P'en Ten5 1] a Chinese family name [2] the name of an ancient state in today's Honan -chinalanguage.comwui3 [1] great; big; gigantic; extraordinary -chinalanguage.compen2 a fabulous bird supposed to be of enormous size, comparable to the roc -chinalanguage.com Audience at Outdoor Theater  Kelly-Mooney Photography/CORBIS Quadrangles in Beijing - Guo Feng Send nme e-cards:the clash
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Image: A long time ago.

How are you? I come from the small coastal town of Miri, which is about two hours away from this famous spot.

What went on in the past and what didn't take off recently. The Borneo Post.

"The earliest officially recorded oil find in Malaysia was made in July 1882 by the British Resident of the Baram district in Sarawak. ..Commercial exploitation only began in 1910 when the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company, the forerunner of the present Sarawak Shell which was granted the sole right to explore for petroleum in Sarawak, struck oil in the town of Miri, marking the start of the Malaysian petroleum industry." -Petronas

Image: Please mouseover each character for English definition from Hakka dictionary. (click to go there)

Thien Wui Pen.You can call me pen.

It's Deng Wei Peng in Mandarin, Teng Ui Pheng in Taiwanese, Dang Wai Paang in Cantonese and Ten Wui Pen in Hakka.

Image: Business.

(Audience at Outdoor Theater Kelly-Mooney Photography/Corbis. Full-size: 81KB.)

Fast Company Issue 14, April:May 1998My first copy of FC.

Free agents: if you've lots of talent

Blur yourself: speed of change in the connected economy

Image: Quadrangles in Beijing.

Heartland Forest is my first homestead (July 1999).

Dream Homes

Image: I went to see them in the 80's when "Sandinista!" was released.

Punk Musician Joe Strummer Is Dead at 50. December 24, 2002

Today: Hardly listen to any music.

Last downloads via Napster: Mott's "Honaloochie Boogie", Todd Rundgren's "International Feel" & BOC's live version of "Last Days of May".


THE FIRES ARE BACK. -Asiaweek March 13, 1998.

Crane to help team watch forest. -The Japan Times, May 10, 2000 link

The Virus That Wouldn't Die. -Far East Economic Review, August 17, 2000 link

Malaysia's Bakun project. -Asia Times, October 28, 2000. link

From the Jungle To the Clinic. -FEER, June 14, 2001 link
Calophyllum story

Without a Trace. -Time Asia, September 3, 2001. link

RM12m mini-hydro dam constructed without considering rainfall -NST, March 15, 2002

Cost of controversial silicon chip factory swelled to RM6.5 bil -Malaysiakini, May 10, 2002 link

Haze forces Sarawak flight cancellations -AFP Aug 17, 2002

The power behind Sarawak's growth -Star Online May 20, 2005 link

Trade with China soars to RM7.5b last year -Eastern Times 20 April 2007.

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