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Emperor and Civilian in Fornication, Changping, Beijing 2000 by Liu Zheng
Emperor and Civilian in Fornication, Changping, Beijing 2000 by Liu Zheng [metaphor or wrong photo?]

Beijing-based independent photographer Liu Zheng, 37, recently completed an epic seven-year photography project entitled The Chinese. Together his more than 180 black-and-white, square-format portraits sometimes project a dark vision of mainland Chinese people today. by Meg Maggio

Resources: Chinese Contemporary Art . Photographers International via Falsten

September 24, 2002
China’s Networking Jails -Wang Zhiyong
School Railing Collapse Kills 21 In China -AP
Urban railway construction zooms along -Zhang Yong
Tibet's car market makes yaks obsolete -Asia Pulse/XIC
Source of cult members' TV hijacking pinpointed -Xinhua
Media rapped for misreporting of poison case -China Daily
Food Markets Step down from the Stage of History -Li Xiao
Deepened China-ASEAN Cooperation Peps up Border City -PD
Bigger role for S'pore in building up ports in China -Jason Leow
North Korea names Chinese-born entrepreneur to lead SEZ -AP
September 20, 2002
Psychology Discovered in the Ming Dynasty
Gu made some unique observations about the root causes of mental illness and did so long before modern medicine. He pointed out that psychological pressures caused by life in an imperial environment of fierce competition and mutual deception coupled with extreme social pressures can result in diseases, which would sometimes prove fatal. -Zheng Guihong

File your complaint - and hope -Surreal Xu
Chinese enjoy higher standard of living -Asia Pulse/XIC
Hundreds protest outside oil fields in SW China -Reuters
Bicycle set to stage comeback in car-loving Beijing -AFP
"Weird" Bucktoothed Dino Found in China -Hillary Mayell
A capitalist treads carefully in Communist China -Edwin Chan
Toxic air sends 90 Zhuhai factory employee to hospital -China Daily
features via lifelong learner.

September 17, 2002
Brain circulation -Pamela Yatsko
Rural health care critical -Zhu Ling
Massacre of 3,000 Remembered -China Daily
Bringing Revolution to China's Villages -John Pomfret
Web site highlights upcoming 16th CPC National Congress -Xinhua link

Blog read: Just as search engines function as an automated index to the greater Web, China Web logs function as organised information boutiques and databases for China related news and experiences. The China Hand says 'Man does this article jive with my experience'.

September 16, 2002
Rat poison found in food -Xinhua
The Legend of Legend -Bill Powell
Love, Chinese style -Michael Dorgan
China's Li here for trade talks -Rowan Callick
Peking Purgatory -Kaiser Kuo (via micahsittig)
Party secretary sues farmer -Huang Guangming
Lining up to supply the Chinese throne -Russell Flannery
Slander and rumour spread in China via SMS -Xie Hong
Central government to invest 90 billion yuan in Tibet -Xinhua
Chinese students could get Linux-based NCs -Sumner Lemon
Mainland mistresses say Taiwan lovers most generous -Straitstimes

Blog read: I have been asked about how I can access Internet. For friends in Shanghai, they are curious about the broadband, which is new to the city.

September 13, 2002
Crazy Talk -Sophie Loras
Let's Talk About Sex -Xiao Rong
Aiming for the Top -David Murphy
China's housing revolution -Ian Jolly
China fraudster conned HIH -Bruce McDougall
Huge water scheme ready to start -Olivia Chung
China tourists hired as English teachers -Xie Hong
China's Experiment: Read All About It! -Mark Clifford
Why Did Railcom Fire Their General Manager? -Yang Xiao
Fat mermaid and Tigers on Beijing's ugly sculpture hit list -Ananova

Blog news: Old and recent. (via google)

