September 2000
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September 29, 2000
11,000 Species Said to Face Extinction, With Pace Quickening
"The extinction crisis that we've all been talking about for a long time looks as if it is fast becoming a reality,"..."This time we were scared by our own results...we are able in just four years to do away with so much..." - by AP
Guess who's standing in line

Giving Your Site or E-Zine a Winning Personality
If you want to find one site publisher worth emulating in this business, it would be Richard Ord...He's the guy who launched
NewsLINX a number of years ago - Andy Bourland

Scitech Daily Review: Analysis and Opinion: Why we conform to the last taboo ... Tofu Shrinks Brain! .... Seriously though

Arts & Letters Daily: Essays and Opinion: The last word on Mathematics

September 27, 2000
China's prosperity turns seas toxic
In a generation, a lot of fertilizer and a little capitalism have revolutionized China's agriculture. But the gains are driving the soil and water to bankruptcy. - By Frank Langfitt and Heather Dewar

Paradise Found:
The islands are so remote that nothing seems to come ashore on the waves except the sea itself. - George Plimpton
Japanese Ryokan
Like one of those paradoxes from a Zen fable, solitude can be its own kind of stimulation.- Arthur Golden

Sunset reddens a cloudy sky as children play on the beach on Mahe Island, Seychelles.Photograph by Steven L. Raymer

September 25, 2000
DISCOVER Vol. 21 No. 10 (October 2000)
"When i'm sixty..." - The Beatles.

In a Society Confused About Honesty
Truth be told, honesty is a tricky thing. Like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder. One man's mortal sin is another man's day at the office.
- Lauren Beckham Falcone

Taiwan's Art Treasures Embody History of Arch Foe
Tu's advice to Beijing is to lighten up a little on its nationalistic fervor when it comes to history and the arts..."Something that is truly beautiful transcends national boundaries and ethnic groups," - Sep 24, 2000 (Reuters)
National Palace Museum, Taiwan

September 24, 2000
Looking for business news from Asia? Translations including Chinese are available at Asianet via PR Newswire

Freer Trade May Burden Poor Chinese
"My old firm already went out of business because of domestic competition. Once the foreigners come in they will crush the rest of them. Foreign trucking companies have real systems. I hope one of them hires me." - John Pomfret

Two Cheers For Sweatshops
They're dirty and dangerous. They're also a major reason Asia is back on track. - Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn (via

Hardly a Forbidden City for Filming
For a Western crew in Beijing, the shoot isn't as arduous as expected. Capturing the city's spirit is another matter...Which is not to say the Chinese weren't plenty suspicious of us. In general, the Chinese view Americans with envy, awe and a certain amount of fear that we're out to bamboozle them. - Paul Francis Duke

Jim Morrison Found Alive (Sort Of) On The Web
Ever since Jim Morrison died of a heart attack in Paris on July 3, 1971, rumors have persisted that he staged his demise, and fans of his rock group, The Doors, have been looking for a sign that the self-proclaimed "Lizard King" was still alive. Leave it to modern technology to give them a little of what they've been looking for - 22 Sep 2000 by Micheal Bartlett

Spam hunt often leaves victims frustrated
So now I'm wondering if there is a Regis Philbin in Seoul who wants to make me a millionaire... - Sep.23, 2000 by Leslie Brooke Suzukamo

September 19, 2000
China keeps firm hand on Net use
New trade status likely to bring more tech but not more openness - Kristi Heim

One World, One Internet?
In the high-profile case against Yahoo! over the illegal auctions of Nazi memorabilia in France, for example, many people are saying that Yahoo! is in the right...What do you think? - September 18, 2000 by Elizabeth Blakey

Software can make e-mail disappear
Someone with the software, called
SafeMessage, can transmit correspondence that, once opened, will vanish off the receiver's hard drive without a trace after a period of time set by the sender. - Jon Swartz

September 18, 2000
Talk calmly with Toshiba
"On Sept. 8th and 9th, a hacker organization (or individual) calling itself the "Bayonet Group" continuously attacked the web site of Toshiba (China)...Reaction of some netizens towards this lunatic action of the hackers also reached a fanatic state." - China Youth Daily, 00.09.11, 02
(the above story was translated from the Chinese press by
Sinofile - Since this is the Chinese talking about themselves and about the world, we thought it a good chance to allow others to "hear" what the Chinese themselves are saying, not what others are saying about the Chinese) The Big Fish of the Chinese Net
Time for an update on one of the best stories in Chinese cyberspace: the saga of - Bruce Einhorn
see (machine-translated)

