hinders compensation by state -Huang Guangming
Round-the-clock work at site of Three Gorges Dam project -Xie Hong
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