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Mask #22 This mask’s size and the monstrous pupils of its eyes make this one of the most weirdly supernatural of all the Sanxingdui sculptures. -Seattle Art Museum

Resource: Sangxingdui Gallery . Sanxingdui Museum . Mask of Mystery . Historical Wonders of Sangxingdu

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September 26, 2001
China displays new tolerance for abrasive, urban art
In the West, "Chinese art" has meant Ming vases and bamboo-laden landscape paintings. In recent years, however, a growing avant-garde movement has come into its own in this country. These artists' work crackles with sharp-edged social and personal commentary, and that is considered as original and mature as anything produced in the West. -Robert Marquand
Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | chinese-art.com

Suzhou's gardens - soul food -Arrol Gellner
New Rules Aim to Improve Beijing’s Court System -China Daily
Seminar Focuses on Aging Problems in Northeast Asia -People's Daily

September 25, 2001
Social security system burgeons
China's pension fund reserve is expected to witness a bulging increase of 60.8 billion yuan (US$7.36 billion) this year, compared with three years ago, while there will be a 12 billion yuan (US$1.45 billion) increase in the unemployment security fund. -China Daily
Firms face crackdown over social security payments -Raymond Li
China's Insurance Tiger Licks Its Chops -Alysha Webb & Mark L. Clifford
Minimum wage increases for some cities -Jamila Zhou
China's Social Security System - Wu Jie

Unsightly rock star wins a face case -Zeng Min
Farmers head to towns, urbanites to villages -Xinhua
Great efforts planned to protect natural wetland resources -eastday.com
Floods in China kill 27 and destroy 50,000 homes -Reuters _Jiang Zhuqing

September 21, 2001
China Calls Terrorism 'Serious Threat' to Peace
The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon show international terrorism is a "serious threat" to world peace and China stands ready to enhance cooperation with the United States, Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said on Thursday. -Carol Giacomo
US "Attacks September 11" Focusing China's Oil Security -People's Daily
PLA sees Afghan conflict as threat to border stability -Mark O'Neill
China tightens visa requirement for Middle Eastern travelers -Verna Yu

Witnesses To a Crisis -Velisarios Kattoulas
Big Name in Mooncakes Burned by Rival's Deceit -eastday.com
Taiwan gets green light from WTO after 11 years -Kevin Chen

September 18, 2001
Final Hurdle Cleared to WTO
China and its major trading partners reached a formal agreement on the membership of the World Trade Organization after 15 years of negotiations, the WTO announced on September 17. -China Daily
WTO successfully concludes negotiations on China's entry -wto.org
As China Cheers WTO, Zhu Preaches Caution -Tiffany Wu

Clean-up begins as deluge eases -SCMP
70th Anniversary of the "September 18 Incident" Remembered -Xinhua
China’s Public Security Chief Urges World Response to Terrorism -China Daily

September 17, 2001
Qian hails efforts by overseas business
"We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends in the business communities around the world for their attention to and support for the development cause in China," Qian said at the welcoming banquet of the Sixth Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention. -Hu Qihua & Meng Yan
World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention Opens -Xinhua

China Beat Uzbekistan to Move Closer to Qualification -Xinhua
Pictures at a Chinese Exhibition -Stephan Richter
Waiting Nervously for Response -Eric Eckholm
U.S., China have enemy in common in bin Laden -Dean Calbreath

September 14, 2001
In terror attacks, China-U.S. diplomatic tensions are forgotten
Two Chinese were aboard American Airlines Flight 77, which struck the Pentagon killing 64 passengers and crew...Zheng Yuguang, 65, and his wife Yang Shuyin, 61, were visiting their daughter who is studying the United States. -ABCNews
Three strangers united by fate -George Bryson
Shanghai group condemns attacks -Catherine Davis
China-Taliban deal signed on attack day -Calum MacLeod
Mainland to feel the heat over 'rogue' arms deals -Jasper Becker

Foreign VIPs on China and World in New Century -People's Daily

September 12, 2001
Jiang phones Bush, condemns attacks on US
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao also announced in Beijing Tuesday night that China is horrified at the series of apparent terrorist attacks which struck the United States...China always condemns and is fully against violent activities of all terrorism. -China Daily
China Daily staff working in WTC tells experience on day of terror
14 Chinese institutions in WTC, fate of 30 Chinese unkown
USA under Attack
September 11, 2001
Under a Shadow
Kitsch images have turned Mao Zedong into a seemingly harmless historical oddity. No one, though, should underestimate his continuing influence on China -Bruce Gilley

