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Beijing June 19th, 2002, Execution of 14 Drug Dealers attended by 10 thousand people. The Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court then organised a burning show.ceremony sentenced 14 Drug Dealers to death penalty. (photo by Imaginechina)
Execution of 14 Drug Dealers attended by 10 thousand people. (photo by Imaginechina)

Resource: Drug Stories

October 31, 2002
Nothing More To Lose -David Murphy
China smashes people smuggling ring -CNN
Mysterious Arshan Heavenly Pond -china.org.cn
China drops plan for Chinese-script web address -AP
China prevented repeat cyber attack on US -Pamela Hess
Kim Jong-il reform aim said to surpass China's -Lee Young-jong
Why Is There the Need of a Second Damming of the Three Gorges? -PD
October 28, 2002
Who Me, Rich? -Rupert Hoogewerf
Perspectives on a New Life -China Today
Mexico’s China Obsession -Scott Johnson
China races to defuse time bomb -Leslie Fong
China to Land on the Moon by 2010 -Wang Qian
Sobering times for China's rich and famous -Lian Pek
West's names give Chinese new identity -Ted Anthony
The Science and Politics of Super Rice -Joseph Kahn
China's Wealthy Facing Income Tax Crackdown -Peter S. Goodman
October 24, 2002
Oil to China is a race against time -John Helmer
Wedding Industry Booms in China -Guo Xiaohong
Beijing's $2b reminder to US varsities -Jason Leow
China-US E-language Project to Be Launched -PD
Rank Corruption -David Lague & Susan V. Lawrence
How China Cracked the Rice Genome -Bruce Einhorn
China continues to develop nuclear power -Asia Pulse/XIC
Chinese may re-create famed admiral's voyage -Nicole Martin
China's workers - no longer a privileged class -Jasper Becker
Overseas Gangs Cited for China's Organized Crime -Wang Zhiyong

Blogread: Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.

October 20, 2002
Aid for AIDS -Xiao Rong
High Tech in China -BWO
The Hot Zone -Arthur Kroeber
China’s Coal Addiction -Sarah Schafer
The forgotten 800 million -John Gittings
China frees 'black hand' dissident -BBC
The Chinese Split Personality -Minxin Pei
People's Republic of Products -Evelyn Iritani & Marla Dickerson
Family Planning Law and China's Birth Control Situation -Hu Huiting
October 16. 2002
14th Asiad Draws to a Close -PD
Officials map Beijing's growth -Wang Yang
International gathering in Beijing -Joanna C. Lee
Chinese labour activist defects to Taiwan -Reuters
China Daily Partners with NewsStand -Econtentmag
800,000 hit in China graft crackdown -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Cisco networking in China -Zhang Yong & Zhao Renfeng
China Makes Rapid Progress in Hunger Reduction -Xinhua
Pension fund in the works for Chinese farmers -Straits Times link
China Bars American in Custody Battle From Taking Son -John Pomfret
When Workers Organize, China's Party-Run Unions Resist -Philip P. Pan
October 14, 2002
China bans under 16s from cybercafes -BBC
Reunification, Chinese Style -Robyn Meredith
South of the Clouds and Over the Top -Peggy Liu
Protests about shop's 'free small animal' deal -BBC
China could see price war on PCs -Yeong Choy Leng
China's P-Chip Puzzle -Michal Shuman & Susan Jakes
China Leaves Korea in Smoke in World's Top Products -Korea Times
Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom,... -Randy Peerenboom via micahsittig
Indonesia Nightclub Bombed, 10 Hong Kong People Missing -China Daily
October 12, 2002
Chinese border soldiers shoot at "terrorists." in the China-Kyrgyzstan anti-terror military exercises which concluded on October 11, 2002. The two-day joint anti-terrorism military exercises took place in the border regions of the two countries. [Xinhua] Chinese border soldiers shoot at "terrorists." in the China-Kyrgyzstan anti-terror military exercises which concluded on October 11, 2002. [Xinhua]

Born to be wild -Ivy Zhang
Smuggler's Blues -Hannah Beech
Advantage, Beijing -Brook Larmer
From insider to outcast and back -Gady A. Epstein
Exterminators move into Three Gorges reservoir -Xinhua
Burying the Competition -Karby Leggett & Peter Wonacott
New Regulations May Not Alleviate Patient Vulnerability -CIIC
Why is the rate of Chinese police casualties persistently high? -Wang Haizhou

October 10, 2002
Candle in the Wind -Richard Baimbridge
Views on marriage change in China -Xinhua
Senior citizens live colorful life in China -Xinhua
'Digital Viruses' Attack Rampant Across China -PD
China means business about reforms -James Kynge
Bandits murder Briton on Great Wall of China -Oliver August
Free English lectures talk of the town in Beijing -Wang Xiaotian
Vital Transport Arteries Release Traffic in Western China -Xinhua
Chinese net users swell ranks of online bank customers -Jason Leow
China Completes Gargantuan Herbal Medicine Database -China Daily
October 7, 2002
Tough times for Beijing's spitters -AFP
Self-drive holidays popular in China -Xinhua
Car craze sweeps over China -David J. Lynch
Westward Ho! -Mark L. Clifford & Dexter Roberts
China Overtaking Korea in Key Industries -Nho Joon-hun
China's freelancers forge place in cultural market -Xinhua
Party jokes fly ahead of China leadership change -Reuters
City's wood-fired duck runs afoul of air rules -Michael Dorgan
Farmers in west China benefit from network information -Xinhua
China relaxes some visas restrictions for foreign reporters in HK -ABC
Fudan Students Allowed to Change Their Courses Midway -Chen Lin
Experts call for revision of law punishment of industry misdeeds -China Daily

Blog read: Even though we are foreigners we got the domestic day trip thing, which means we did everything that there is to do in Guilin.

October 4, 2002
Rice Culture of China -Li Jinhui
The Taxman Cometh -Ben Dolven
History of Homosexuality -Shanghai Star
National Day of travelling millions -John Gittings
Pre-1949 China spotlighted in Valley -Lisa M. Sodders
Security Tightened up After Explosion in Guilin -Xinhua
Judicial Information of the PRC: A Survey -Zhai Jianxiong
Chinese readers of Ming Pao redirected to Falun Gong site -AP
October 1, 2002
Rule to disclose information -Xiao Yang
Hong Kong Activists Burn Chinese Flag -AP
Officials told to help media fight graft -SCMP
Dalai Lama urges freeze on anti-China protests -AP
Chinese labourers fighting to protect their rights -China Daily
Women head to China in search of a better life -Japan Times
China's New Economy Begins on the Farm -Peter S. Goodman
Slogans, more practical, reflect social changes in China -Xinhua
China adopts domestic water saving devices national wide -Xinhua

Blog read: Robert has finished writing a very long essay on Gao Xingjian's Soul Mountain. Hey! That truck is heading straight at you.

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