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September 30, 2003
Police Under fire -Matthew Forney
Chinese sexports -Chua Mui Hoong
In China, journalism on edge -Gady A. Epstein
China weapons victims get 190 million award -Asahi +
Pressure to conform in west China -Robert Marquand
Tokyo red-faced over tourists' sex orgy in China -Mainichi +
Another Big Reason China Won't Revalue -Frederik Balfour
Party meeting focuses on political, economic issues -Xinhua
'Sunshine' Billionaires Face up to Social Concerns -China.org
Official refutes Yang Rong's private entrepreneur identity -PD
Beijing removes HK reps in wake of huge protest -Ching Cheong
China's First 'Taikonaut' Prepares to Blast Off -Sam Howe Verhovek

"Events during the past two years have set before us the clearest of divides: Between those who seek order and those who spread chaos; between those who work for peaceful change and those who adopt the methods of gangsters; between those who honor the rights of man and those who deliberately take the lives of men and women and children, without mercy or shame."

September 27, 2003
Bridge Game -Tom Holland
An agent of change -Allen T. Cheng
War on ED medicine to heat up -Jia Hepeng
Land rights seen as key to growth -Ray Cheung +
Taking on the Party in Rural China -John Pomfret
Beijing to raise income tax cut-in level -China Daily
Focus: Seeking help for AIDS orphans -China Daily
Hagen Daas sparks campus meltdown -China Daily
Japanese orgy in Zhuhai hotel sparks Chinese fury -China Daily
Environment official appeals for greater media coverage -Xinhua
American educational organizations win copyright lawsuit -Xinhua
FM outlines 5-point plan to address global challenges -China Daily
China races to higher standards, but road isn't smooth -Ted Plafker
Lawmakers targeting China for U.S. economic woes -Ken Moritsugu +
Paying prisoners poses problems, says legal expert -Chow Chung-yan
September 25, 2003
Polluters will pay a price -Qin Chuan
No overpowering media supervision -Hua Hua
Focus: 'The last land grab in China' -China Daily
China to build national computing grid -Cnetasia
Experts: Protecting farmers' interests -China Daily
A brain gap with the Red Chinese -Tony Blankley
China pays salary to prisoners at labor camp -Xinhua
Pepsi China accused of stealing phone-call records -PD +
Focus: China embarks on civil service reforms -China Daily
In western China, a white grape's raisin d'Ítre -Robert Marquand
Gov't monopoly over 700-plus road, water, energy sectors ends -China Daily
Man sets himself on fire in Beijing protest over real estate project -Peter Harmsen
September 23, 2003
Degrees, But No Jobs -Sarah Schafer
The China and Chinese I knew -Tina Sim
We're Taiwanese, not Chinese -Larry Teo
China's hippies find their Berkeley -Washpost
All work and no play in new China -Louisa Lim
China cracks down on graft in real estate -AFP
Rabbit eggs used to grow human stem cells -AP
Dow Jones must compensate calligrapher -Liu Li +
Miss China contestants face tough test... -Cindy Sui
China toys with de-Jiangification -Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Chinese judicial police protest in front of ministry -AFP
Mining Cities Sinking, 300,000 in Jeopardy -Li Liangdu
Foreigners see social graces and disgraces in China -Xinhua
For Chinese Mothers With a Dream, Hard Knocks -Jane Perlez
Chinese to sell bad loans over the counter -James Kynge (via eyeonchina)

China blogged (popular): First private publications venture OK'd, Relocated get legal help to protect rights. Headline du jour: Political reform and market disciplines are imperative to curtail imbalances. But with 30m urban unemployed, Communist leaders a,...

