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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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September 30, 2004
Reforming Rural Education -Fan Ren
China stresses foreign policies -Zong Shu
Cakes take the bite of packaging -Qin Jize
Fortune smiles on China's success -China Daily +
China expects influx of foreign students -Agencies
Lung cancer, No.1 inducer of tumour in China -Xinhua +
Workers keep tabs on bosses' tax bill -Andrew K. Collier
Forced abortion puts criminal code on trial -Beijing Today
Foreign debt rises due to policy changes -Zhang Dingmin
Nation on alert against outbreak of bird flu -Zhao Huanxin
China asks Canada to hand over asylum seekers -CTV.ca
China's trendy trekkers on new long march -David Fullbrook
Head nurse in Sun Zhigang case gets 2 years -Shenzhen Daily
September 26, 2004
Unions fight for more recognition -Fu Jing
Crushing burden of sickness -Shanghai Star
Dorm: A room of one's own -Raymond Zhou
China urges Spain to punish arsonists -Hu Xiao
Moves to expose dangers of smoking -Wu Chong
Power cuts to kick kids off the Net -Shanghai Star
How China copes with an aging population -Xinhua
China facing environment 'crisis' -James Whittington
CPC pledges to promote socialist democracy -Xinhua
'Only-child' generation grows up to be parents -Cao Li
'Balance of terror' will keep China away: Yu -China Post +
Anti-China Protest Outlives Week of Protests -Anthony Ramirez
China's new wealth clashes with party-boss influence -Robert Marquand
China paves the way for possible return of the Dalai Lama -Jasper Becker
September 23, 2004
China widens leading gap in Athens -Agencies
Beijing not a test field of architects -China Daily
Workers hold hostages at Chinese factory -UPI
Pawnshops make a comeback -China Features
Glacier study reveals chilling prediction -China Daily
Bomb threat postpones Beijing trade fair -China Daily
Russia: China Will Pay for Oil Deliveries -Alex Nicholson +
Sirens wail across China to mark 1931 attack -Agencies
Chinese rockers fight for musical dignity -Shenzhen Daily
Vested interests, ignorance aid China's tobacco industry -AFP
Well-known brands in China are preemptively registered abroad -ce.cn
Jiang getting ready to quit, pushed by his old China -Catherine Armitage +
Throngs of migrants flooding China's ancient Silk Road cities - Tim Johnson +
September 16, 2004
Sino-Arab cooperation deal -Xinhua +
Research labs power China's next boom -Nytimes
Hu: Western systems a "dead end" for China -Xinhua
China's Confounding Contradictions -Steven Pearlstein
Road accidents: Major kids-killer in Beijing -Wang Ying
Internet 'codewords' give rise to digital gap -China Daily
China grapples with legacy of its 'missing girls' -Agencies
Discontent in China boils into public protest -David J. Lynch
Chinese Karaoke Lounges Are Out of Sync... -Richard McGregor
CAS Probes Scientific Mysteries of the Highlands -Zhang Tingting
September 12, 2004
HK holds election for LegCo -Xinhua + +
Great Idea but Don't Quote Him -Evelyn Iritani
Engagement Is Working in China -James A. Dorn
China issues white paper on social security -Xinhua +
Media urged to promote China-Japan ties -Meng Yan +
Rivers Run Black, and Chinese Die of Cancer -Jim Yardley
Man Attacks East China Kindergarten, Wounds 28 -Reuters +
Agri-trade deficit implies food crisis? -China Business Weekly +
Chinese factory workers begin protesting low wages... -Tim Johnson + +
Why isn't U.S. angry over China's tourism policies? -Andres Oppenheimer
September 4, 2004
Driving into China's parking mess -Yu Liang
Cancer deaths haunt village -Shenzhen Daily
Europe gets ready to welcome Chinese tourists -AFP
Anxious parents seek boy in the photo -eastday.com
Shadow falls on celebs in dubious ads -Xing Zhigang
China to raise nuclear power in energy supply -Xinhua +
Voracious growth puts China in a power crunch -David J. Lynch +
'Made in China' series wins third national award -Journal Sentinel
Chinese Are Getting Used to Giving That Extra 10% -Ralph Frammolino
China's 2 Top Leaders Square Off in Contest to Run Policy -Joseph Kahn
August 30, 2004
A kingdom of collectibles -Holland Cotter
Brands fight for prominence at Games -Jia Hepeng
Infectious disease prevention law amended -Xinhua
China passes law legalizing electronic deals -Xinhua
100,000 yuan offered for erotic cartoons -Echo Shan
Ebullient Greece passes torch to China -Chris Tomasson
China's Revolutionary Tactic: Bailout -Peter S. Goodman
Tibet Sees Other Animals Fight Grassland Rodents -Xinhua
Information technology boosts modern agriculture in China -Xinhua
Snapshot: Chinese gold medal winners at Athens Olympics -Xinhua
China Grapples With New Scourge -- Yellow Discs -John M. Glionna
August 24, 2004
Fine China -Licia Corbella +
China faces elderly dilemma -Zheng Li
Agrarians at the gates fight back -Michael A. Lev
Sex scandal rocks Hong Kong politics -Tan Ee Lyn
Telcos Get a Message from Beijing -Frederik Balfour
Time for new thinking on China trade -Douglas B. Fuller
China cancels 4,800 development zones -Cao Desheng
China predicts rosy prospect for renewable energy -Xinhua
Korea and China Reach Compromise on Koguryo History -Arirang TV
China's political leaders celebrate 100th birthday of Deng Xiaoping -ABC +

Deng Xiaoping : Humour, alliance, coattails, reform, not quite so happy...

Athens 2004:Then came the centerpiece of the ceremony as a dream-like and colorful parade depicted stylized figures that looked as though they were brought to life from Greek frescoes, mosaics, sculptures and paintings. -Xinhua

August 10, 2004
Chinese kids go green -cctv
China: Yuppie Flight -Craig Simons +
Gov't should admit errors -China Daily +
Poor students held back by debt -Qiu Quanlin
Mentally ill child killer gains sympathy -Agencies
Heatwave deaths prompt shield of workers -Fu Jing
Adult sex toy expo touches sensitive area -Vince Lee
China muscles in on global IT standards -Robert Jaques
Farmers' Rising Anger Erupts in China Village -Philip P. Pan
Workers' homes expendable as China prospers -Jehangir Pocha
In Soccer Loss, a Glimpse of China's Rising Ire at Japan -Jim Yardley
Rural Poor Passed Over by China's Economic Growth -Benjamin Sand +
Auto racing finds large, enthusiastic audience in China -Shashank Bengali
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