Chinese Hackers Invades Taiwan E-papers,IT Sites
The latest intrusions recall the events of July and August 1999, when a statement by Taiwan's then-president Lee Teng-hui outraged the Chinese government and prompted Chinese hackers to damage more than 72,000 Taiwanese Web sites. Taiwanese hackers responded in kind, posting anti-PRC slogans and "Hello Kitty" pictures on dozens of official Chinese sites. - September 13, 2000 by Steve Cook

Web degrees may not be worth much
The Internet is a shopper's paradise for anyone who wants an academic degree but isn't interested in all those nasty requirements legitimate universities impose like attending classes, writing papers, taking exams, doing research.- Sep.17, 2000 by Marilyn Karras

September 16, 2000
Artisan's Get-Rich Project
Artisan Entertainment took some shabby-looking footage of kids running through the woods and turned it into last year's biggest movie success. - Amy Doan

Digital Coast Awards Given For Most Compelling Content
"The editors looked for Web entertainment that was compelling...There are no categories. There is so much crossover and overlap in content, defining categories at this time would be silly." - 15 Sep 2000 by Micheal Bartlett

Meet virtual salespeople
"It's fundamental that what you do with customers in the physical world, you should do in the electronic [one]...We thought the next big wave was going to be automating customers, and that's where we started," - John Sterlicchi

September 14, 2000
Taxi Cabs Invite Passengers to Hop in and Hop on The Web
- news (photo) from

Hotmail's Creator Is Starting Up Again, and Again, and...
Sabeer Bathia: "It's a pure telecom-infrastructure play [that] will really affect telecom in this country. It'll do for voice mail what Hotmail did for e-mail. It'll provide a two-way global-roaming voice mailbox." Not Down, But Out signed off its shutdown notice by saying, "Thanks to everyone who played the game. I hope you learned as much as I did." - Dick Kelsey

Signing up as a beta tester at Fathom Knowledge Network Inc.

Quick Calm on the MANAGE YOURSELF trail
Protecting Content in the Digital Age
January 18, 2000 - John V. Pavlik talks with L. Chiariglione about his latest initiatives, including the Secure Digital Music Initiative and MPEG-21.
Marketing and Corporate Identity in East Asia on the ASIA IN TRANSITION trail - Bernd Schmitt shows how corporate identity has to be approached in East Asia, since there are linguistic and cultural factors that are quite different from those in the West.

just wanted to see what it's all about

Druggie Genes?
And in one controversial form of
treatment, patients with severe addictions even receive small daily doses of purified heroin to satisfy their need for stimulation. - Melissa Schorr

Person-to-Person Payments Still Better in Person
So, I owed my brother some money, and I thought it might be hip to e-mail him the dough with one of those new online person-to-person payment sites, which would zap money from my bank account to his... - Edmund Sanders

Birth of a Dotcom
Go behind the scenes with the REVIEW and experience the trials and tribulations of a start-up as music site prepares to make its Internet debut - Joanna Slater, Hong Kong

Isn't She Lovely?
Midway between goats and gods, human beings can find some accommodation between the notion that beauty is all and that it is nothing. "Perhaps it's best to enjoy the temporary thrill, to enjoy being a mammal for a few moments, and then do a reality check and move on," writes Etcoff. "Our brains cannot help it, but we can." - Brad Lemly
DISCOVER Vol. 21 No. 2 (February 2000)
Table of Contents

September 13, 2000
Libertarian Challenges Silicon Valley
"It's not as libertarian as people think," Browne says of the Valley. "It's not libertarian in the way we think." Browne ( defines "the way we think" as "keep the government off my back" to the extreme. - Lisa Bowman

Lifelong Learners Going Back to Class Online
Online education draws most of its revenue from employer-sponsored training, but the industry is increasingly looking to the attractive demographic of baby boomers and seniors-- now the fastest-growing Internet population.
- Rebecca Winters

Toshiba says it won't take laptop allegations sitting down, will stand up to accusers
"Industry insiders predict that the Chinese consumers’ lawsuits against Toshiba will not result in the company’s suffering a similar major loss because Toshiba had only sold about 200,000 computers in China by March."