Fear mainlanders saving, not buying -Daniel Kwan
China's uneasy mix of politics and trade -Laurence Eyton
Handling monopolies 'key to the economy'-Daniel Kwan
Chinese Stock Market Reported Ready to List Foreign Firms -China Daily

September 9, 2001
Torture Hurries New Wave of Executions in China
The wrongful conviction of Mr. Liu, and others like him, suggests that by the time the campaign ends in 2003 dozens -- if not hundreds -- of innocent people will have died in the capital punishment spree. -Craig Smith

Survivors protest anniversary -Ryan Kim
Taipei moguls eye mainland -Robert Keatley
Skinny, by any means necessary -Yu Sen-lun
Photo Album Tells Story of 1900 Invasion of China -CIIC
Chinese media silent on Mao anniversary -Charis Dunn-Chan
Chinese to Liberate Russia's Business Consciousness -Alexander Lukin
Teacher fired 'for corroding socialist ideals in class' -Reuters & Raymond Li

September 6, 2001
India Needs to Eliminate 'Anxiety about China'
...China would gradually lose its favorable natural defense condition-Whether the towering Himalayas or the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau where the weather is extremely bad will lose their original dignity before India's missiles. -People's Daily
India Special Weapons News -fas.org

APEC Finance Ministers Gather in China's Suzhou -China Daily
Chinese Laborers Finally on Track to Recognition -Patricia Biederman
Concerns Focused on Legal Overhaul -China Daily
Arrested in China -Kang Zhengguo
Workplace pollution -Xu Xiaomin & Hu Yan
Officials Face New Challenges -Beijing Review
China, EU Gratified at China's WTO Entry Progress -China Daily

September 5, 2001
Former President Jimmy Carter listens to a question from the media during a question and answer session at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2001. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) Carter and his Carter Center delegates, assisting China since 1998 in projects to standardize electoral procedures among villages in China, arrived in the country on Monday to observe village elections and to meet with Chinese leaders. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
Carter:Chinese Village Elections Fair -Leta Hong Fincher

Fighting To Organize
Outrage at the sight of former managers looting assets at state-owned factories is providing a breeding ground for organized labour in China. -Jiang Xueqin
Police beat laid-off liquor factory workers, says witnness -Reuters

Storing Up Trouble? -David Murphy
"Flying Tigers" -AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
A truly human landscape -Ann Stifter _billzorn
Pursed lips, gnashing teeth -Economist
China progresses with the times -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Tsingtao faces sobering decision -Jia Heping & Li Weitao
China offers access deal to News Corp and AOL -J.Kynge & R.Thomson
"Made in China" poses challenges to Japan Inc -Shinichi Kishima
Brussels hosts China talks -Rupert Wingfield-Hayes _EU-China Summit

September 3, 2001
In China, Stock Scams Burn Small Investors
China's authorities see stock markets as a way to use domestic savings to prop up money-losing state-owned enterprises, rather than as a way to channel international capital to promising, competitive private firms. -Clay Chandler

A 'Chinese Cinderella' -Alan Nie
China's roads are a crash course -Paul Wiseman
Universities take graft into a class of their own -Clara Li
China University Admissions Questioned -Martin Fackler
Copyright agency goes online to track down unpaid authors -Raymond Li
Newfound friends assist Chinese immigrants after drunken driver tore their family apart -Bill smith

September 2, 2001
A 7-year-old boy from a Russian delegation places well in the traditional Shaolin-kung fu contest at the 2001 Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival in this provincial capital of Central China's Henan Province [Chinadaily] A 7-year-old boy from a Russian delegation places well in the traditional Shaolin-kung fu contest at the 2001 Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival -Chinadaily
What Beijing Can Learn From Moscow
Mikhail Gorbachev made many mistakes, but the least one can say about his political reforms is that they ended authoritarian rule with a minimum of bloodshed. China has yet to face that test. -
Ian Buruma
Not China's Gorbachev -Bruce Gilley
Chinese Set Up Shop in Russian Towns, Upsetting Locals -Liam Pleven

180 made ill by drug for thinner pigs -SCMP
Nations watch China growth -Michael A. Lev
China banks on Scottish flood experts -Ian Lundy
Terror faces starving who flee to China -David Rennie
Crackdown Intensified on North Korean Escapees in China -Kang Chol Hwan
Los Angeles' Curious Role in the Chinese Revolution -Cecilia Rasmussen

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