September 20, 2003
Blood-red lens -John Gittings +
War on corruption yet to win -Xinhua
The Danger of Blowing Bubbles -Ben Dolven
Rural education to receive needed aid -Cui Yu
China gives boost to Galileo -Blake Evans-Pritchard
Private entrepreneurs: Show us respect -China Daily
Translation firms need 'tougher' standards -Liu Shinan
Tibet: Caught in China's "Two Hands" -Dexter Roberts
China moves to curb crime by North Koreans -Cortlan Bennett
Chinese regulator critical of Wynn remarks -Richard N. Velotta
China to Begin Making New Regional Jet -Christopher Bodeen
Call to avoid risks in real-estate sector -China Daily (via chinaupdate)
China and the Caribbean region seem destined to form closer ties -BA
ADB chief: China should be cautious in RMB liberalization -China Daily
Chinese spouses protest "discriminatory" immigration laws in Taiwan -AFP
East Asian countries consider joint project for Windows alternative -Y. Kageyama
September 18, 2003
Room at the top -Liang Yu
Dousing the Eternal Flames -Su Wei
Putting learning atop the agenda -Guo Zi
Moscow must walk a fine line... -Frank Ching
Thirsty cities pollute waterways -Tian Xiuzhen
Memories of massacre preserved -Bao Xinyan +
Chinese authorities ban local election -Julie Chao
Consumption of domestic products encouraged -Xinhua
Court ruling helps clarify personal injury case law -Guo Nei
China says not ashamed of mine stockpile -Darren Schuettler
Chinese feel UN should teach US a lesson: Poll -David Hsieh +
Move over Mao, today's Chinese revolution is sexual -David J. Lynch
Million China protest signatures handed to Japan -Benjamin Kang Lim +
September 16, 2003
Transportation net takes shape -Hui Kan
Mallard to assure China on students -Leah Haines
Lighter Producers Win EU Anti-dumping Suit -Xinhua
Chinese Fight A New Kind Of Land War -John Pomfret
In China, gold rush wreaks toxic death -Gady A. Epstein
China Space Program Makes US Anxious -Joshua Eisenman
Thousands protest lack of government aid after China floods -AFP
China exhibit serves warning to Muslim separatists -Godwin Chellam
September 11, 2003
Moon Shot -Erin Montgomery
Subject: I Need Help -Evelyn Iritani
Interests of educators underlined -Cui Ning
The Making of A Juggernaut -David Lague
Chinese Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival -CRI
Suicide, chief killer of young people -Tang Min
Foreign law firms back wider market -Chen Qide
Project launched to staunch coal fires -Cui Ning
Newspapers have no space for news -China Daily
Farmers need policies to protect their future -Dong Yuexian
China on high alert over influx of speculative capital -Xinhua
9/11 reminds Chinese of America, global bully -Jehangir Pocha +
Few people do it, but wife swapping agrees with some -China Daily +
China Urges Rich Nations To Make Concessions On Agriculture -Xinhua +
New breed spawned by better education and rising affluence -China Daily +
September 8, 2003
Part Time Lovers -Dong Nan
Building a Life -Guo Yuandan
Wi-Fi Goes to China -Eric Griffith
Interest rate hike looming? -China Daily +
Chinese Foreign Ministry opens to public -CCTV
China's new leaders signal reforms -Geoffrey York
Protester's 24-year fight for justice -Josephine Ma
Why have farmers committed suicide? -Zhang Fan
Taiwan huge rally opposes Lee's split plan -China Daily +
ATMI Praises Bill To Counter Chinese Currency -Just-style + +
Quadrennial Chinese national ethnic games opens -Xinhua +
September 6, 2003
Handsome profits -Hu Yan
Beijing Regulates Its Police Force -Alex Xu
Property tycoon Zhou arrested -Shanghai Daily +
HK withdraws National Security Bill -China Daily
Danwei people become citizens -The Economist +
'Call Taiwan, Taiwan' rally set for today -Hung-fu Hsueh +
September 3, 2003
Changing Channels in China -Ching-Ching Ni +
Three visions of China's road ahead -China Daily
Warren Buffett, Sage of China -William Pesek Jr.
China says it won't revalue its currency -Michael Dorgan
China firms sinking their roots in Indonesia -Shoeb Kagda
China Also Is Feeling Labor Pains -James Flanigan (via c-biz) +
Taiwanese celebrate issue of symbolic passports -Kathrin Hille +
Authorities ease up on efforts to block websites -Michael Jen-siu
A Strong Tailwind in Hong Kong -Mark L. Clifford & Frederik Balfour
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