Bio-park to produce universal blood type
"The commercial application of the technology to transform blood types is the bio-park’s first project and is expected to help resolve the tight blood supply and rejection during organ transplants...It will attempt to transform Type A blood into Type O blood and transform pig's blood into human blood..."

September 12, 2000
Asian thrillers, not 'Blair Witch' clones, dominate after-hours film fest - David Germain, AP
"They tend to be more stylized and hipper. The Asian movies actually weird you out because they seem genuine and there's something really disturbing about them."

TIFF film list

Taipei High Schools Rescue Pooches From Pound - Marco Calo Medina, AP, September 11, 2000
Chen Kuang-hwa, a rosy-cheeked 16-year-old who found Little Huang near the school grounds, said classmates who can’t have a dog are thrilled to have a pet at school. "They don’t disturb our studies. They recognize all the students in uniforms and the teachers and don’t bark," Chen said.

R.I. offers nation a view of the future for higher quality end-of-life care
"The most important thing is to have someone from the family there who is an advocate for the patient’s care." - Joan Teno, M.D.

Fishy business
The seas are running out of fish but supermarkets are not. What's the catch? by Anouk Ride, July 2000

Jurassic Rock
August 28, 2000 - Mark Van de Walle journeys to the belly of the prog rock beast, encounters the legendary Drum Solo and the terrifying Army of the Air Guitars, and lives to tell about it. But just barely.

September 9, 2000
Silver surfers ride
Growing numbers of older people in our society are expanding their power and influence through the net. Jill Papworth reports

American Express to offer one-use credit card numbers
September 8, 2000 - The program is part of a series of products the New York-based company will be launching to address privacy and security issues that have discouraged many people from online shopping. - AP

Online-payment service PayPal shifts policy in battle on fraud
August 1 - And as part of this significant change, PayPal says it will now reimburse any person using its service who is defrauded when dealing with a vendor that PayPal has determined is "verified," - Stacy Forster, WSJ

Scam artist copies PayPal Web site
July 21 - A scam artist last night created an exact replica of and used the fake site to attempt to pilfer usernames and passwords from customers of the online payment system. - Bob Sullivan, MSNBC

PayPal no friend to scam victims
July 18 - Yahoo! users bilked of $10,000 by fake hard drive auctions, while third-party online payment firm offers no protection. - Bob Sullivan

Online Payment Breaks Through in Shanghai
June 12 - E-commerce in China has taken a giant step forward with a new payment processing platform that allows Web surfers in Shanghai to buy products over the Internet no matter at which bank they keep their accounts.

Net camera scam alive and well
March 6 - Inside the ‘perfect crime’ — a blow-by-blow account of e-commerce gone bad, as MSNBC ‘falls’ for scheme. - Bob Sullivan

September 7, 2000
Rolling Stones Revisit Murder And Mayhem
Crazed bikers, frightened fans and panicky rock stars: This was not what the Rolling Stones envisaged back in 1969 when they organized a free concert at California's Altamont Speedway and were lucky to escape with their lives as the event turned into a night of terror. - by Dean Goodman, Reuters

After Babelfish
July 25, 2000 - Random acts of senseless beauty? FEED columnist Julian Dibble takes the wonderful translation machine out for a spin.

Translation machines:
sail the web (English to Simplified Chinese)
translated browse (Japanese source)
text and web page translators
free instant translation (text only)
free translations (Chinese GB2312 to English)
check out
sina,sohu, (translated into English?)

Press releases:
- Internet Language Company Announces New Language Store On New Encarta Language Learning Web Site
- e-lingo Teams Up With Fujitsu, Transtar, and ProMT to Offer Real-Time Japanese, Chinese, and Russian Internet Translation
- Launches New Multimedia Services, Offering Complete Audio & Video Translations With Foreign Language Voiceovers
- Launches Get Paid Instant Messenger(TM) With World's First, Free Automatic Omni-Directional Translation Feature

Babylon tool: feature translation - translates into 12 major languages (English to Chinese)

September 6, 2000
Tire defects may have surfaced in ‘99
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. collected data from 1997 to 1999 indicating possible safety problems with the same tire models that were recalled last month and are being investigated in 88 U.S. traffic deaths, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press - Nedra Pickler

Apology offered
Firestone CEO Apologizes, but Senators Bring Up Prosecution -

Firestone,Ford under fire
Companies try to pin blame on each other, but others say both are at fault By Staff Writer John Chartie

SEC Charges 33 Companies and Individuals With Fraud for Manipulating Microcap Stocks
"...What used to require a network of professional promoters and brokers, banks of telephones and months to accomplish can now be done in minutes by a single person using the Internet and a home computer..."

