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October 31, 2003
After the flood -Jonathan Watts
Lawyer to appeal verdict -Xiao Yu
China, EU sign tourism agreement -AFP
Developers held over demolitions -Li Jing
Economists call for deeper reform -Fu Jing
Anarchy In The PRC -Anna-Sophie Loewenberg
Authorities step up control of Internet cafes -RSF
Balance between consistency, adaptability -China Daily
China's construction industry beset with problems -Interfax
China Did Not Violate Trade Law, U.S. Says -Richard Simon
Protection of rights to be part of constitution -Chow Chung-Yan
"Confucian" entrepreneur, Sun Dawu, sentenced to jail -Interfax
US$20.49 Billion Deals Clinched at Guangzhou Fair -China Daily
U.S. Hits Obstacles In Helping Taiwan Guard Against China -Washpost
China, Japan, ROK to Set up Northeast Asia Cooperation Bank -Xinhua
October 26, 2003
Law puts onus on drivers to be alert -China Daily
Fierce competition for the rural market -Lei Quanlin
8 million Chinese find jobs in first nine months -Xinhua
Madame Chiang Kai-shek dies at the age of 106 -AFP
China Declares Manned Space Mission a Success -Xinhua +
Small towns help settle excessive rural laborers: official -Xinhua
Chinese Farmers Cash in on Demand for Organic Food -Nao Nakanishi
Provincial level governments under pressure from reform -Yang Mingwei +
October 15, 2003
Shenzhou V blasts off into space ( 2003-10-15 08:04) (newsphoto) Yang Liwei, China's first space man, displays China's national flag and the United Nation's flag in Shenzhou V, China's first manned spaceship, in the outer space October 15, 2003. [sina]
"The world's spacefaring
nations have been joined by a new member tonight. For the next few hours, Russia and the United States will share the heavens with China."+
October 13, 2003
Should books be rated? -Eastday
China to buy second-hand flats -Jane Chen
The Unseen China -Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom +
China: the new economic giant -Philip S Golub
China maps out objectives for its EU policy -PD
New insurance to cover rural workers -Pan Haixia
Bad Habit, Good Money in China -Sam Howe Verhovek
War Enmity Fails To Halt Closer Japan Links -Owen Brown
Internet Legal Case Rising, Lawyers Lag Behind -Li Liangdu
China Mfrs Lack Skills Needed To Create Brands - McKinsey
Official: No Chinese version of foreign maganizes -China Daily
October 11, 2003
The Charm From Beijing -Jane Perlez
No-landing island trip `still success' -China Daily
Locke: China trade big for state -David Ammons
Wal-Mart vs. All-China Federation of Trade Unions -PD
As China's manned launch approaches... -Ted Anthony
Kill off China's golden goose, say experts -Chua Chin Hon
Student foot-washers get sole-to-sole with parents -China Daily
Column: China's Twisty Road To Political Change -Hugo Restall
Acid rain causes annual economic loss of 110 billion yuan in China -Xinhua +
October 7, 2003
Legal aid for China's workers -Mary Hennock
China Is Getting a Bad Trade-Gap Rap -Bruce Einhorn
China's Reform Enters a Critical Stage -Zheng Guihong
Automobile finance regulations mapped out -China Daily
ASEAN and China launch first stage of free trade plan -AFP
Bolster economic ties between state, China -Mary Brown Bullock
Dinghai:Teaching in China an eye-opening experience -Patricia Veltkamp-Smith
October 4, 2003
Is it Safe? -Beijing Today
Treaties Target Crime -Jerry Ho
China's Uighurs mourn way of life -Louisa Lim
Liaoning invested nothing: Yang -Pamela Pun
Chinese farmers mobilise to free jailed lawyer -AFP
Public hearings system needs improvements -China Daily
China takes center stage during Paris fashion week -AFP
China's 'empty nests' threaten govt coffers -Chua Chin Hon
Japan, China, S. Korea discuss media issues -Eizo Matsuda

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October 2, 2003
Chinese Underground Films -AScribe +
Bringing Down the House -Melinda Liu
Relearning language of trade -Andrew Cassel
China: The Next Big Conquest? -Dexter Roberts
Beijing faces winter of discontent -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Chinese Girls' Toil Brings Pain, Not Riches -Joseph Kahn
Beijing lifts accommodation limits on overseas tourists -Xinhua
President urges political reform, expanding democracy -Xinhua +
China scaling back government's role in daily lives of citizens -Tim Johnson
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