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Posted by Pen on April 21, 2010

Are you related to her?

Photo: My great grandmother's tombstone. Her maiden name is Zhu Yu Zhen. Her two sons are Deng Mao Ban and Deng Mao Ting (d. 1958). One of the grandchild was born in 1912.

My grandfather Deng Mao Ting came to Borneo with his uncle. They are buried side by side at St.Thomas Cathedral Cemetery in Kuching


Posted by Pen on on April 11, 2010

Email dated April 9, 2010
Subject: Generation Poem

I am wondering if you have a generation poem of Deng Family? Perhaps you can share it with me? I want to give name to my son but have no idea about the name for generation after mine

"Generation poems were usually composed by a committee of family elders whenever a new lineage was established through geographical emigration or social elevation. Thus families sharing a common generation poem are considered to also share a common ancestor and have originated from a common geographical location."

Only six generation names are known to us. My great grandfather is Deng Hong Fei from the village of Changpu, Wuhua County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province,China. For some reason we skipped a generation name going from Mao to Yong instead of Pei.

Posted by p'en on February 27, 2005

Email dated 10 Feb 2005.
Subject: Need information about Deng's generation name

I need information about Deng's generation name. Do you have a complete list of them? Or someone else who probably has the list? Actually I'm looking for generation name after "TEK".

Generation name is half of the two-Chinese character given name. given to newborns in the same generation of one surname lineage. It is called banci (Su Bui) in China...In Chinese practice, the banci was shared by a lineage having a common ancestor and generally originating in the same Chinese location. Thus a single Chinese surname has many different generational names associated with it, and people not sharing the same banci are seen as coming from different families...

"He composed or he engaged a scholar to compose a poem of thirty six characters as a guide for his future descendants, a kind of family tree. The thirty six characters were divided into two rolls of eighteen characters each. The rolls were hung up left and right in between his family altar...For his children he used the first character of the roll hanging on the right hand side beside the altar. This character became the first generation name of his new family."

Posted by P'en on November 27, 2001

Who are they?



A. Model
B. Programmer
C. Lecturer Piano

Clue: Q&A from our readers


A. PGA Member
B. Int'l Masters (FIDE)
C. Skate Boarder

Clue: Story Page

Posted by P'en on July 18, 2001

I wonder if Tina's a member of the clan?

Dr Christina (Tina) TengSpecial Duty EEO Counselor Dr. Christina (Tina) Teng, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Tina was born in China and grew-up in Taiwan. She came to US as a graduate student at the University of Texas, Austin where she obtained her Ph.D. She has two married daugthers, one lives in Geneva, Switzerland and the other in Los Angles. Besides science, she plays piano and enjoys classical music.

If she had registered her maiden name in China then it's definitely not surname Deng. The odds are better If she did it in Taiwan.

A: One way to find out is to send her an email for an answer.

note: The related website says to contact Dr. Teng with NIEHS EEO related questions only.

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