Tips for Avoiding Stock Scams on the Internet

White House, you've got mail
The National Archives is bracing for eight years worth of data from the Clinton administration, including 40 million e-mails - by Micheal Stroh, Sun Staff

Grim E-mail From W. Timor in Attack
Six hours before he and two colleagues were murdered in West Timor, an American relief worker e-mailed a friend at a U.N. security office with a warning that a mob was en route to destroy his compound - By David Crary, AP National Writer

I wonder how many cover-ups and scams are out there? Are all sent e-mails archived?

September 5, 2000
Reading articles from their weblog partners:

Amphibia fading
The more we think we understand amphibian decline, the more mysterious it becomes... - Ashley Mattoon,
World Watch
Wednesday August 16, 2000

Sex in the digital city
Washington Monthly on why sex is so alluring on the net - and why it's so addictive. -
Nicholas Thompson, The Washington Monthly Monday July 24, 2000

The Lifestyle: Group Sex in the Suburbs
And incredibly goofy it is. Depraved, but goofy. It's also quintessentially American -- friendly, superficial, excessive and almost perversely devoid of perversity. It's a nightmare vision of what happens when you finally get everything you always wanted. April 21, 2000 -by Carina Chocano

You, Inc.
Rick Haskins is on a mission to convince all of us to think of ourselves as products for sale. - Joanna Smith Rakoff,
FEED magazine Thursday August 24, 2000

Can you escape 'DSL Hell'?
Want to hear a good horror story? Talk to Internet users who are desperate for high-speed DSL connections. Thousands of customers are stuck in so-called DSL hell, where infrastructure limitations and service-provider problems torture even the most determined users --
including us. - by Bernice Napach
September 4, 2000
Verizon DSL Reductions Prompt ISP Outrage
New residential digital subscriber line pricing rates released by
Verizon Online Friday has Internet service providers demanding government action. - by Jim Wagner

Bandwidth isn't everything: Cisco, Nortel announce fiber optics improvements at trade show.
These improvements matter not so much in the game of shoving more bits down the network, but in figuring out how to repair networks when they're broken and deliver services that make the raw bandwidth more profitable to telecom carriers. - by Phil Harvey

DSL stands for doesn't seem likely
I'm still waiting. DSL is supposed to stand for ''digital subscriber line,'' a speedy, always-on Net connection that operates over ordinary telephone lines. In my experience, ''digital slow lane'' or ''delayed so long'' might be more descriptive.- by Edward C. Baig

Net users once again look to the sky
For years, Internet users living outside urban areas have complained that they can’t get broadband access at home. But that’s not true. Satellite-delivered broadband, available for nearly five years, was so quietly marketed many consumers aren’t even aware of the option. - by Bob Sullivan

High-Speed Internet Access

Broadband Net Access

September 3, 2000
'They should have done something when they knew'
"Firestone tire-failure victims ask why recall came too late."

Tokyo police search Mitsubishi offices again
"The automaker recently gave the government a report that found workers and managers knowingly and systematically filed away consumer complaints about auto defects since 1977. "

Brake manufacturer urges bus, truck recall after brake defect discovered
'We're trying to react as quickly as possible'

Peugeot To Recall 6,800 Cars
"French carmaker Peugeot is recalling 6,800 of its 206 model small cars in Germany to repair a fault in the side air-bag system..."

How much of the Internet economy is fake?
"...we have heard of a scam that undermines a large chunk of the Internet economy's foundations, puts current models under the microscope and begs the question: how much of the Internet's perceived worth is real and how much is virtual?"

Stock Hoax Suspect Had Motive
"Was the man accused of sabotaging a company's stock by issuing a phony press release a clever cyber criminal or an amateur investor who hatched a clumsy plan to cover his losses?",1283,38552,00.html

Lesser Majesty
A new book challenges the official history of Hirohito's wartime role: far from being a pacifist pawn, he was an eager participant. - by Tim Larimer,Tokyo

True authorship... by Abelard Reuchlin.
on deciphering ancient text.