September 11, 2002
Wounded Words -Katie Benner
Services in Haidian get a boost -Liu Jie link
Teaching a Respected Profession in China -Xinhua
China Faces Mafias Sided by Corruption -Forest Lee
China, Russia develop deep sea carrier robot -Xinhua
Talk of Beijing: a language revolution -Robert Marquand
People Queue to See Late Chinese Leader -People's Daily
In China, Tide May Be Turning Against Polluters -Ted Plafker
Bestseller on list of books hit by crackdown -Xivien Pik-Kwan Chan

Blog read: [1] Then they followed with the China national song. It literally gave me goosebumps...they sang with so much energy and it was just amazing to watch. [2] I went grocery shopping at Carrefour and found out that, apparently, the only parmesan cheese in Chengdu is to be found at...Pricemart!!!
(see other
China blogs and Sinoblogs. Also diaryland, editthispage, livejournal, pitas, weblogs. Noise? Try other keywords like Beijing or Tianjin)

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September 9, 2002
Ambush in the Night -Xiao Rong
The New Long Mosh -Kaiser Kuo
Civil society plays bigger role -Yu Keping
Climbing tragedy opens debate in China -Robert Marquand
China's workers pay price in death and injury -Martin Fackler
Medical Malpractice Appraisal Team Established -Xiao Rong
China to experience continuous "greenhouse effect" -Xinhua
China opens sea route to carry southern fruits to north -Xinhua
China will become the factory of the world' -Kwanchai Rungfapaisarn
Market economy hits China's media industry -Ruan Wei (via sitrep 2.0)
China shifts tack, announces new steps to fight AIDS -Elisabeth Rosenthal link

Blog read: The next morning, Ou Bo'en and DVD-Man walked down a different series of twists and turns in the alley complex to a Hakka restaurant,

Blog news: Chinablog (Commentary by Joseph Wang)

Septmber 7, 2002
Peking Opera Classics Videotaped -People's Daily
China's Big Eco-transformation Within Decade -Forest Lee
Chinese American honored for giving life while rescuing 9/11 victims -Xinhua

Chinese-Americans still shun politics: Currently, there are only two members of the three-million-strong Chinese-American community who are in the US political establishment. They are Governor Gary Locke of the state of Washington and Oregon congressman David Wu. -Terence Tan [Elaine L. Chao?]

UNDP advise oil companies on how to avoid disruption to future gas supplies and better yet, bridging the digital divide in a single stroke. [AFX News]

Don't go changing. We'll be back with our regular 'News Service' format.

September 5, 2002
China Approves Kyoto Protocol -China Daily
Reform to cut burden on farmers -China Daily
Employers told to pay for check-ups -Zhang Feng
Daring to raise a taboo topic -Susan V. Lawrence
Farmers Better off by Returning Land to Lake -Xinhua
Handset vendors dial up profits on youth -Hou Mingjuan
Beijing police to woo public with cartoon images -Xinhua
China's netizens find ways around Google ban -Xie Hong
Rescue Drying River to Curb Desertification -People's Daily
Invention to turn teeth into ears for hearing-impaired -Xinhua

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
China's President Jiang Zemin finds it hard to let go -Feer
US scholars say papers show China's Jiang will go -Reuters

Blog witness read: Somewhere in Beijing '74. The worst of Shenzen.
On a lighter
note, chicken sandwich and Qing Dynasty Pentium 133's.

And many thanks to these fine sites for the China story: asiafirst, brandrecon (aka sitrep 2.0), chinaweblog, micahsittig, thechinahand...

September 3, 2002
One against WorldCom -Yang Xiao
Hit the Ground,Grandpa! -Chen Ying
Open Season for Chinese Banks -BWO
Robots in greater demand in China -Xinhua
Legal action for alleged strip search -Guo Nei
Hypertension hits three in 10 Chinese -Xinhua
Shame On The Chinese Police -Chosun Ilbo link
Urban Railway Begins Trial Operation -China Daily
Black Death -Matthew Forney/Velisarios Kattoulas
Rural market failing to spur domestic demand -Yan Xianpu
Englishmen in the Footsteps of the Long March -Wang Qian

The new Beijing Today: It's running along nicely into the third week while I kept clicking the 'old' shortcut. Just go to the front page folks!
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