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Rice Cooker Weblog: News about China
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September 22, 2005
Chinese tourists shunning Asean -Leslie Lau
Healthcare nation's top concern -China Daily
China Changes Coarse -Mark Magnier, Yin Lijin
Something ventured in Shenzhen -Kris Hundley
China self-supplies 94% of energy need -Xinhua
The copyright challenge in China -K.C. Swanson
Fisherman killed as Indonesia navy fires -Hu Xiao +
DPRK agree to abandon nuclear programs -Xinhua
Indonesia's Illegal Coal Mines Feed China -Alan Sipress +
Pentagon official warns Taiwan on defense spending -AFP
Pollution turns China village into cancer cluster -Juliana Liu +
I can’t accept judgment, says Jian Huang’s dad -Kathy Fong
Cheap Chinese cars rattle industry giants' nerves -Jane Barrett
Taiwan author riles China with acid speech -Benjamin Kang Lim
Sirens mark anniversary of Japan invasion -Li Fangchao, Wu Yong
Deep Flaws, and Little Justice, in China's Court System -Joseph Kahn
Further Liberalization Key to Fuelling China’s Global Buying Spree -Caijing
China tackles 'threat' of voting spreading -Benjamin Robertson, Wang Boyong
September 13, 2005
Great leaps and bounds -Martin Jacques
China: Changing channels -Jonathan Landreth
Official: Mini-car restrictions phasing out -Li Jing
Natural disaster toll no longer state secret -Xinhua
"East Turkistan" poses major threat: official -Xinhua +
Official lauds KMT role in anti-Japan war -China Daily
Could China's richest be the tax cheaters? -Echo Shan
China dismayed at acquittal of U.S. border officer... -AP
Impact of China Oil Consumption Downplayed -Peter Enav +
China to plow 240 billion dollars into railroads by 2015 -AFP
China eyes 'creative' industries in IP push -Richard Wallace
China saves "home letters" to preserve cultural tradition -Xinhua
In China, some global brands assailed by consumers, media -Tim Johnson
Online chat rooms in China hire naked girls to attract internet users -Interfax
August 22, 2005
Why eBay Must Win In China -Time Asia +
Cause of Jilin colliery flooding identified -Xinhua
Fluorosis forces millions to smile shy -China Daily
Who in the world is Kai-Fu Lee? -Ed Frauenheim
Income Gap in China Critical by 2010 -China Daily
Dozens hurt after China factory protest -Audra Ang
China tries to wipe Internet icon from Web -Reuters +
"Made-in-China" makes rich countries richer -Xinhua
Survey: Food safety people's top concern -China Daily +
China's bumpy drive toward tech progress -Tim Johnson
How far is China's top 500 from world's top 500? -Xinhua
China execution policy keeps fugitives safe abroad -Reuters
Surge in Chinese fakes worries Korean firms -JoongAng Daily
Taiwan's arms purchase ranks second in the world -People's Daily
Auschwitz museum to cooperate with Unit 731 Exhibition Hall -Xinhua +
Russian Space Agency invites China's 1st spaceman to moon flight -Xinhua
Common in China, Kickbacks Create Trouble for U.S. Companies... -Washpost
July 5, 2005
Pits of Despair -Chu Meng / Zhang Li
The River Tells Its Story -Craig Simons
New jobs for sacked officials -China Daily
Malaysia bans pro-Falun Gong weekly -AP
Report: Thousands of Chinese Students Riot -AP
Passing grade for trying -China Economic Review
Summit to enhance co-ops along Mekong -Qin Jize
Spacecraft impacts with comet for 1st time -China Daily
Japan's white paper adds chill to China ties -China Daily +
Gas warfare discovery reignites old hostilities -Oliver August +
China's Internet addicts find a better chat group -Audra Ang
China, Russia warn of world domination -Vladimir Isachenkov
Many experts unconcerned by China's Unocal bid -Paul Blustein +
Made in China, felt in America -Randi F. Marshall & Lauren Weber
Eleven jailed in China's largest case of Internet porn, paper says -AFP
Thousands of Chinese farmers protest government-backed land grab -AFP +
China lacks incentive, not money, to fix its environmental problems: experts -AFP +
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